A certain 5th column’s media hub in toronto scandalized by allegations of sexual misconduct…No matter what it’s really about I’m so glad LOL.

I can’t lie : when I heard that tv ontario had to issue a statement about one of its main propagandists, a part of me was happy. It’s not that I think he’s particularly gross and I obviously don’t know him (though I did see him walking down the street once and he seemed like an unpleasant type A personality), it’s more just that I hate tv ontario. I hate it because it gets away with fooling so many ‘leftist’ cantards into thinking that since it doesn’t have advertisements it must be the more correct ‘evolved socialist’ organ. I hate it because for at least the past 3 decades it’s been a mouthpiece for the tribe and their lies. But I especially hate it because it’s populated by most filthy, racist, abusive, seething-with-hatred self-absorbed white anglo cantards east of british columbia and that’s saying A LOT. I’m talking even more racist than the average white cantard toronto librarian : now that’s pretty fucking racist! I’m talking more racist than most cantard bureaucrats sucking the gov’t teat, pretending canarda’s ‘multi intersect whatever’ is awesome so that they can justify stealing people’s money to do almost nothing while cultivating shocking levels of racially based hatred because it’s not. I mean, the white cantards at tv ontario are so dirty that no amount of scrubbing could rehabilitate them. I guess the only consolation is knowing most of those POS white anglo cantards – who were largely relegated to pathetic tech jobs behind the scenes decades ago – have only gotten more overwhelmed with their hatred because they’ve been increasingly humiliated by their kosher masters over the years…AHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAHAAHA…OMG IT’S GOOD TO SEE DIRTY GET AN INVOLUNTARY WASH.


Canadian Health ‘Care’ is a New Low for Humanity, From Intellectually Weak Medical Doctors to Gatekeeping Mediocracy.

This is a serious problem that needs to be acknowledged, no matter how rushed or unattended this blog entry may be. If you thought micro aggressions from your Uber driver were a concern, imagine that on steroids with little to no oversight from someone paid to provide you with health care. That’s most medical doctors ‘treating’ someone they think they don’t have to respect and would never socialize with because they reached their petty middle class constipated dream of what mediocre people think justifies status. Usually it ‘only’ results in not getting the full care you should be getting but sometimes it’s also gross negligence or even jacking off – literally as opposed to the figurative sense which describes their entire professional life – in your face while you’re unconscious. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/doctor-accused-sex-assault-allegedly-7177128

I finally got motivated enough to just scribble something out about what I think anyone being objective would consider, when forced to acknowledge the phenomenon, an urgent situation, after another a ridiculous canadian medical experience. Recently I had a medical doctor bullshit me for half an hour, in the course of which I got him to admit that he had no idea what he was talking about since the entire premise was something of which the probabilities of outcomes determining the decision “hadn’t actually been studied”. Does he still think of himself as a real doctor? Wow. To be fair though, he’s just one of many products of one of the worst professional bodies within one of the worst health care systems in the developed world. In canada the majority of these self-important lottery winners who ended up in a medical program because they impressed people at interviews spend at least half their time making bureaucratic gatekeeping decisions. It’s bad enough that the decisions have more to do with allocation of resources than patients’ interests but the white coat lottery winners don’t understand how to justify or even legitimately arrive at the civil service decisions they’re making, that are often based on verbal checklists to begin with.

Latest update : dentists will abuse you, like actually cause you unnecessary pain out of disinterest or worse, if they think you’re not wealthy.

I first noticed the vast difference possible within medical doctors’ treatments when a gay doctor from he Netherlands who only occasionally saw me when my ‘family doctor’ wasn’t there troubled himself to briefly examine my file while listening to what I said. He then made a judicious decision to alter some of the prescriptions for the chronic problems I suffered from at the time and his changes were unequivocally beneficial. That was the first time I realized that all the other POS medical doctors I’d seen had actually provided me with grossly substandard treatment because they didn’t care and knew they could get away with it. I tried to seek out that one medical doctor who actually did his job properly but I later discovered he’d left canada…which I can understand.

The vast majority of ‘medical treatment’ really is, as the joke goes, “take two and call me in the morning”. Based on my experiences in canada, I’d sooner trust a pharmacist’s advice about what they work with all day than most of the douchebags coming out of medical programs. And just imagine where the rest of these observations might go once racism is factored in.

After the French Dissidents and US ‘alt-right’, a canadian Dissident? Nope.

First there was the ‘alt-right’…led by Milo the gay jewish pedophile. Not exactly Dieudonne and Soral. Not exactly Jacob Cohen or Gilad Atzmon. Not exactly Marion Sigaut or Pierre Hillard. Unfortunately the developments in ‘canada’ are pretty much exactly the same as the very dubious alt-right. As in the states, the stifling atmosphere of ((political correctness)) on campuses has also been the subject of ‘controversies’ involving both students and faculty members. However, only one particular character, a rising new star of supposed dissidence, has garnered the same kind of media promotion as a Milo. This one isn’t suddenly useful the tribe as a means of co-opting and infiltrating republican voters who liked Trump because he wasn’t playing into the tribal script that keeps their interests in motion. This time, in canada, it’s a psych prof in toronto who tackled that apparently important yet amazingly irrelevant gender ‘fluidity’ thing.

To put things as concisely or perhaps just as lazily as possible, if a supposed dissident or whistleblower spends a lot of time on relatively insignificant issues blowing hot air that amounts to very little content, then s/he’s probably a paid deceiver. The character in question might not seem like a good candidate for this kind of ‘conspiratorial paranoia’ on the part of ‘crazed haters’ like myself because he’s portrayed as someone taking hits for stirring up controversy…although paranoid people might expect that from a bad faith agitator. In fact, the hits he’s taken for his alleged controversies are actually…nothing. He hasn’t been reprimanded, let alone disciplined, and still lectures. All things considered, if I had to wager, which is ultimately all we can do short of direct infallible knowledge, I’d say he’s working for a hidden agenda.

Before I get to what that agenda might be here’s why I find him dubious. If someone’s purpose is to mitigate public relations losses for a ”'(foreign lobby that doesn’t exist)”’, they’ll want to frustrate the good faith legitimate concerns by creating the illusion of a controversial polemic so as to manipulate the audience and suffocate any undesirable directions of inquiry. The pretend dissent will be over issues that are relatively less important than potentially inflammatory revelations about, say, the all-powerful Cameroonian Lobby, and will be crafted with precision to steer the ‘conversation’ away from the Cameroonian tribe’s actual vulnerabilities. Phoney dissent from the ‘network’ will usually also take advantage of any opportunity to add new unnecessary points to the discussion that, while implicitly treated as ‘dangerous’, actually serve to bolster the hidden network’s image, even playing into a broader conditioning strategy.

From what I can tell, this ‘dissident’ prof has done all of that. The basis of his role as ‘dissident’ arose within the new ‘field’ of ‘gender fluidity’ : not only a social issue but one that is further insulated from significant consequence by being about sex, thereby appealing to young adults and then easily exploiting the crowd management system known as identity politics. While the admittedly few videos I’ve watched in which the ‘controversial’ professor expresses his concerns are intellectual or at least prosaic, making use of his authoritative influence, when all is said and done they’re not big on content. And finally, he’s injected something flattering about a certain network that was notably absent from his initial purported clash with campus thought police. He’s thoughtfully admitted that his group of friends is comprised of a high proportion of jews and, implicitly, that in general he likes jews and what they’re about. What is it in particular that he pensively highlighted for additional deliberation among his ‘freethinking’ fans? Tribal superiority. That’s right, he waited for someone to ask about them and then rolled out the assault with a velvet glove. It’s all about the ‘IQ by race’ scores, hovering with premeditation all over the internet, which he implicitly endorses as legitimate measurements of a non-contoversial concept…and which, as everyone on the internet has now been nudged to notice, is apparently a metric populated at the top by jews. Once upon a time, the mere concept of intelligence was controversial (or at least was said to be) and its measurement even more so. Turns out everyone was lying.

The beauty of the IQ thing is that it makes it so easy to officially deem jews the campus priest caste…which is handy. Now, I wouldn’t know whether the supposedly superior scores from Cameroonians are real and if they’re real I wouldn’t know if they’re legitimately meaningful. What I do know is that the people on the planet with the lowest credibility about anything remotely useful to their tribal politics are Cameroonians. I also know that the tests and studies that are supposedly discredited according to academic consensus often appear more a matter of political ‘consensus’ than one that is strictly objective and rational. So I’m inclined to believe the worst : that races are a meaningful biological category of differences in human population groups…that aren’t equal. Nevertheless, we are after all talking about a group of people who’ve been exposed as the biggest fraudsters in human history, albeit in a different dimension containing Schrodinger’s Victims…not this one, of course. So when I hear buddy posture as a dissident over basically nothing and then explain how he implicitly believes in IQ and likes his many jewish friends (because jews apparently have the highest IQs), I’m not really feeling it. I’m also not feeling his bizarre notoriety as virtually a household name when there is in fact, a much more interesting and important dissident professor in canada right now who no one talks about.

As a matter of fact, this straight white male goy is less interesting than a bunch of other famous canadians who would provide a much better examination of ‘dissidence’ than buddy. Why is the ‘very diverse’ media bringing this guy out as a flashpoint for discussion when there’s a professor in Alberta who’s been suspended without pay by decree from the tribe for his views about zionism and jewish power? Where are the numerous promotional stories and videos about Prof. Anthony Hall from the University of Lethbridge? He’s not important because buddy JP – from the university of toronto – is here to talk to us all about gender. Oh, and in the course of that discussion he’s also here to remind us all how superior the tribe is. Hmm…hogtown and superior IQ vs Lethbridge and anti zionist power? I guess the former should prevail on all matters since most people believe – thanks to the ‘very diverse’ media – that certain propped up cities are intrinsically superior and that, having come out of propped up universities in the propped up city, one has greater innate cleverness, which must apparently mean one’s opinions are more correct. That is essentially how most of the population, especially students, is conditioned to understand the world. So buddy P is handy for the tribe indeed. It would seem his presence everywhere about a lot over very little has proven extremely fortuitous for the tribe, insuring that people don’t notice any real dissidence…of which ‘canada’ actually has a remarkably rich history.

That true ‘canadian’ cultural heritage includes the internationally renown saga of a certain book seller named zundel whose trial and ultimate kidnapping are of historically significant proportion around the world, among many others more deserving of examination for a burgeoning ‘dissident’ community than buddy. It is ridiculous when placed in context to imagine that this Jordy guy is more relevant than, say, a public university that everybody knows is owned by zionists. It is impossible that genuine interest in ‘canadian dissidence’ includes agent Peterson but excludes the currently unfolding stories of a blogger in british columbia, a Jasper Alberta  musician, a French population in Quebec resilient to anglo orchestrated conditioning, and in my opinion no less significant, a buddhist teacher in Vancouver, all along with the aforementioned University of Lethbridge professor. We’re to believe that’s not valuable to ‘dissidence’ though. Well…not ‘alt-right’ dissidence a la gay pedophile jew anyway.

Since ‘controversial’ risk taker JP is keen on embracing certain race-based trends including those that are more nature than nurture, his dissident supporters should also be interested in the following list of tribesmembers and their representative predilections. They should also be interested in documented historical arguments suggesting most stereotypes about the tribe are accurate and that prominent figures pushed down our throats and plastered on every dorm room, such as the ‘genius’ einstein, were tribe orchestrated frauds. We are dissidents after all, right?! Flashy Faschy!

After an examination of certain areas in which the jewish genius really shines, I’ve also added a small list of *actual* dissidents associated with canada.

List of Tribesmember Rapists, Child Molesters and Criminal Sexual Deviants

Tribe pedophiles :

  1. Arther Schoen : co-founder of ‘nambla’…’nuff said.
  2. Brian Singer : director of X-Men
  3. Alen Ginsberg : supposedly a poet, supposedly a buddhist, supposedly relevant.
  4. Jon Grissom, Hollywood producer who molested Cory Feldman and others
  5. Bob Villard, h-producer
  6. Martin Weisz, h-producer
  7. Woody Allen
  8. Roman Polanski
  9. sigmund fraud freud
  10. jack lang : French jew who is head of ‘institute of islamic studies’ in Paris
  11. daniel cohn-bend_it : a tiresome windbag whose dedication to satanic jewmason globalism has his tribe’s media putting him on people’s screens as though he merits being heard, bragged about being a pedophile when the tribe tried to make it chic in the early 70s.
  12. Harvey Weinstein : Hollywood producer and famed rapist, reported to have also assaulted young boys, known to have been especially abusive with ‘goy’ women as his primary predation.
  13. Bill Surkis : a bnai brith regional director
  14. ben levin : former minister of education in ontario…friends with jr trudeau, ’nuff said
  15. Peewee Herman aka paul reubens
  16. Peter Yarrow : put the peter in Peter, Paul and Mary…
  17. Jerry Sandusky : college football coach in the US
  18. Gary Glitter, singer
  19. Jimmy Saville : revolting satanic psychopath knighted by the british queen-thing.
  20. Charlie Chaplin : grossly inflated early silent movie actor whose two-dimensional repetitive show was a rip off of French actor Max Linder (who shortly after died mysteriously on  Halloween).
  21. clement freud : grand nephew of sigmund, knighted by british queen-thing
  22. Any jews who follow the talmud including a long list of rabbis.

General all-around rapists :

  1. Harvey wientstein
  2. jimmy saville
  3. dsk (former director of IMF)
  4. Roman Polanski
  5. Hollywood producer Tobbe

statutory rapists:

  1. Jeffrey Eptsein
  2. ehud barak (former president of the jewish state)
  3. english prince philip (may be part jewish, certainly a mason)
  4. Moshe Igvy (popular israeli actor)
  5. allan Dershowitz (famous lawyer and Harvard law school professor, notorious apologist for the jewish state)

sexual harassment:

  1. Frederic haziza (French journalist)
  2. weinstein
  3. dsk
  4. saville
  5. tobbe.


  1. sigmund fraud  freud
  2. Christine Angot (French media personality and author)
  3. any jews who follow the talmud.

real mafia far more powerful and sinister than Italians:

  1. Meyer Lansky
  2. Bugsy Seigle
  3. most Russian and east European organized crime (their specialty is brutal human trafficking / slavery)

biggest fraudsters of human history:

  1. French jews who fled to the jewish state where they’re protected from being extradited and arrested over the embezzlement of BILLIONS (with a B and plural) of Euros via the carbon credit system, making these jews, as a verified fact, the biggest white collar criminal embezzlers in the history of the world.
  2. Bernie Madoff : notorious investment advisor who ‘made off’ with millions of his clients’ savings and was made an example of following the 2008 crash because he also ripped off fellow tribes-members.

theft of goy ideas and talent:

  1. albert einstein : a failed mathematician / physicist who was propped up by the tribe and given a Nobel prize after they infiltrated and hijacked the Nobel committee, was not even eligible for the prize based on the rules, ripped off a German physicist and French mathematician Poincare. Also reputed to be a rapist and sex addict.
  2. Charlie Chaplin : a one dimensional pedophile scammer who, with the help of the tribe,  ripped off French actor Max Linder. Jew Chaplin became a household name, Frenchman Linder died mysteriously on hallowe’en.
  3. Edward bernays : so-called father of public relations and diabolical weasel intent on corrupting and manipulating the goyim’s minds. related to sigmund fraud, ripped off French sociologist Gustave Le Bon.
  4. the Lumieres bros were the earliest filmmakers but alas, these Frenchmen weren’t of the tribe so they had to end up apparently irrelevant in favour of Hollywood and the ‘very diverse’ media.
  5. noam chomsky : overblown linguist and news media analyst, now exposed as a agent for controlled opposition. grossly inflated by his coreligionists journals and publishing houses, ripped off French psychologist Piaget.
  6. very possible that most of the prominent/famous jewish lawyers and judges also inflated one another’s value and helped each other achieve tribe assisted prominence by pretending not to notice that certain scholarship, arguments, policy and jurisprudence was all lifted from others and constituted very little on its own.
  7. Naomi klein : cantard jewess handed a life for repeating what her coreligionists already said 50 yrs ago in a book entitled Future Shock.

agents of political change alleged by some to have been working for hidden tribal agenda:

  1. the leaders of the masonic ‘French’ revolution
  2. the fomenters of the US ‘civil’ war
  3. the orchestrators of the JFK assassination
  4. and the RFK assassination
  5. fomenters of the 1st and 2nd ‘world’ wars
  6. fomenters of the Bolshevik revolution and its genocides
  7. Henry kissinger & co. : notorious deep state tribal elder, mere presence in Spain following new socialist party’s victory sent a chill through the leader’s spine resulting in a cowed ‘leader’ fearful of an international jewish mafia.

agents of social change working for hidden tribal agenda:

  1. gloria steinham : duplicitous change agent leading the ‘feminism’, now revealed as a fraud, liar, and cia agent.
  2. the behind the scenes handlers of the Beatles & ‘british invasion’
  3. string pullers for the normalization of witchcraft, satanism, eastern mysticism, folk utopias, homosexuality, pedophilia and other operations designed to break the human spirit and destroy christianity
  4. Anthony Levi aka Anton LeVay (founder of the church of satan)
  5. ‘son of sam’ serial killer
  6. Mae brussel : early female conspiracy theorist focussing on JFK assassination, now transparently obvious as controlled opposition
  7. the ‘white’ civil rights activists ‘helping’ the blacks in the US during 60s and disavowed by black activists such as HAROLD CRUSE who eventually realized the all-powerfull Cameroonian Lobby was exploiting black rights for their own agenda (one that was even destructive for the blacks they claimed to want to ‘help’!)
  8. alan ginsberg : idiotic gay pedophile turned into a heroic ‘genius’ by his tribesmen in the ‘very diverse’ media, supposedly relevant as a poet but actually only useful as an undercover cult leader who led countless goys into cumulative retardations, normalization of ‘gayness’ and pedophilia, dislocated civic/national identity and general confusion about selfhood via imbecilic interpretations of buddhism.
  9. German tribes-member ‘daniel cohn-bendit’ and other change agents of the so-called student revolt in France in May ’68, whose actual purpose was to undermine traditional French society and General Charles de Gaulle in favour of what is now incontrovertibly evident as international jewish interests subverting ‘trotskyist’ ideas to enable their racist tribal privileges while destroying everyone else.
  10. billionaire heir of destructive African raw materials company, mediocre writer, unsparingly imposed French media personality and self proclaimed ‘philosopher’,  ‘bernard henri-levy’ : who worked as a sayan for tribal interests in France at the expense of real French people’s interests who are actual patriots and nationalists, lobbied for several horrific wars that were terrible for humanity…and correspondingly “good for israel”, as he put it.
  11. ‘Harlem desire’ : jewish mulato who, along with bhl, hijacked the anti-racist movement in France during the early ’80s so as to pervert it as a tool for jewish benefits and secure its control in the hands of sayanim forever.

Real Dissidents found in canada, some even today :

  1. Ernst Zundel : Internationally Renown Hero of Free Thought and Natural Justice of historic proportions who became the centre of ‘controversy’ in ‘canada’ during the ’80s when he was attacked by the tribe for selling books by historians, academics, professional experts and other credible rational and transparent researchers who arrived at a different conclusion about “THE” ‘holocaust’ of jews in ww2.
    • was represented by a couple of canadian lawyers, most notably a certain Doug Christie who is actually brought up during some first year courses at certain law schools with explicit, unequivocal disapproval (!)
    • Zundel was threatened, defamed and had his home firebombed with impunity
    • the case was appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada and, to the Canadian courts’ credit, they actually concluded that Zundel could not be found guilty of all the charges, upholding only a couple of minor ones.
    • since the tribe lost by way of objective good faith policy, reason, legislation, litigation and jurisprudence they simply moved to their next area of expertise : crime.
    • The tribe infiltrated the Canadian gov’t and inserted new laws specifically calculated to enable them to exact vengeance on Zundel and any future would-be free goys.
    • regarding The Hero Ernst Zundel, they employed a bad faith subversion of newly introduced immigration laws, with coordinated 5th column cells in both Canada and the US as well as Germany, to provide a flimsy excuse to have US immigration enforcers stalk him and abduct him for extradition to, first Canada (where he spent the next TWO YEARS IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT) and then Germany, since German laws are the political draconian product of psychological abuse on the German population and would thus imprison him.
  2. Professor Anthony Hall of The University of Lethbridge, Alberta : was suspended without pay by decree from the tribe circa 2016 for criticizing zionism and noticing their perfidy and the danger to humankind’s wellbeing and future that it poses, had already been tenured as Professor of Globalization Studies
    • using the same criminal tactic employed to attack French Dissident Hero Alain Soral, they planted a fake antisemitic comment on Prof. Hall’s facebook page so as to then use it for just enough of a flimsy justification to criminally attack the hated free goy through their sayanim and 5th column cells – cells of overt and covert jews who are all WAITING TO BETRAY YOU AT THE DROP OF A HAT.
    • also noteworthy : Prof. Hall appears to be a gay jew so any jews who go through their lives being willfully blind to the tribes criminality should be warned that if they ever find themselves not fully brainwashed by the cult, its leaders and crazed hebenforcers won’t hesitate to attack them. Not only are jews not granted immunity from being targeted but it may well be due to the fact that the majority would leave the cult if they realized how many others out there had also considered doing so.
  3. Professor Robert Buckingham of the University of Saskatchewan : similar story to that of Tony Hall, fired due to pressure from the tribe even though he’d already been tenured as Professor of Physics.
  4. Arthur Topham : after failing to prevent his mind from operating rationally Mr. Topham found himself on trial for promoting ‘hatred’ because he posted a jewish anti-german article from the 1930s with the germans and jews reversed as an exercise in critical thinking.
    • also noteworthy is that the trial took place in Quesnel, BC, which bears a striking similarity to LA SAINTE QUENELLE brought to emancipate humanity by French Dissident Hero Dieudonne.
  5. Monika Schaefer : local celebrated musician, onetime Canadian National Park Ranger in Jasper, Alberta and past member of Alberta’s ‘Green Party’ whose livelihood and community participation were suddenly vacated from legal and ontological recognition after, sadly, Ms. Schaefer’s capacity for rational inquiry resulted in noticing significant incoherence within the official ww2 ‘holocaust’ narrative…thus leading her to perdition.
    • the lovely Ms. Monika Schaefer is herself of German descent and had been inducted into the hate-based psychologically abusive anti-german guilt narrative cult growing up, even causing her to turn on her mother for not demonstrating sufficient self-hating religious fervour during the high holidays of hollowcostianity
    • following which Ms. Schaefer’s brother Alfred had somehow been infected with the dangerous ‘high-cognition-33-45’ pandemic that eventually also broke through poor Monika’s immune system
    • whereupon she felt not only shocked to discover the inconceivably tricky case of ‘SCHRODINGER’S VICTIMS’ but was also remorseful about having destroyed her relationship with her own mother because of religious indoctrination that was, as her diseased hyper-perceptive freethinking mind discovered, based on complete fucking bullshit.
    • thus prompting her to post a now viral youtube video in which, after apologizing to her mother and declaring her mental emancipation following awareness of rational alternative conclusions about the ww2 events in question, she expressed her newfound bittersweet emancipation by playing a rendition on her violin.
  6. 80% of the population of The Nation of Quebec.

Another Report on ‘Diversity’ in corporate canada : Needless Exercise in Bullshit That Will Bring Harm to More Suckers.

The liberal cantards have often made a point of pretending that there is no such thing as a second class citizen in canarda…to compensate for the fact that there is. Not only are there 2nd class citizens in canarda but they’re almost all non-white immigrants…including their children. Whatever bullshit ideal the middle management ostensibly running canarda in front of the camera are trying to believe about what their masters told them, it is now abundantly evident that it’s not true. So much so that the cantards have gone and plucked another group of non-white immigrant children who like seeing themselves as leaders ‘helping their community’ and had them do another report on just what a total fucking disaster and full of shit obscenity canarda actually is.

My only response is…who cares?! I mean is this even a serious news story?? Every generation has a bunch of bossy homework obsessed kids who are a bit smarter than the rest and love the idea of them being the leaders of their community. Leaders who get on television and are told they’re important. And every generational cycle, these young well-educated adults are propped up to do some sort of public exercise in outlining the state of affairs for non-whites and/or immigrants in canarda with more or less the same conclusion each time : it’s a disaster. So this report really doesn’t interest me. The only thing that interests me and is starting to fucking bother me is the fact that this ‘new report’ on diversity in corporate canarda cannot possibly have a credible conclusion other than the same one I’ve heard several decades in a row now. So I have to ask myself exactly what the fuck is going on. I mean this is after all, just another exercise in manipulating the population so as to ostensibly exculpate the movers and shakers of this non-nationalist ‘nation’ (who aren’t even canardian) from the ongoing horror resulting from what can now only be interpreted as malevolent lies.

We’re talking about a bunch of people who know they’re lying and don’t care. They don’t care that their lies are causing *serious* harm to GENERATIONS OF HUMANS. In fact, after half a century of similar bullshit operations about ‘diversity’ it starts to get really hard not to notice that they actually *need* and even *want* people to suffer. Oh, I’m sorry, too much? Can’t believe it? No matter how attached you are to ‘being positive’ you’ll have to admit that at this point it has become *irrational* to believe that the shady characters pulling the immigration/’diversity’ strings in canarda believe the bullshit they get roughly half of the immigrants to believe. I say roughly half because these days things are so bad and so obvious that around half of the ‘diversity’ in canarda knows it’s a big lie. How’s that gonna work out Goldy? We know.

It’s malicious nonsense and more and more people are forced, reluctantly or not, to acknowledge it. So perhaps I’ll be a bit more interested if there’s a UN investigation and a Nuremberg-styled ‘trial’ of the filthy dirtybirds who are harvesting generations of damaged new age niggers to be used for their judeo-masonic project. No? Ok, then maybe cbc should shut the fuck up. Maybe the piece of shit libtards should ease off on the fucking photo ops with kid kanada khadr when they give him $10,000,000 so that they can keep pretending they’re a real country instead of a criminal operation that depends on human suffering for a religious project based on racism. Maybe Goldy’s friends should shut the fuck up instead of hijacking the ‘conservative’ backlash to the very immigration programs their cousins at the libtards party of canarda are fostering, IN FULL COGNIZANCE OF THE HUMAN SUFFERING THEY ARE CREATING FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS.

But, as usual, Goldy & co. are garbage and their humiliated willfully blind white cantard ass-licking servants are no better. Oh canada…you poor pathetic piece of shit.

The Immigration Lie : A Fundamental Building Block for Global Submission to SANDPIMPS.

If I wanted to make up an ‘antisemitic’ fake name I’d probably go with something like ‘Golder Hidey’ or ‘I. Hyde Gold’ or something along those lines. As it happens, I don’t have to make up a name like that because there’s a character who pops up on television now and then baring virtually that name. He shows up to offer weak, obviously disingenuous arguments for

1) As much free trade as possible, and

b) As much immigration as possible.

I didn’t look into to it but something tells me he’s not Catholic. Here’s a brief, perhaps over-simplified point-form breakdown of the filthy bullshit he and his buddies have been cooking up for at least half a century now.

Basic background

  • nation states initially arise as cohesively allied ethnographic autonomous regions
  • following the Middle Ages usury and rivalry in conquests/economic/geographic expansion thrive,
    • growing and accelerating as a feedback loop
  • caucasoid empires compete with each other and take over foreign regions
    • (foreign…as in different ethnicity or race)
  • these shift around until the 2 ‘world wars’
  • following which all ‘foreign regions’ are eventually ‘liberated’ from being colonies of caucasoid authorities
  • non-caucasoid ‘migrants’ become championed by a political faction clearly led by jews (circa 1965)
  • immigration and new ‘theories’ imputing disproportionate weight to new socio-political identities become championed by jews…because they’re ‘bringing morality to the world’?
  • Globalism, uniform commercial laws, customs and trade regulations are as necessary for world peace as open borders, which is to say : NOT AT ALL.

Race is a social construct…

  • almost 100% of all immigration is non-whites into white regions
  • this is in part because all white regions are undeniably superior, at least by way of technology and economic ‘opportunity’ (or so we’re told), to the non-white regions
  • (with one possible important exception being Japan)
  • and it’s also because of jewish agitation in favour of immigration of non-whites into white regions
  • there is virtually zero non-white immigration to Japan
  • in fact, there isn’t even much white immigration to Japan

While the rest of the world is being conditioned to believe that science and social science has debunked ‘racism’ as not only based on falsities but a moral sin, not so in Japan.

Japan appears to continue developing their scientific and social scientific body of knowledge under the uninterrupted fundamental certainty that race is a legitimate biological category of significant consequence.

  • Sweden had also, up until very recently, quietly continued operating under the assumption that race and blood matters and had even restricted blood donations to 10th generation pure bred swedes
  • much like THE JEWISH STATE that also believes in race and blood, isolating and accepting only JEWISH BLOOD and even rejecting blood from Ethiopian jews.
  • meanwhile, increasingly ridiculous argumentation scripts are being pushed into campuses and media so as to increase the flow of non-whites to white nations
  • this includes gradual increase in race mixing yet also develops a preference for and even enforcement of synagogue styled insular migrant bubbles under the supposedly valid and constantly rolling definition of ‘multiculturalism’
  • however, multi-whatever doesn’t serve any interests except those whose interests lie in JEWISH BLOOD, who never wanted to be forced to mix with goyim let alone non-white goyim but who DID want white nations to be flooded with non-whites

These non-white ‘equals’ are storming in and even risking their lives to do so illegally because “all they want is a better life”…

  • for the immigrants the rationale is that they are leaving their countries of origin for a ‘western’ (READ WHITE) nation because they want ‘a better life’ (thanks Geraldo…mexican?…jewish.)
  • meaning the inferiority of their original countries is tacitly admitted
  • yet it is not permitted to overtly draw attention to the non white inferiority
  • when it can’t be avoided it must be treated as exclusively a result of colonialism
  • it must also presume that being pre-industrial was in no way a reflection of the population’s abilities or the culture’s desirability
  • this in fact does not make sense : if the pre industrial development and the biology and culture of that population is not inferior then why are they keen on leaving?
  • and even if we claim the biology of the population is equal why would that automatically mean that the culture is also desirable?
  • though occulted and tacitly understood as forbidden via jewish conditioning, sober reflection makes certain facts clear :

Industrial, technological, and economic development is a universally preferred state of affairs therefore the whites are, in that respect, the origin of this more desirable version of human settlement.

Alternatively, these qualities are not more desirable but are an aspirational standard now irretrievably imposed on everyone due to competition. Whatever white regions have, whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’, what is unavoidable is that it translates to the power to decide what happens while others in the ‘equal’ but pre-industrial regions and cultures are at their mercy.

Curiously however, the voices of change suggesting that non-whites should be able to continue existing in their ‘equal’ cultures and regions are quite obviously inconsequential…The jewish voices seem really adamant that these ‘equals’ move to the ‘equal’ white regions for ‘a better – but no doubt equal – life’ and are NOT keen at all on leaving people alone in their regions… 

The implication is that something must’ve held the non-whites back from developing the same universally valued qualities… Or suddenly ‘speculation’ is allowed and we are to pretend that it’s just a geographical happenstance that white groups developed much more than any other. How’s the multi-intersectional-pluralistic-whateverthefuck going?! Even if it were true that non-whites are biologically equal, there is NO reason why the advantaged hominids would ever want to share or be told to sacrifice for the loser hominids! The past 50+ yrs of race riots and routinely discredited rainbow inclusion dogmas speak for themselves! Only a sinister filthy group would keep promoting it!!

  • so regardless of which version is propagated, ‘development’ apparently IS desired (as opposed to ‘developing’ or developmentally challenged…much better than ‘3rd world’)
  • the immigrants are, if presumed equal, forced to now catch up by leaving their lesser regions for ‘a better life’ in the more competitive white regions for…a mantra we’ve been hearing daily for almost half a century now even though it effectively means nothing
  • upon arrival they must catch up to a superior standard that is apparently not based on their inferiority

The host nation apparently has something to gain…but what??

  • the only legitimate argument for white gain is that immigrants lower wages!
  • that is only beneficial to a few wealthy people who are major employers and industrialists, who control large segments of the economy (usually with transnational interests)
  • but it is not necessarily better for the rest of the whites.

What is certain is that even if an economic argument was floated for it also being better for the rest of the whites, this alleged benefit comes with a whole lot of burdens :

  • increased crime rates, esp violent crime from those of African origin and certain latin / South American regions
  • increased risk of new virulent diseases
  • increased unmanaged filth, esp from ‘south asians’
  • increased social fracturing, degeneration of cohesive culture, destruction of nationalism and eventually even of patriotism
  • increased stratification
  • and yes : INCREASED RACISM (!)

But apparently – according to the ‘very diverse’ media – the original white operators and the new arrivals are all happily benefiting from immigration in a new rainbow inclusive society :

  • most notably the inclusion in the rainbow of new mental disorders often related to increased social strife
  • one group only – as usual – is benefiting, glowing with a bizarre form of self satisfaction…you might even say self-worship
  • for the rest of the population the newly imposed identity politics – old hat for the aforementioned ‘group’ – are the ‘new normal’ (along with a handful of pills to help the new rainbow happiness, morning and evening)
  • this new ‘discourse’ is obviously against the interests of the whites, causing millions of ticking white time-bombs that will go off in the future and are, in the meantime, angry and very mentally ill.
  • it takes a long time but eventually even the non-whites realize that something is way wrong
  • and that the stink comes from identity politics…and those who consistently impose and police it.

Social strife and disharmony will dissipate generation over generation..? :

  • some new humans are now artificially fabricated to be, by definition, biologically alienated from all other humans including the biological parents and in fact, including themselves,
  • these New Age Niggers wander aimlessly as denigrated zombies occasionally picked up to be used as props and then let go again, lost in their severe grief and general  impotence, with no psychic link to other humans who might constitute a healthy binding community.
  • others are foisted upon the original white groups only to realize that they must over perform just to be granted the most basic acceptance
  • but most are, bizarrely and in opposition to the original rainbow conditioning, herded into insular ghettoized regions and social bubbles…i
  • ncluding of course, the jews…whose religion is actually based on self-segregation.

The majority white population will see itself slowly but mercilessly fractured, involuntarily mixed with aliens, caught off balance and forced to participate in and take the lead from the jewish identity politics discourse.

  • white anger rises when it becomes obvious not only that they do not but cannot benefit from identity politics, since the premise is that there’s a majority ‘oppressor’ to react to
  • …and even though jews are white and overrepresented in every lever of power, the designated majority oppressor isn’t the jews, it’s the whites
  • much as it is grotesque perversion of reason to propose that a majority operating white faction is at once the enabler of immigration, the ostensible cause of everyone else’s problems and the oppressor of the immigrants shipped over to fortify the new anti white culture, the jews seem to be able to sell their snake oil with relative ease (see “JEWS RUN HOLLYWOOD”)

Perhaps the greatest tragedy is that the instrumentalised immigrants’ gripes – excited into percolation by jews – are not entirely unfounded since it is a basic reality (carefully shuffled by the ‘discourse’) that being a so-called ‘minority’ is never a good position to be in. 

Some ‘darkies’ will look for opportunities to exploit it…which is a public admission that they are inferior in their own living space. Only destroyed people and/or opportunistic borderline criminals with no remaining self-respect will gravitate to this form of existence (a basic fact that most ‘white supremacists’ fail to acknowledge, often thanks to jewish infiltration of their own ‘white’ ideas).

Starting around the late ’80s:

  • oversight by shady characters is now required for all operations and all human interactions
  • minorities are handled differently because they are, by definition, vulnerable
  • they must therefore be enabled to compete so that they can overcome their vulnerable positioning and eventually become part of the established human operations rather than a vulnerable group
  • science must be subverted to ensure that no one can challenge the premise for the new society among ‘equals’
  • race relations are not even meant to be peaceful : they are used to herd populations in various political and economic directions
    • or even just for violent rioting as a distraction during periods of zio-political high crime
  • yet immigration and rainbow ‘inclusive’ progressivism remains enforced as a new state religion
  • the ‘non-existent’ disparities among the ‘races’ that are ‘social constructs’ do not dissipate
  • yet non-whites are apparently in the once white, now-unacknowledged-but-winked-at-jewish nations for a ‘better life’ because they are equal…
    • meaning they’re either inferior
    • or are second class members due to white colonialism and ongoing systemic white racism
  • either way the ‘pluralistic democracy’…IS A FUCKING DISASTER
    • a disaster that merits rioting and/or civil war!

This precludes any possibility of rationally understanding immigrants’ positions as remotely harmonious or friendly since they have a reason to complain, are acknowledged as being burdened for being immigrants, yet are also apparently equal in all respects to whites.

As for the whites, they must continue repeating and enforcing the new religion of non racist inclusion with immigrants who are by definition worse off and have to blame whites in order to avoid any examination of their innate inferiorities.

Pay no attention to the sharp increases in :

  • race riots on campuses, in ethno-racially ghettoized adjacent neighbourhoods, after sporting events, after carefully world-mediated news stories of gruesome police brutality involving opposing races
  • a host of new mental disorders for which a new pharmaceutical industry is poised to reap enormous profits for seemingly intentionally substandard products
  • gradually degenerated forms of classroom education for student bodies that now consist of aliens side by side and a few deranged ‘non-race’ / ‘social construct’ mixed zombies seeking any opportunity to be programmed for another person’s definition of success
    • (enter the [jewish] wizard behind the curtain)…as many do NOT ‘succeed’ as do.
  • complete degeneration of African-origin communities
  • concomitant grotesqueries of massive increase in unimagined newly developed bestial violence never before seen, emanating from and onto the blacks and other destroyed new age hominids
  • disintegration of the original white society which is now run as a Goldman Sachs / israeli colony by jews and pathetic white underlings,
  • conflicting cultures, absence of consistent legal standards, and gigantic pockets of ‘citizens’ throughout the land who do not understand the original language, forcing authorities to add their immigrant languages to everything
  • cultural and biological insular bubbles of alien populations, who eventually develop the ability to quasi-exist in their bubbles w/o even interacting with each other or the original white populations – NOTE : this ends up being implicitly taken as the best outcome!

But…if that is the best outcome one has to wonder…why did non white immigration ever happened at all?!?

Presumably due to avarice and the mistaken believe that existing in a ‘developed’ (READ WHITE) country is a step up from their ‘equal’ countries of origin, many non whites are expected to be happy as struggling 2nd class citizens in their insular ghettos.

They hope to eventually meet a standard similar to whites and live as middle class almost-white people. (Not as jews, who are quite unambiguously the self-appointed pseudo-aristocratic ruling class…and one whose pretensions of superiority are in fact based on RACE and BLOOD).

Every now and then the pathetic white collaborators will make an example of a ‘darky’ by handing them a privilege or a bunch of money for their ‘rights’ in order to preserve the big lie.

As mentioned above, this presumes that whites owe them something for a past wrongdoing (colonialism or more recent racism)

  • since that is the only explanation for the non-white inferiority that doesn’t lead to acknowledging racial inferiority (from which cultural inferiority is born…)
    • I mean be serious: it’s never possible to entirely separate a culture from the biological subspecies it originated from, even with geographic/historical causal factors (I cannot believe no one realizes that!)
  • the ‘western’ (READ WHITE) society is an implicitly stated but unacknowledged social order of capitalistic ‘western’ meritocracy which continually requires a demonstrably inferior segment of the population as the ‘working class’ (READ LOWER CLASS)
  • this ‘meritocracy’ consistently demonstrates that the bottom end is comprised of people who are disproportionately non-white
  • so either it’s nurture, meaning the meritocracy is severely broken (time for civil war) or it’s nature, meaning the non-whites are outed as inferior but are now living in shit in what is ultimately a foreign land (time for civil war)
  • either way, rioting is always around the corner

  • or more usually these days, a quasi terrorist styled event such as a bombing or mass shooting.

All the while the rainbow is ever more smelly and diseased, with paternalistic centralization of powers to organizations that are either ‘white’ (but actually jewish) or token non white (meaning, as everyone knows full well, a white/jew in the background is actually calling the shots.)

  • suppression (READ TRIBAL TAKE OVER) of scientific research/literature/ ‘consensus’ that contradicts the jewish enforced state religions, esp. the ‘controversy’ of so called IQ
  • it hovers in the background even requiring specially developed jewish intervention as academic ‘study’
  • it is widely known that the only non white population to have high IQ scores are the Japanese…who are coincidentally the only non white nation state to function at a ‘western’ (white) standard and ‘coincidentally’…

In other words, the ghetto immigrants still potentially pose a problem for the religion of jewish led pseudo inclusion because the obscured bulk of their stories contradict the ‘rainbow immigration’ premises. Moreover, their choices to migrate to white regions are actually only justified as a counter-colonization in opposition to the whites for their past looting / abuses in the migrants’ countries (i.e. civil war on the horizon, no real harmony is even possible).

But a more serious problem is posed by the non-whites who are raised among the white middle classes, as they do not even have the ghetto to retreat into…forcing them to turn their minds to The Forbidden Questions.

Should such category of New Age Nigger fail to over-perform and/or acquire the appropriate socialized bonding experiences during youth because, for example, they were maliciously bred from two social & emotional retards, the new age niggers in question will then be completely destroyed in a manner never before seen on the planet.

Said N.A.Ns will not have the emotionalized experiences and thought patterns designed for the rest of the population by the jews and will therefore not be completely brainwashed into the rising state religion. But they don’t die either…

Where do you think that life force is going to go?!

recap 2:

  • there are nation states made up of population groups who are like each other in their states and regions but we should have them resettle, always from inferior groups to white ones,
  • to make the world more peaceful and be inclusive and help the economy even though there is no credible evidence that the immigrants improve the economy and it is evident that making a more peaceful world is completely unrelated to immigration at best
  • suggestion to mix racially except when race is a social construct of course
  • we are also told that human rights codes and even national constitutions need to be rewritten to actually contradict that message by encouraging and protecting synagogue-styled ghettoization of the immigrant groups
  • at which point the question must again arise as to what the gain is for the whites?
  • the non-whites who migrate to their regions only have reason to secretly hate the whites whose region they’re moving into
  • the tiny window of opportunity for them to pretend that they are not innately inferior biologically or culturally is increasingly undermined generation after generation
  • as non-white populations consistently fail to meet white or jewish standards.
  • Incredible excuses will abound but none will answer why immigration should happen.

Moreover, international trade and commerce has never been a requirement for a better world. It was treacherously fashioned into an ‘urgent requirement’ in the brainwashed minds of countless goys.


The very common white canadian hatred of brown immigrants :

  • the filthy white cantard has always hated the brown immigrants that their jewish overlords ordered them to bring in
  • a very obvious example was documented and then, surprisingly, aired on tv ontario in the ’90s when a filthy white cantard did a ridiculous fluff piece on environmentalism / recycling
  • and toured a brown home to point out examples of how bad it was
  • with a tone that was nothing short of hitlerian,
  • demonstrating just how much the white cantard hated the south asian
  • while he berated the browny in a manner that would have been inconceivable with a white or jew.
  • these sentiments of extreme hatred are healthily present even today
  • every filthy white cantard believes that the brown migrant owes them their life
  • they will turn on the brown very easily and
  • in private or online will group together to spend time on harassment campaigns with their white cantard friends to harm lone brown migrants they disapprove of
  • for not eating the cantards’ shit with a wide enough grin
  • with the hope of killing any brown loser who doesn’t live up to a standard they pretend to live up to – especially in front of their jewish Dom topmasters – but that none of them actually live up to and that in fact no one lives up to

Instead of recognizing that they are the slave and capo of the jews, the white cantard, being the untermench and stinking piece of shit that it is, prefers to gather together with other white cantards (koshercocksucking untermench) to try to kick a lone brown migrant. They will not even in do it in public and would never dare take on an enfranchised migrant who has his/her own friends to back them in a fight :

As the white cantard untermench is a special kind of garbage that is, in a strange cowardly apprentice-judeomason sneaky kosher maplecum-guzzling way,

actually beneath the most bestial black ‘gangstas’ they like to criticize.

  • they will prevent someone, for example, from improving a wiki page even though the edits were added in accordance with the wiki pedo imbeciles’ own rules (which, as it turns out, they don’t even understand, true story!)
  • and then choose a strategy of bringing everyone down by adding relatively unimportant brown person additions to alumni pages, knowing full well those are far less valid/notable than the ones they’ve just prevented from being accepted.
  • the implication of course is that the ‘darky’ they are intentionally undermining is justifiably hated for being a racist even though said migrant is the very darky that the gracious white cantard jew slaves have pretended to want
  • which in the white cantard untermench failed logic apparently means that the ‘paki’ owes them for being admitted into their capo country
  • which is curious because these same filthy white cantards have been forced to graciously offer the migrant the wonders of multiculturalism, even going so far as to rewrite their constitution for the jewish overlords in between taking kosher reamings

Meaning that they have created a pseudo country that is completely racist by virtue of insisting that vulnerable new migrants need to have the ‘right’ to maintain their culture in a strangely insular manner that, for those of us whose eyes aren’t covered by a gimp hood thrown over the head by a jewish dominant, quite obviously benefits exactly no-one  except jews.

What of the friendlier white jews who the brownies will encounter?

Problematic lies about jewish ‘friends’ :
1. They befriend a few goys in good faith just like any other ‘community’ might befriend ‘outsiders’. (LIE)

Truth : 

  • they are more ‘insular’ than any other group except, perhaps, the Sicilian mafia or the ‘aryan brotherhood’
  • this is due to self-segregation which is part of the ‘religion’ as well as the history, culture, and collectively determined motives driving anyone who self-identifies as jewish
    • (which is contrary to their propagandist implications that jewish ghettos were abusive impositions from christians who didn’t want them around)
  • no matter what position a jew takes on the political spectrum, be it generally or for a particular cause, their first and foremost concern is their exclusionary collective benefit
  • this even goes as far as developing coordinated colonization of argumentation trees (as well as other basic features of human mental existence) in opposing camps
  • to ensure that the decisions and even fundamental beliefs & ideas are always governed by the jews for their ultimate benefit…

Which includes – if not depends on – everyone else’s burden.

  • their interests, immanent and transcendent, are in fact directly opposed to everyone else’s
    • this is a fundamental part of their ‘religion’ that they work to obscure,
    • even congratulating themselves for ‘bringing morality to the world’ in full Orwellian double think once the goyim brainwashing is complete
    • and they know they can get away with it
    • because ‘truth’ or ‘reality’ is a very low priority for them, always taking a back seat to whatever is convenient for their supremacist hate-based interests
  • they are as or more racist than everyone else on the planet
    • and will ‘befriend’ a white nationalist apartheid supporter in South Africa (a country whose racist vision of the world they supported)
    • while also knowing that their cousin may ‘befriend’ a socialist black activist
  • in the back of their mind they know that the superficial political opinions and goals are irrelevant to them
    • they only have one goal & organizing principle : ‘what’s good for the jews?’
  • they will hijack and intentionally subvert or destroy any social or political cause, any budding new technological development, any new commercial presence, any new thought system, argumentation cluster or line of reasoning regardless of its theoretical categories and regardless of its possible outcomes

All in order to render any potential human development subservient to their belief in themselves as god, who rules over the ‘goyim’.
2. They succeeded in becoming the most powerful ‘community’ in the world through totally acceptable phenomena just like any other successful ‘community’. (LIE)

Truth :

  • they’ve tried to float a few stories that might provide an explanation for their now undeniable control over most of the planet but none of them are satisfactory
    • i.e.” jews growing up in a certain part of New York were dry cleaners and the peculiarities of this difficult life and work ethic led to their ascension in the legal profession”
    • (which is totally ridiculous and easily disproven; they’ve long infiltrated the legal profession and often through much less flattering means)
  • as it turns out, their pattern as a detestable fifth column, with a psychopathic narcissistic delusion of bizarre loving self-worship and sacred victimization coupled with subsequent claims of justification for hatred toward other humans, was not first identified after they took over the US in the 1960s
  • nor was the creation of their religious project of a ‘jewish state’ the result only of ‘the holocaust’ in ww2
    • tellingly, a large number of ‘goys’ were under the impression, and perhaps still are, that ‘the holocaust’ was the reason for the creation of their state, i.e. so it’s really too bad about the disputes with the Palestinians but it’s necessary somehow because, you know, “the holocaust”…
    • but this highly offensive racist megalomaniacal project was undertaken long before ww2
    • documented evidence much more credible that that of the captured establishment historians exists throughout the ages revealing their pattern of behaviour and its obviously justified criticism among ‘the goyim’
    • if anything, as a collective, it is difficult to find a time and place where they were NOT powerful, and abusively so
  • their operations as fifth columns are now well understood and offer the only credible explanation for their success…
  • that is to say, by infiltrating and taking over all nodes of power among ‘the goyim’ in order to betray them later

This is in fact the secret behind their success and near total dominance of:

  • banking/finance (international, supranational and national)
  • all of the media from left to right, including publishing,
  • the legal profession & judiciary,
  • the vast majority of secretive ‘lodges’, usually ‘masonic’ (and full control over the goy dupes said lodges are intended to recruit secretly despised middle management out of)
  • university depts and administrations,
  • senior governmental bureaucracies,
  • arts & culture governance and funding programs,
  • pharmaceutical manufacturers & developers, pharmaceutical literature and the pharmacy profession,
  • medical devices, medical literature & the medical profession,
  • dental devices, dental literature & the dentist profession,
  • the quasi profession of psychology,
  • computers and computing, i.e. hardware and software
  • high tech & arms manufacturing / dealing,
  • international trade violation syndicates including stolen uranium and organ harvesting
  • most of the drug trafficking into and around Europe,
  • most activities as a crime syndicate across the globe including shockingly violent abusive human trafficking,
  • most money laundering across the globe,
  • political factions within permanent and elected governments (i.e. Sarkozy usurping the French Presidency and subsequently destroying France)
  • and even widespread infiltration into military administrations and national police forces.
  • this probably doesn’t even cover all of their activities.

Conclusion : they succeed by incremental infiltration and deceit over generations via coordinated tribal exclusionary conspiracy.

The tribe’s undeniable criminal conspiracy dwarfs all other ‘mafias’, political & economic networks,

and all other satanically controlled secret societies that use demonically enabled disease spectres,

to impose increasingly transgressive mental viruses upon the remaining goys in power every year.


3. Their ‘friendships’ and marriages / liaisons with goys are evidence of their openness and internal lack of cohesion which thus defeats the ‘conspiracy theories’ about them. (LIE)

Truth :

  • They are increasingly revealed as being extremely hateful toward the vast majority of goys they ‘befriend’, by cumulative anecdotal evidence.
    • (because no one will be able to make even a semi scientific study about it under the circumstances identified by said ‘conspiracy theories’ now proven as reality)
  • they’ve incrementally undertaken 5th column strategies over the multi-generational long term by mixing their assets with goy old money early on,
  • as well as newer money later
  • but only to impose judeafication and jewish rule over these circles and the power they hold
    • (their ascension early on as financiers sowing evil and conflict for their profit is well known and forms the origin of their eventual 5th column take over of the world…starting with britain)
  • being that they are totally racist, eugenicist, and pathologically obsessed with bloodlines, they are fervently opposed to marrying/breeding with ‘the others’
  • but also generally keen on intermarrying with whites so long as the whites are rich/powerful and all the more so if said whites are also well-bred
  • thus providing opportunity to biologically hijack powerful ancient ‘goy’ bloodlines and thereby take them over both culturally…and genetically
    • breeding / racial eugenics is something they all secretly believe in
    • it is central to their ‘religion’
    • the white families in question must then be subsumed under judaic governance no matter how long it takes,
    • and then children/grandchildren, distant progeny etc will eventually identify as jews
    • as will the previously goy dynasty’s governance of its genetic, cultural, social, educational, professional, political and economic capital
  • they occasionally play their coordinated controlled opposition role as a ‘progressive’ jew who breeds with a non white goy, so as to have that end of potential criticism covered
    • these half jews are almost always carefully cultivated from birth to become performers or people in the public eye
    • they are well raised and given all available support to ensure their success in order to realize on the return, which is their utility to provide a deceptive image about the jewish collective
    • these half jews always identify strongly as jews in their private lives.
  • overall their interactions with the goyim are designed and well executed in coordinated groupthink so as to achieve the exclusionary pathologically racist tribe’s goals and interests,
  • resulting in an astonishing amount of chatter among various goy groups who’ve suffered under their deceptive friendships, liaisons or marriages :

Only to realize afterwards that they were practically held captive by abusive psychopaths whose culture corresponds to that of the most snivelingly degenerate, criminally clever but bestially violent

S A N D P I M P S .

Sandpimps whose relation to the real humans of the world is that of a snorting racist religious cult’s membership

  • with the immediate goals of treating the real humans on the outside as potential chattel,
  • trafficked for their revolting forms of perversion derived profit schemes,
  • and created by their deranged mental retardations’ projections that they think are god or ‘hashem’ for their ‘enjoyment’
  • as prey ripe for violent abusive capture, enslavement, rape, and unimaginable psychosexual harm.

These filthy psychopaths hated them for not being of the tribe but manufactured various forms of fake affection in order to realize on the operation for the long game.

Then later – after crossing at least the first threshold of tribal benefit – if the ‘goy mark’ notices, the tribal psychos don’t miss a beat with the script all ready to roll about  ‘antisemitism’…
4. The effects of their post ww2 ‘success story’ are wonderful for the entire world and they can be proud of the numerous improvements, greater world peace and social progress they’ve brought to us all. (LIE)

Truth :

  • In fact their agenda has been deleterious for all non jews, contrary to the sophisticated lies they spin via takeover of all media and universities.
  • they’ve concentrated all notional wealth within their tribal control
  • they’ve bought and taken over large portions of the world’s political & economic infrastructure as well as large portions of corporate owned property and real estate
  • following which they’ve lowered real buying power for everyone except in what was once called the ‘3rd world’ in order to work toward completion of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan
    • which will then move to a centrally governed technocracy comprised of the ‘Elders of Zion’ ruling the world from Jerusalem
      • (“Jerusalem would make a wonderful capital city for a new world order” – Jacques Attali, prominent French jewish billionaire whose hand in every French government is easily demonstrated.)
    • with jew-approved ‘noahides’ granted some measure of humanity…but no less “created by hashem to serve the jews”
    • and a large segment of goy dupes who already function as their despised middle management, selected from the masonic ‘lodges’ (which, along with banking, have also been a foundation of jewish 5th column activities)

A shocking majority of horrific wars throughout history have unfolded under a spectre of obscured causal factors glossed over with weak arguments based on barely credible facts (when outright historical fraud is too difficult to pull off)

  • just because Mel Gibson said so while drunk, (much to the sinister delight of those waiting to use it for mind control purposes in the no doubt very diverse media) doesn’t mean it’s incorrect

What is indisputable is that the phenomenon of ‘Neo-cons’ was responsible for obscenely horrific wars in the Middle East exclusively for jewish interests…and 90+% of ‘Neo-cons’ are/were jewish.

  • they obviously played a primary role in the ‘9 11 twin tower attack’
  • as well as the jfk assassination, now also well documented. (see Laurent Guyenot’s JFK/911 : Fifty Years of Deep State)
  • unimaginable terror and evil have been permanently spawned and unleashed into this world thanks to the filthy Neo-cons.

The Neo-con phenomenon also provides a freshly indisputable example of the jews playing both sides for their benefit at the world’s expense (usually hatefully violent)

  • these dirtybirds were initially trotskyist ‘leftists’ until they realized they needed to take over ‘the right’ as well, to wage disgustingly violent & unnecessary wars…
    • only human filth would do that…well, let’s not insult humans.
  • they’ve intentionally undertaken social change campaigns with the all-important aim of undermining and eventually destroying the goyim’s cultures, social relations, and psychological well-being
    • all manner of psycho-sexual subversion and perversion including pedophilia have been a judaic force of hatred against the goyim for decades if not centuries
      • virtually all pornography, with full awareness of its deleterious effects
      • they have even been caught bragging about it
    • they are now easily identified – for those gays who’ve been trained like seals to mock this ‘theory’ – as the force behind a radical redefinition of the human family…as well as the human itself.
    • this overlaps with a broader freemasonic vision of the future, partially Coudenhove-Kalergi, that aims for trans humanism and singularity.
    • this is now easily identified as not only governed by jews but a product of secretive late judaic religion, better categorized as kabalistic luciferianism aka satanism.
  • It’s not actually inaccurate to go with ‘satanism’ as the best definitional category since a large part of jewish behaviour and thought is an expression of their pathological hatred of christianity.
  • they are sub-standard dangerously ill cheaters & sneaks who secretly harbour ill-will toward you
  • whose entire inner world is derived from ennobling themselves as sacrosanct victim by which they then justify virulent hatred of all outsiders,
  • starting with whichever of ‘the others’ is most powerful
  • while also working on the goy marks via infiltration, mixed funds and interests, and even marriage, with the more powerful among the marks

no sneaky exploitation of sacred victimization attached to supposedly ‘righteous’ hatred of an outside group = no judaism or jews

  • They are also responsible for The Great Evil
  • that being the post-colonial post ww2 lies about inclusivity, race, ‘social progress’, and of course,
  • The Immigration Bait & Switch.
    • The Immigration Bait & Switch has *literally* RUINED GENERATIONS OF HUMAN LIVES for the filthy liars
    • no nation has ever benefited from their deceitful imposition of immigration
  • it is now frighteningly obvious that ‘conspiracy theories’ about this 5th column’s employment of generations of horrifyingly exploited and abused ‘immigrants’ have come to pass
    • (most notably the weaponization of varying stripes of brown hordes from all over into Europe under the easily disproven pretext that they are ‘refugees’ fleeing Syria…a war caused by and for israel…all fake rapefugee attacks on European countries were facilitated by organizations under jewish control.)
    • I personally don’t care much, even if I deplore the inhumanely brutal results

but I have to hand it to the jews :

they really fucked the white powers of the planet !!



5. The GENUINE Enlightened Synthesis, for Gentiles Free of Judeo-Masonic Lies : They are indeed, as they often insist, ‘special’ and unique in human history.

However, as soon as anyone permits themselves the objectivity that the jews work diligently (and belligerently) to deny the ‘goyim’, it becomes difficult to find any redeeming qualities within the jewish corpus,

whose hateful zero sum treachery deployed by the bloodline ‘members’ as an individual and collective priority throughout the ages

only evades ‘antisemitic’ stereotypes when surpassing them in cruelty.

  • there has never been such a thing as a functional democracy outside of ancient Greece
  • they have coordinated collective action throughout history across the globe to work for their interests by harming the rest of humanity
    • the numerous ‘cultural revolutions’ of the 1960s across the planet tell an obvious story
      • i.e. Beatles, sexual revolution, summer of love ’67, ‘French’ student uprising of ‘Mai ’68’, right-wing coup in Greece,
    • as do the later Eastern European ‘coloured revolutions’ along with the so-called ‘arab springs’.
  • the so-called French ‘revolution’ is now known to have been a judeo-masonic conspiracy
  • that was and is characterized by pathologically hateful coordinated group propaganda
  • & actions of abusive exploitative 5th column cells waiting to betray you
  • neither France, nor the rest of the world eventually subsumed by the lie of ‘democracy’, has benefited from it
  • centralized predatory international banking and organized crime has been the only beneficiary
  • though it is always of a curiously judaic penchant
    • i.e. Goldman Sachs, whose agents govern ‘national’ banks across the western world whether or not said agents are citizens of the respective ‘nations’
  • sad perverts, sickly dupes, evil opportunists and corrupted traitors of the worst character were the ones tapped for collaboration under the world occupation
    • i.e. anglos and dutch protestant banking clans
    • including the almost surreal and most ridiculous display of mentally ill pomposity today : the judeo-masonic british ‘royals’
  • without which the take over would not have been possible
  • global conflicts today are primarily disputes between judaic oligarchal interests, not between factions of humanity operating freely under the principle of self-determination.

In truly satanic -and therefore judaic – form, the tribal collective midwich cuckoo-like body exists to control all life on the planet by destroying any other lifeforms’ attempts at individual, group or cooperatively collective wellbeing.

The Comedians’ List of Unsettling Invitations to Laughter or The Weaponization of Soy Good Faith

1. Sarah Slitherman Case Study : 

You know what they say, “You can take the kid out of the ghetto but you can’t…

…take the dangerously delusional self-chosen’s insistence on dominating all gentiles through their exclusive calling to ‘bring morality to the world’ by willfully and duplicitously suppressing all of its potential for Good…

…out of the kid.”

The ‘comedians’ always get their way…come hell or high-water. Because god-forbid (literally, in their minds) a non-chosenite outdo “g-d”, especially since it turns out their religion & culture actually has them believe ‘god’…is them. Incredible as it may seem, this was exposed by former AFP journalist and Roman Catholic author Michael A. Hoffman and has yet to be disproven despite his open offer for public debate. (For a further real-life, instructive exposition of how they actually view the world and the ‘show-biz’ that they control it with, see L’Affaire Dieudonne [The Dieudonne Affair].)

Spara Silver-Man is (or was) a successful comedian. But have you checked out her feet? She wants you to…for some reason. Let’s put her in a broader perspective today though.

  • she burst through everyone’s media filters as a novel, politically incorrect ‘risque’ female comic who won over many fans through her willingness to poke fun at the hypocrisy of the spoiled white (…) crowd she represents
  • when she first got famous she had been handed a tv special that was based on making fun of the christian jesus
  • she then landed a self-titled tv series
  • that peak period for her produced much improved stand up and great tv
    • by providing a timely new angle from which to deliver a kind of ‘comic relief’ for the target soyciety’s psychodrama
    • that was unfolding at the same time as a growing dissonance between the (…) designed ‘benevolent’ development of  ((political correctness)) and a reality increasingly difficult to hide
  • however, she never regained that short-lived peak and her show only ran one season
    • …having perhaps served its true purpose, which may never have been just to make people laugh.

Let’s take a closer look.

  • Her early stand up wasn’t bad
  • But as usual, it wasn’t great either :
    • so in retrospect it seems that what made her great was that she, as a slightly above average comic (if that), was handed a number of choice, well-supported opportunities…Why her?

Based on the permissible worldview of a functional meritocracy it doesn’t make sense.

  • She was handed a role on ‘snl’, which is very telling
    • it is obviously supposed to be very competitive, virtually guaranteeing anyone passing through the show’s cast to end up as an unmercifully imposed household name
  • curiously though, she is notable for not being well-known prior to snl and then demonstrating as little in ‘snl’ as in the show that followed (Greg the Bunny), which she was thus also handed after basically doing nothing of interest.
  • So paradoxically, her invisibility and absence of talent then got her even more support.
  • The result was improved standup and a decent tv special, followed by the self-titled tv series, all of which were just right for the times…and the target.

Many ‘wise’ initiates naturally assumed she was instrumental for the tribe, but only to the same basic extent that every famous tribe member is.

  • So even for those whose eyes have been scalded by too much light, it didn’t detract from her appeal since she truly was novel and funny.
  • Additionally, most people who are wise to the lies are so reluctantly, not enthusiastically.
    • Many even wish that they didn’t know and just want to laugh at the entertainment, esp since it’s the only entertainment available.
  • Her politically incorrect ‘against the grain’ humour also contributed to her general acceptance by viewers who are more ‘aware’,
    • making her seem daring and trustworthy w/o being seen as disingenuous or tricky, like some (….) are. (Well, let’s face it, at least half of them)
  • years then passed and she didn’t produce any new material

Worse still, she spent her energy taking up what now appears to have been her true calling all along :

Using her curiously acquired fame to propagandize for (…) and the (…) ‘state’.

It reminds of adam sandler who had also been kind of funny on ‘snl’ at first,

  • then starred in a truly wonderful and hilarious movie, excelling at a certain niche genre of humour,
  • following which he began starring in comparatively mediocre movies for conversely related increases in pay,
  • which eventually got very uneven with several significantly and unforgettably terrible movies,
  • before finally reducing himself to a (…) propagandizing no talent clown. Very sad.

Here’s where the same old ugly starts to come to light :

It is now apparent that SS may have never even been responsible for ‘her’ best work and moreover, that the ‘work’ was a very different product than it passes itself off as being.

To recap:

  • she had a short-lived streak of great stand-up that was the result of being puzzlingly well-nurtured over years of mediocrity in glamorous placements
  • of which the material was largely the same what would be her career break-through :
    • a ‘comedy special’ that served as a funny ‘friendly’ mocking insult to jesus and christians
  • the tv series that followed was also short-lived,
  • revolved around similar jokes/themes that built her up as a particularly – and in retrospect unusually facilitated – witty new ‘incorrect’, ‘daring’ persona,
  • and served to propagated post & anti-christian, cannabis promoting, gay ‘liberal’ culture
  • Her brand and humour succeeded in appearing honest for halfway ‘admitting’ the hypocrisy of rich spoiled white people (including but not necessarily, gews).
  • Thus: prior to the jesus mocking special she was not notable except for
    • being on snl for no apparent reason
    • and demonstrating apparent uselessness while there
    • yet still being asked afterwards to be on Greg the Bunny
    • where she was also useless
    • yet was then made a superstar with a tv special founded on anti-christian propaganda…How to solve this puzzle?

Solution: a) She’s a connected ‘member’. b) ‘Show biz’ is a ‘(…)’ run industry that promotes certain connected ‘members’ for its varying purposes, regardless of real meritocracy among all ‘performers’.

Of course, b) is a multidimensional magic spell that is simultaneously ‘anti-smegmatic’ and admitted as fact by g-EW!s.

(Just as, for example, certain narratives derived from the most respectable historiography provide us all with a kind of ‘schrodinger’s victim’ who simultaneously suffered, suffer and will suffer the worst and most important persecution in world history – past and future – while also existing in a present dimension in which the very definite holy persecution is rationally & scientifically impossible. G-d…or Lucifer or spare-a-sliverman or whatever his name is…works in mysterious ways.)

It is very plausible then, to understand the SS phenomenon as that of a ‘member’ who was selected early on for a particular tribe-directed product.

Still, why be so cynical, and since it’s about (…), so ‘hateful’? After snl and greg the bunny, she did get funny right? So presumably she’s just another great jewish comedian…well, no need to be redundant: she’s just another great comedian.

  • OK I know what you’re thinking : apart from her taking advantage of…’an opportunity’…there’s nothing more to her story, especially anything that would only be imagined by the craziest of ‘haters’ right?
  • Yes, that’s 100% correct x 6 million! , surely only a crazy hater might wonder about the timing of her success being derived from an opportunity that came her way following long standing insider support for no apparent reason,
  • and surely that crazy hater’s crazy hate would indeed then be further confirmed by your totally non-paranoid suspicions of said now-evidently-confirmed-for-good ‘hate’, by the hater’s attribution of any significance to the SS ‘opportunity’ being :

Mockery of Christianity in a manner that would normally be considered religious blasphemy (‘Jhzihuz is Magick’).

And then there was that extremely revealing scene on Bill – ‘The Secret ?WhoEW, Who Lies 2 You’ – Maher’s show :

  • in which SS makes a joke about opposing israel and then they exchange an unforgettably betraying knowing look before continuing with the ‘interview’ (interestingly, SS more so than Operative Maher)
  • In fact, it was so revealing that after I first recorded my reaction to it, upon trying to find it again I discovered that it had been mysteriously scrubbed from the internet.
  • So there’s that. It’s also increasingly public that she is a supporter of the (…) ‘state’ and that her sister is performing her service to her tribal interests as some kind of liberal ‘rabbi’ in ‘Is-Ra-el’ (‘The-Alien-Con_From_Hell’)
  • Turns out her family and personal history not only includes unusual proximity to american political power but isn’t quite as easy to sort out as it should be, which is itself a flag :
    • her mother is a ‘photographer’…who somehow had also served as a photographer for a US president
    • some sources portray the role as a personal photographer to the president, others as a more official public relations title,
      • since last checked the claims & sources are scrubbed from ‘net
    • her father, who she routinely portrays as a kind of noble social worker to the world, turns out to actually have lived an obscured, largely undefined life as a shady retail grocery baron,
    • who presumably and despite SS’s ridiculous insistence on his humility and disinterest in material gain or power, was what most would understand as rich & powerful.
  • her constant social media propaganda, increasingly transparent as tribal manipulation, eventually grated on enlightened nerves so much that even some of her biggest fans (this blogger included) lost interest in her

And then a few months ago, the blogger noticed that she had a new standup special on the ‘net.

  • the blogger’s expectations were low since it had long been evident that SS peaked years ago and depended on her novel presentation of politically incorrect humour for success
  • so not only would SS’s fully restored comeback be contrary to what is observed for most comics, who seem to fade if they take a long absence from the biz, but SS in particular relied on the timing of her style with an anglo politico-cultural dissonance that has since changed
  • However, this blogger’s curiosity – and perhaps nostalgia for the hilarity of times past – compelled a viewing of the new SS special

What the blogger then sat through was not merely disappointing :


  • SS’s humour had indeed evolved ever so slightly for the changing context but, as feared, it paled in comparison to its former glory.
  • Much more concerning however, was something else that had also evolved.

Something sinister of which even the most cynical of bloggers initiated to the most demoralizing of shaded realities had NOT feared,

  • because even they had not previously conceived of such a deliberately ill-intentioned mutation of dedicated, pathologically malicious, resource-rich conspiracy just to HARM PEOPLE’S MINDS.
  • A studied and cared for evolution of S.S.’s sneaky anti-catholic brainwashing was snuggly embedded within the obviously calculated architecture of the ‘comedy routine’.
  • It surprised even this blogger and was extremely disturbing.

Of particular interest to the initiated viewer will be a story arc involving Catholic nuns (which should already be a flag). During one of many weak routines that serve more as vehicles by which to create a negative association with Catholicism than deliver the ultimately disappointing punchline,

Smara Sliverman deliberately pretends to struggle with the words “horror story”

– repeated several times, unedited, as though the ‘comedy special’ was ‘keeping it real’, all ‘personal and unrehearsed’


  • the joke/story attempts to associate Catholic nuns with SS’s bizarre, intentionally deceptive drawn out description of an unpleasant experience with jam sandwich
  • implicitly but no less disgustingly likened to the nuns’ menstrual discharge,
  • that their cruel severity implicitly forced her to chew on (no soy could ever make this up).
  • It is almost like she is using a carefully planned ‘neuro-linguistic programming’-styled psych operation against ‘the others’…which is fucking creepy.

She freely exploits the conditioning – already well imposed on us by her tribe – of implicitly feminist related content shifting the viewer to a mode of ethical obligation in which disarm themselves from potential suspicion/criticism of what they’re viewing :

  • just as she had in fact only existed as a tribal product that freely exploited conditioning in relation to other featured ’causes’ in the tribally policed public discourse of the ‘incorrect’,
  • at the time playing the role of the funny risque (degenerate) comedian, liberating society from its difficult conversations through humour
  • but also presenting herself as a supposed example of a tribal member being honest and sincere with the world (in addition to being magically ‘cutting edge’ yet again)
  • so as to tap in to the burgeoning segment of soys whose conditioning was reaching a breaking point in the face of reality…
  • while in fact serving to further damage soyciety in a carefully proscribed manner,
    • well coordinated with the rest of the tribal nodes of activity, laid like land mines throughout the soyim’s political and cultural geography,
  • such as to paradoxically improve the tribe’s image through the very process of its surreptitious violence toward the soyim.

In her latest demonic ritual she actually seeks to fool the soy viewer by pretending that her routine is trustworthy PRECISELY BECAUSE she makes a show of supposedly deconstructing comedy itself,

  • as well as seemingly being transparent for deconstructing aspects of the televised phenomenon generally, referring to the off camera reality between scenes
  • …all with the obvious intention of lulling the soy to sleep with the latest tribal ‘improvement’ to the ‘Trojan horse’ as their merely Greek malicious appropriation of treachery for exclusionary gain at expense of ‘the others’,
  • so as, in the face of accumulated leaks leading to acquired ‘wisdom’ about their deceptive backstabbing tactics,
  • to still be able to bypass evolving soy defence filters anew,
  • thereby permitting her ‘comedy”s true purpose :


  • Taking a step back, it is truly shocking to realize that she and her (…) family & friends will have actually had to have gotten together with the express purpose of thinking that kind of psychological attack through (WTF?!)
  • perhaps getting together to ‘brainstorm’, like the self-chosen ‘geniuses’ and ‘light unto all nations’ (by any means necessary) that they are,
  • to find a way of undermining catholicism by psychologically harming the christian soys her product was developed to target.
  • Which is fucking scary!!
  • It’s almost too frightening to believe and yet it it is there for anyone awakened to see.

Following the camouflaged demonstrations of willful evil in SS’s new ‘comedy’ special, it has become obvious that nothing about her has ever been anything OTHER than vile psychological abuse intentionally effected by the tribe,

  • and further that its comedic value is probably not actually a product of her superior comedic abilities.
  • She is just another semi-talented member of the tribe who was carefully raised and groomed from day 1 to serve in the most ‘noble’ manner for the tribe
  • be it as satano-luciferian kabalistic witch in corporate/financial networks,
  • or in her case, as a weaponized ‘show-biz’ product
  • for the exclusionary collective’s benefit and its pathological inclinations for harming the world by exploiting the soyim’s affective vulnerabilities

Or to put it another way :

 Dominating us by insidiously destroying all potential for Good in the world. 

  • Additionally, it is now obvious that she is the public face of a final product that was collaboratively manifested by her tribespeople,
  • setting her up over the years as part of her preselected device for eventual utility and success even after she demonstrably offered nothing over the average comic.
  • In fact, for all we know she didn’t even write most or any of her jokes.

How many other ‘comedians’ are/were, to varying degrees, primarily fabricated with the goal of casting the same wicked premeditated, surreptitious harm upon the world by the self-chosen?

How many other ‘comedians’ just ‘lucked out’ by falling upon a closed circulation for ((members only)) of ‘precedents’/formulae/templates & case studies of how to succeed in ‘show biz’

  • that provide a guidebook for successful ‘show biz’ products that are internally celebrated for also serving the tribal cause…

of harming unwitting soys via calculated psychological manipulation going back to, and built up collaboratively now for, almost 2000 yrs?!

So upon further scrutiny, the newly awakened might discover that most of comedy, if not ‘show biz’ altogether, is almost as big and reprehensibly malicious a scam as so-called ‘psychotherapy‘…

  • which was also brought to the soys courtesy of the ‘friendly’ tribe
  • but was curiously proven decades later to be not only complete fucking bullshit but a calculated coordinated tribal campaign
  • *intending* to damage people in accordance with the predatory smiling backstabbers’ wider interests
  • by imposing projected perversions derived from the tribe’s own mental illnesses!

Well, that is, when said scam is not ripping off Greek mythology, French sociology, or the scientific findings and deliberations of european christians and other soys in general.

Thanks for “bringing morality to the world”…


Does This Jew Make My Ass Look Small?*

Like any healthy metrosexual male queen, I often struggle with body image and find myself spending hours in front of the mirror wondering if my ass looks big. Of course, we all know that’s a perfectly natural, undoubtably common habit so I want to reach out to all the other transhumans to put our hive mind at ease. It’s really not that big, honestly! In fact, when put into full context it might even look small. In the meantime, don’t fret! Luckily the leaders of compassionate (trans)human (centralized)biotechnological social evolution (oh and also of immigration bait & switch, predatory banking, pornography, and mental illness) who’ve suffered so much more than you (unless you too are a lampshade) can teach you a thing or two about your ass –  which as we know, is the most important part of the transhuman anatomy. I mean even if we evolve beyond the need for defecation as part of the digestive process there’s no way we’ll do so irresponsibly by compromising its important role as part of the recreational S&M sexual process, duh! We’ll obviously still hold onto it and our assholes as the best part of progress in transhuman existence because it’s one of the most pressing moral issue of all the ages!

Speaking of the ages, I remember a wonderful ‘professor’ (they deserve our deference!) implicitly letting us all know how important ‘his people’ are and making lectures out of so-called ‘salvage anthropology’. I’m so glad that professor (BA in barely a real subject from nowhere, MA in same from somewhere mediocre, ‘PhD’ in the non-legitimate ‘faculty/subject’ of ‘education’ [LOL] from harvard…a Catholic?…just kidding, yes : jewish) helped me understand how much more important his people are than other humans, albeit in a cagey manner (probably on rolling advice from his lawyers/relatives), and brought the evidently uber-sophisticated concept of salvage anthropology to my impressionable young mind. I want to honour him by contributing to human evolution in my own tiny goy way, by documenting the wonders of canardian tribal woes (of the past of course) in the spirit of ‘salvage anthropology’…Because I wouldn’t want some of the realities of canarda to be forgotten and never forgetting, as we all know, is the most important thing ever anywhere. Far be it from me to be antisocial and morally dubious by questioning that axiom born, no doubt, of universal love.

So for example, in a crazy time from the past that can’t possibly still exist, did you know that people could get behind supposed anti-racism and champion ‘diversity’ while being completely okay with having all of their organs of information and opinion-formation exclusively controlled by white goos? I’m so glad we evolved beyond that thanks to…why thanks to those very same white goos I guess, since when you’re being thankful its always important to be most thankful to the goos, haha! How ironic! Thanks egalitarians/non-egalitarian human rights equality advocates – greatest victims/perennial overlords – marxists/capitalists – international bankers/coal miners – peoples/race/religion/culture – not a jewish state/okay, you got me, IS a jewish state – socialist ‘friend’/exclusionary investor – helpless rulers who definitely DO NOT run hollywood/until it’s too hard to pretend so now you do! Thanks for helping us become a more inclusive rainbow society because that media thing was crazy right? I mean how could people who were supposedly concerned about a lack of  diversity in media have simultaneously been happy that it’s oppressive uniformity had been replaced with another ethno-religious tribal uniformity? I guess it was the most inclusive possible outcome because the perennially wealthy politicking bank running jews have suffered more than anyone else. In fact, as we’ve now come to understand from their non-control of the media, they’ve suffered more than anyone else ever will, so that’s pretty solid! That’s why the answer obviously cannot be that their claimed political and moral positions are nothing more than the products of accumulated pernicious tribal conditioning, even if some of it is sophisticated enough to work on say, lawyers and professors, which would be scary right?!

Well, okay…maybe there is something wrong. Yes, the fact that the organized jewish communities & their servile goy representatives have been caught lying so many times and still manage to herd most of the world’s population around is, ‘challenging’. It’s so difficult for a psychologically normal person to understand that it almost seems like it isn’t really true. Still, a lingering voice within keeps wondering if it might be true. I mean hey, asking questions isn’t a crime right?! Well, only if the answer is of course haha. And I’m definitely not a criminal…even if it’s all just so confusing to a poor little piece of migrant shit like me. Nevertheless, when I think about what they’ve had to admit to after being caught time and again, things get, thankfully, less confusing…but sadly, more concerning. Perhaps the only silver lining is that ultimately, the jews probably make you look good…or at least, being that they have a curiously telling vigilance about the size of their asses, they make your ass look good. Because no matter how big an ass you might feel you’ve made of yourself somewhere, you can be certain there’s a bigger jewish one out there.

So to start, lets go over some of what’s now public information. Jews run hollywood. Are you getting upset? Perhaps deeply afraid to the point that the only way you can manage the fear is by getting enraged at someone for saying jews run hollywood? Once upon a time when people failed to live up to what are fairly universal idealized aspirations, a priest would help them repent in private sincerity and then might tell them to remember what those ideals are and why they have them, by reciting ten ‘hail Mary’s. These days, thanks to our moral evolution as ‘progressives’, people are conditioned to publicly confess their deeply seated fears in frothing insincerity, about noticing something fundamentally important and more real than the rest of what streams though their captured mind. The moral stumble causing the fear can only be rectified by summoning all their energies to attack any dark magician who tricked them into seeing the unseeable. The sin of having come into contact with an evil ‘antisemitic’ spell that might contaminate them with the most serious and morally reprehensible of psychotic pathologies, potentially leading to a very particular kind of banned dissent, has to be expiated with all available resources by condemning the evil as publicly, as loudly, and as uncompromisingly as possible. Your soul and life projects generally, will then be evaluated for sufficiency by our jewish victim-overlord-‘friends’. So when you read that jews run hollywood I understand that you might get anxious or worked up, perhaps feeling the need to compose an aloof, well-written insult about the hateful and pathetic irrationality of those who utter that phrase, while stifling your inner turmoil so as to better enjoy your postures among the winning (and therefore right) crowd. But I say let it out, don’t be embarrassed if like the majority of the human population – especially those who went to university – you find that you need to shriek “ANTISEMITE!!! ANTISEMITE!!!” at full blast to calm yourself down. I’m here to tell you that you can not only forgive yourself but even celebrate the fact that you were never even a distant spectator of such a heinous thoughtcrime as you feared because as it turns out, jews run hollywood.

That’s right, jews run hollywood and you can rest assured that it’s true because they’ve helped us all, as they so often do, by telling us that they run hollywood. It’s more than a bit confusing so rest assured that you’re not alone if you don’t quite understand. The confusion results from preying on emotions more than on cognition so you can dare to let yourself see past the glass wall of conditioning without any fear of challenging the flattery the conditioning is in part based on : it’s got very little to do with intellect. Here’s how this strange dimensional shift took place (I believe some of the chosen ones running psyops on youtube would call it ‘the mandela effect’) : if you’re an adult you always knew that jews don’t ‘run’ anything because that’s crazy, stupid, and evil…up to until about ten years ago when they now do ran hollywood so it’s not crazy anymore. I say “they now do ran” because only now that we’ve slipped into a different dimension of sorts do they run hollywood and only in this new dimension do we now know that they always ran hollywood…just as the crazy pathetic retards had said, as a form of evil terrorism, in the other dimension you are no longer in (for now at any rate).

Obviously what happened was that the jews always ran hollywood – even if they initially shared it with the odd goy – but it wasn’t in their interest to have that acknowledged among the goyim, so it never was. It wasn’t in their interest because no one likes monopolies, especially if they aren’t publicly regulated and especially if they revolve around one exclusionary collective to the detriment of everybody else and even more especially if that exclusionary collective is based on race, ethnicity or religion AAANND even more especially if it’s based on all three AAAND even more more especially if the exclusionary collective relies on the pretension of being the biggest victims among us all as the cornerstone to their power. So they made sure it wasn’t acknowledged, something relatively easy for them to achieve because as it happens, in addition to running hollywood, they also run the rest of the mass media. Since most people rely on mass media to construct their vision of the world, most people never thought to examine the possibility that jews run hollywood, especially after watching hollywood productions that intentionally continue to embed incorrect beliefs about the old wasp networks supposedly running things. Now, it must just be a convenient coincidence but luckily for them, the jews were also strangely in on the ground floor of any trend, institution or club that might make the unforgivable mistake of noticing reality. They’ve been in on the ground floor of  ‘anti-establishment’ subcultures, universities across the board in all departments, think tanks/political organizations across the spectrum, ‘lodges’, and eventually even the hollywood-propagated racist white country clubs. All that luck and coincidence was going pretty well for the jews who we knew didn’t run hollywood because they told us so in their hollywood productions, until the convergence of the global internet with the September 11 twin tower attack. The timing wasn’t quite perfect but for freemasonic reasons that was how it had to happen, resulting in a tiny miscalculation despite their general hegemony. They came together to quietly relegate myspace to insignificance in favour of their facebook. Slowly but surely they took over wikipedo, gradually inserting themselves together in secrecy building up carefully populated networks of diseased autistic cyberbuzzards to ‘progressively’ make changes to the entries as though they were following rules. They even built up those networks to help each other become the so-called wikepedo administrators, handing each other all sorts of ridiculous powers not only to the wikipedo ‘rules’ (if they even qualify as rules) but eventually to actually comprise those making them (badly) and ‘resolving’ disputes (again, badly). But they had to give a little freedom in order to eventually take in back and more. Some of that initial internet freedom coincided with the newer, bigger pearl harbor, the Sept. 11 event that shocked many wasp insiders. Some of it also coincided with presumably less cohesion among their global chess pieces than they expected, due to their greed and the small cracks of wasp disillusionment with the ‘friendly’ jews. This meant that during the past 15 years large groups powerful wasps, perhaps for the first time in decades, had the opportunity to interactively exchange information and ideas on a global scale without it being exclusively policed by jews. This opportunity all took place within a historically unique window of rapid change in which jews were doubted by some of the most brainwashed of insiders and in which Putin’s Russia had an interest in helping perpetuate that opportunity.

Eventually some people (who qualify as ‘real’ people in this goodeo-assonic world, not just ethiopians and other sub-goys demonstrably viewed as animals by israelis and their relatives across the globe), some people started sharing dangerous but strangely compelling thoughts among themselves. Again, among themselves, that is to say, among the only people in the developed world who have any power that might possibly challenge the amazingly lucky coincidence-rich jews. I’m talking primarily of the wasp networks including, hopefully, some elements of the US ‘deep state’ who were taken by surprise when their ‘closest ally’ and dearest ‘friends’ with whom they have a unique ‘special’ relationship actually betrayed them in what was an unimaginable way, rendering the most cynically imperialist war-weary of wasp minds naive in the face of ghoulish ‘coincidence’. While the majority of the ‘dimensional shifts’ were a result of anglos finally permitting themselves to look under certain forbidden rocks, other smaller but no less significant contingencies were also hastening dangerously toward confrontation with truth. Perhaps the most notable of these came out of France about a decade ago and has since resulted in what can even be understood as a spiritual phenomenon of historic proportions.

In 2007 a popular televised program recording live in a Paris studio was graced with a catalyzing occurrence that would prove to be more consequential than anyone might have guessed. A sketch by one of France’s most successful and beloved comedic actors had entered a mysterious realm of openness and honesty that the French public had initially enjoyed.  A fun-loving guy, his clowning and ability to play a crowd found him a valued place in the French psyche at a time when the country’s social fabric was straining badly under jewish proscribed policies of porous borders and rainbow ‘inclusion’. The unassuming comic was a progressive mainstream citizen of the republic, a patriot who loved his country and his people as much as they loved him. The real ‘republican’ power in France, and therefore the French media, had keenly supported him as a tool with which to selfishly further their shamelessly hypocritical and uniquely harmful agenda. Thus, the Frenchman’s career had extended with great fanfare, even branching out into successful comedy films. His embodiment of the ‘genie Francais’ brought the French people, his family, together while reconstituting popular France to her full glory after ongoing attempts to destroy her. But unfortunately for France, her court jester had made a blunder that displeased a certain segment of France’s self-proclaimed aristocracy. To call the series of events then set in motion a cultural revolution would be an understatement.

The fool in question, who’d failed to appreciate the more ‘nuanced’ corners of his universalist republic’s chinese boxes and darkened keyholes, was in full artistic bloom and blissfully unaware. In retrospect, the comic’s naive assumptions about republican universalism seem almost anachronistic, harkening another age where Orwell’s dystopian visions were still in the realm of fiction. Up until the fated evening, the renown popular jester was innocently celebrated in a dangerously blind vacuum of raucous, muffled silence. His yet completed destiny, that would prove as peculiarly providential as France’s position in world history, was still shielded from all awareness and foreseeability including his own. An accident was about to happen…a happy accident but a high velocity crash no less. The violent crash would be of such impact that the purveyors of abusive narcissistic lies would be suddenly derailed from the chaotic roads they’d led France into, whereupon, as surprised as the French people, they would take serious, even ungraceful, ultimately impotent measures. The fool’s naivety had turned out to be his greatest strength, enabling him to provide the world with a much needed gift. And so it was that one fated evening, mysteriously guarded from himself, the long flourishing icon of the ‘Chance Pour La France’ within the establishment auspices of leftist ‘antiracism’, opened up the books without his white jewish masters’ permission. And the world knew DIEU DON NEZ.

Born to a black Cameroonian father and a white French mother, Dieudognion M’bala M’bala had found a comfortable place for himself as the half black comic who the French just couldn’t get enough of. He quickly rose to fame and prominence with his jewish comic partner, who would later turn against him. Yet even his former partner would not have predicted the extent of primal rage the tribe would eventually levy against Dieudo for the infamous skit and, perhaps more importantly, his almost naive insistence on actual republican universality. The celebrated skit that provoked a boiling rancour only possible in a very sick assemblage of antisocial dementia, involved parodies of people and politics, as a good little negroid slave might have been taught to do by the curiously well organized so-called ‘antiracism’ crowd. Since he’d been well handled by the liars for their agenda, the poor unsuspecting negro actually believed it was all real, so this skit happened to include parodies of jews and ended, as he’d been taught by the ‘non-racists’, with agitated social commentary in which genius Dieudo parodied illegal jewish settlers in what isn’t lawfully theirs. Drawing attention to the irony that they bear striking similarity to nazis, the French genius punctuated his masterful performance with a nazi salute and a “hiel israel!”.

Some maintain to this day that they felt the earth tremble and that France stood stunned in silence for at least a whole minute. Then, very slowly, the people of true France, the real French people, started to regain their normal senses. They felt the dislocated pieces of their habitual state of mind in time and space reassuringly gravitate back towards one another, whereupon they very heard faint laughter in the distance. Like a hypnotizing drone gradually subsiding to ease the return of their conscious minds into this dimension, they slowly felt themselves back inside their heads and bodies, spotty blurred vision rapidly crystallizing to a crisply familiar image. As the laughter suddenly grew louder they saw the others in the audience of the tv program clapping and laughing at Dieudo’s performance as they always had. The familiar bonhomie grew louder and louder when suddenly, fully revived from their mystic stupor, the people of France realized that the laughter they were hearing…was their own. Unsure of whether to attribute their disconcerting, fleeting memory of the mystical experience to indigestion or alcohol, they preferred to try to forget about it and hoped that the lingering discomfort, almost alienation, that was always out of conscious grasp but never completely absent, would eventually subside. Soon enough, as they had hoped, their world had been put back together like a swiss clock with all the parts and processes in order. Everything had been clarified for them as the French media announced that the all important victim-overlords were now insisting on a formal apology from Dieudonne whereupon they might help him atone for his sins. It had been funny – in a different dimension – but as some wondered, it had then, in this dimension, been not funny at all and in fact constituted one of the gravest, most disgusting violations in human history. Most were relieved that any suspicions of controversy had been clarified for them by those who know best. Those. They know best. Yet for all their certainty, the real people of France, those whose physical and psychic energies actually constitute a part of their occupied country, were unable to evade the joyous doubt they feared. Eventually they had to admit to it to themselves. They knew. Even if only as a fearful passing thought while cringing in the dark in bed, they knew that somehow somewhere…the clock was broken. Not only was it broken but as France quietly bellowed her primeval winds of change throughout the lands, her people sensed a greater power at work, some even sensing it within themselves, a power they knew they had to embrace… A power that refused to let the recalcitrant slavecomic die.

Indeed, Dieudonne’s performance troop continued touring across France, drawing larger and larger crowds, louder and louder laughter. Even in the face of outrageous persecution, subversion and outright perversion of France’s legal and political system, it seemed nothing would ultimately put the laughing jack back in the box. Dieudo’s anti-establishment gesture, The Quenelle, took on a force of its own…was this the prescient inspiration outside of time and space for David Lynch’s recurring obsession with ‘the arm’ in Twin Peaks?! People across the globe felt as though La Quenelle had taken on a mysterious power, tearing a hole through the fabric of reality, leaving the universe forever changed. It’s no wonder then, that the planet’s established powers – who apparently are indeed jewish as the Dieudo Affaire helped confirm for everyone who still wasn’t sure – consolidated their response in a state of barely contained hysteria that demonstrated an unusual degree of coordinated uniformity for people who “are all so different” and “aren’t a conspiratorial international organization”. Yet the frighteningly revealing mobilization served only to further embarrass them, drawing international ridicule when they tried to brand the French mulato’s gesture, born of one of his pre-existing comedy skits, as an ‘inverted nazi salute’. The goos across the planet however, stood together in pathetic ignominy, ordering their army of increasingly unhinged collaborators to agitate against the mulato monster’s impudence. Betraying their arrogant supremacism they snapped their fingers and swung the soyim across the world to attention. Equally revealing is that they did so with surprising ‘cohesion’, in direct contradiction to the bullshit “we’re not cohesive” mantra they’ve been spreading. All their boot-licking kapo vermin recited it with the misplaced confidence that only the most ‘authoritarian personalities’ would lap up obsequiously, unencumbered by any doubts, let alone conscience…and yet we know, at least in another dimension, that they’re shilling bullshit for their victim overlords. The victim overlords, with cohesion never before seen, hastily reminded every pretend soy government and judicial system that they – no one else – are the international ruling power.

With unabashed shamelessness, the paradoxically all powerful greatest victims proceeded to weave together the most brazenly extreme totalitarian police-state measures imposed upon a hapless French population since the apparently unconditionally absolute evil of ‘Vichy’. In seamless tandem with a barely noticeable cast of shady characters evidently more accustomed to getting their way by acting ‘in the shadows’ (and no doubt with the bestial violence they’re known for), a more familiar crew of ardent moralists cropped up. A ridiculous opera of neurotically insincere self-effacing narcissists struggling to maintain an overdone and obviously inaccurate demeanour of modestly concerned ease. What then followed gradually took form as a faint, implacable din of busy hidden cogitations and unusual secret machinations, eventually hardening over the course of a few days as a collectively reverberating imprint in the psychic body of the people of France. It seemed obvious that wheels were turning that pertained to powerful but strangely imbalanced professional agitators but the thought-form underway remained obscure, defying attempts to capture any ideation of the mental aggressions being conjured mundanely and otherwise by a dangerously sick cabal. Minutely perceptible movements in and out of buildings and institutions conveyed a sinister, well-oiled mission worthy of a black and white film clip. A mission of the utmost importance from the Furher himself involving the most bureaucratically constipated of hitlerarian directives by a few eccentrically  taciturn villains. Villains who can only be described as resembling the darkest of gestapo-styled caricatures otherwise existing only in the most odious of jewish-produced ww2 propaganda movies. And then, finally, a thought-being of mentally-ill self-interest was swept into the French governing apparatus with a chilling efficiency that would make a nazi jealous.

All but criminalizing the people’s negroid after he refused to submit to reeducation for a thought crime he committed due to the unhappy shortcoming of not quite having a vision of the world quite crass enough, it seemed nothing was too abusive in the opinion of the jews when a negroid went off their reservation. (And uncontested by 99% of jews.) They openly and forever in the public domain interfered in France’s political system, having the now most pathetic gov’t of the planet get up in front of cameras broadcasting to the world, to tell us that Dieudonne was a vile ‘racist’ (LOL) and more importantly of course, an ‘antisemitic’ monster feeding a growing dangerous new world of internet ‘hate’. They had the now most humiliated gov’t of the planet interrupt our evening viewing for the unprecedentedly important message that Dieudonne’s unstoppably contagious Quenelle, that had liberated untold numbers of terrifyingly damaged minds from uniquely harmful oppression, was actually an insidious antisemitic plot. That’s right, they had it on good authority, they assured us, that the perniciously affable comic’s unsavoury magical powers had unleashed a new weapon of mass destruction. It turned out that The Quenelle was a plot so evil that all this time it had been masquerading as a hilarious theatrical improvisation when it was actually an inverted nazi salute! Now we know, thankfully! The insidious wand of hate had fooled the world but was actually a resurrected evil, nay ‘antisemitic’ evil, thus posing grave danger to us all in a manner that needed no evidence or elaboration. They had the now most painfully ridiculous gov’t on the planet send out shocking high threat level national security related press releases, not once but several times featuring confusing and uncomfortably Hitleresque video clips of a visibly unstable French Interior Minister informing us all maniacally and at times with enraged nervous desperation, that the perniciously affable onetime people’s negro, “who goes by the name” of Dieudonne M’bala M’bala -as they now insisted he be referred to because we are after all, racist, just like them – was in fact a nazi of the worst order. They had the now most detestable gov’t on the planet repeatedly provide legitimacy and support to the host of journalists, talk show hosts, actors, pop stars, and other used up establishment druggies of sufficiently whorish nature that they’d all understood without being told twice to publicly condemn the once celebrated people’s negro who goes by an evidently dodgy and therefore revealing name of a certain ‘Dieudonne M’bala M’bala’ (pff, ’nuff said right?). Yes, all the most vacuous socialites of France even more lacking in moral integrity than the rest and in reality unable to garner any genuine respect from the jews they serve, quickly understood that they had the insurmountably highest of moral obligations to stir themselves from their quiet lives of comfort and do their ethical duty for the world by…CRUCIFYING DIEUDONNE.

Indeed, calling for a Crucifixion was hardly an exaggeration, as the ‘diversely controlled’ media proudly ran clips of ‘French’ (not really) ‘celebrities’ of apparently so little integrity that they could easily be excited into calling for the French mulato comic to have his face broken, to have the shit kicked out of him, and even to be assassinated. You read correctly. But that shouldn’t be too surprising given that the mulato Frenchman had already been defamed, had lies about him intentionally propagated throughout the no doubt very ‘diverse’ media and, in all celebration of ‘diversity’, was called a ‘negre’ as an explanation for his supposed ‘hate’ by a white jew on Swiss television. Not only was all this tacitly (if not overtly) supported by the occupied French government but it would appear that the goos would not be satisfied before having completely annexed it in total disregard for the French people it supposedly represented. France’s government and national administration, intended to uniquely represent the people of France as an elaborate system of checks and balances whose  identification with The French People it embodies is particularly inseparable, had also become the most egregiously disrespected government on planet. The Conseil National had as its head an israeli who, along with others at various levels of France’s bureaucracy and legal system, had tweaked the rules and regs here and there and had placed the right collaborators there and here as to render France utterly useless to anyone except the paradoxically powerful ubervictim goos. Following terror attack after terror attack – all extremely suspect and involving suppression by the ‘diverse’ media of connections to israel, complaints from victims’ family members, and a ‘suicided’ chief of police – the world lit candles and chanted appalling insults to France and all her victims including the real French people such as “je suis charlie” in zombified, mentally ill, aggressive and occasionally hostile ‘moral’ indignation. The all powerful noble victims even had the now most publicly disrespected gov’t on the planet organize questionable mass agitations in France that served as little more than a public relations stunt for the prime minister. The prime minister….OF ISRAEL. The prime minister of israel, that’s who was the actually beneficiary of the PR stunt, not even the head of the French state, no, it was a mass agitation of the French people and the French politicians, not to mention on the French dime, for A FOREIGN STATE, a state known as israel. Which obviously means that it’s not only fine but awesome and beyond criticism this time when a foreign state uses and abused France and her people since it’s the all important sacred state of the noble ubervictims, who are also curiously the ones who set your country’s fiscal monetary policy in the torment of their suffering, which is obviously so indescribably above that of other humans that they need us to repeat a new word for it every couple of decades. Did I mention that it’s ok for France to be used and abused by a foreign state if it’s the foreign state that goes by the name of JEW? That’s right, France and her ‘goyim’ are used and abused by the state of JEW, something that can no longer be denied (in yet another new dimension) since some years ago nutt’nyahoo calculatedly addressed the growing ‘goyim’ awareness of this previously violently denied fact by officially declaring it JEWISH STATE so now we all know that yes, it is JEW (all with little if any real JEW condemnation about a clarification that previously got people defamed by JEW for saying the JEW state is JEW which it now officially is, JEW so get used to it JEW ’cause it’s not antisemitic anymore JEW). Perhaps the cherry on the cake gifted to the world by the ‘soyim”s best ‘friends’ was having France’s counter-terrorism unit break down Dieudonne’s door to subdue and arrest him in front of his kids.

Yes, Dieudo was arrested in his home in the middle of the night for his now famously historic tweet in which he told the world that he, the French mulato comic who’d been:

  • intentionally misquoted, including that he said “jews should be sent to the gas chambers” when he actually made a joke about it being a shame about the gas chambers in relation to a member of the ‘diverse’ media who’d announced a ‘blacklist’ of “sick minds” in which Dieudonne was prominently displayed
  • defamed,
  • publicly threatened,
  • privately threatened, harassed and terrorized by jews
    • who even made threatening phone calls to family members
  • attacked with his family by jewish terror networks who were supported by the occupied French gov’t,
  • called a ‘negre’,
  • referred to as a gorilla by rabbis,
  • had his black intellect denigrated as that of a gorilla controlled by white French dissident Alain Soral,
  • been publicly labelled as mentally ill
  • been threatened by a  ‘French’ (((lawyer))) on a tv panel that “first come the complaints, then comes the law, then come the punches”
  • been disinvested of his veritable rights as a successful French artist to make a French film about the slavery of his ancestors
    • including the documented fact that his very aggressors’ communal history includes domination of the transatlantic slave trade, information the ‘very diverse’ media routinely suppresses and even inverts by producing propaganda in which white jews, who were in reality slave traders, are portrayed as noble champions of black emancipation
  • had his livelihood intentionally and incontrovertibly interfered with by jews and the ((( occupying ))) forces of the French government,
    • forcing him at one point to do a now famous historic show for his fans in a bus a la Rosa Parks after several stadiums he had easily filled at the ticket booths in advance were ((( pressured ))) to shut them down in contradiction of French law
    • having his show in ((( canada ))) summarily cancelled and having the humiliated cantard authorities deny him entry at the border for supposed hate crimes and terrorism
  • harassed on ((( orders ))) by the French police
  • dragged through a variety of French courts,
    • courts that are roundly infiltrated and corrupted to the point of embarrassing and delegitimizing France’s judiciary and legal system
    • had the hearings interfered with and manhandled by jews including FBI-listed terrorist organization ‘jewish defence league’
      • who are even caught on camera interfering with and threatening people & journalists who tried to exercise their legal right to attend the hearing in support of the Frenchman, in full impunity
  • subjected to public, well mediatized calls for his violent assault
  • subjected to public well mediatized calls for his assassination
  • (and all this after having been the phoney ‘new left’ instrument of the fake destructive jewish controlled ‘antiracism’ agitations)

…, that after all that, after the Bataclan attack he felt

like someone used by a lying government and media only to be betrayed and intentionally misled toward the choice of obscene racist servility or abusive falsely imputed ‘hatred’,

subjected to subversion of his country’s legal system

and declared a national security threat,

which he poeticized as feeling as though he is Charlie Coulibaly in the now historic human rights resistance fighter’s landmark tweet :


It was grotesque. It was obscene. It was depressingly revelatory. It was offensive to all non-whites. It was offensive to all the real people of France. It was supremacist. It was corrupt and dishonest. It was…ghoulish. Yet our fun-loving friend Dieudo, now an international hero symbolizing Love against Hatred and Oppression in the tradition of The French Resistance, endured through it all to earn incalculable respect and admiration, not to mention gratitude, from the entire ‘goy’ world as a result.

Dieudonne’s historic stand against what was increasingly laid bare to the world as a force of utter dishonesty, treachery, abuse, and tribal supremacism had palliated an oppressed ‘soy’ world in the throes of uniquely damaging trickery and malice. Dieudo’s famous Quenelle was the anti-establishment gesture of an enslaved black suddenly awakening to the trickery to offer us all Black Emancipation, at a juncture in world history when a growing majority of the world ‘soy’ population felt like palestinians in gaza, like black slaves in an invisible tyrannical plantation. Despite the ill-gotten power mobilized against it, The Quenelle, like the reluctant hero of the modern day Resistance who was graced with the unexpected honour to act as its vessel, remained mysteriously undamaged as though protected by a force beyond this world, a force of divinity. If anything, La Quenelle has materialized her power and symbolism in the collective unconscious forever, growing in popularity daily and saving people by the millions. Each new day that comes has La Quenelle inexplicably incarnating herself in the arms of every new goy awakened, through an ineffable and previously inconceivable process of salvation, known only to God. Dormant France’s message to the world from La Resistance is now a household name, filling humanity with a familiar unforgettable future memory forever as we feel her energies manifesting all around and within us. Now embedded in certitude within the growing number of the saved, La Quenelle is spreading a new joyous warmth of hope and universal love, a Holy Spirit reinvigorating the best qualities among us in the struggle for Liberation.

The human family has been called in grace to Love. Called to the good news and fraternal bonhomie now vibrating in the energies of the transcendental Quenelle and the story of its vessel, a black man who refused to yield to the worldly powers of his white jewish slavemasters. Slavemasters who very likely have relations to their power-victim community’s slave traders of yesteryear, who captured and sold the black Frenchman’s ancestors as animals...just as they dominate the most abominable forms of human trafficking today.

This story and it’s secret purpose brings succour to our souls and salvo to our struggle as  humanity comes together in the luminous beauty of La Quenelle and Her Mystery, to stand for all that is good and right no matter what the ruling Liars try to do to us. La Resistance is not dead but dormant and through her secret benevolence La Quenelle now rests in perpetual Glory along with other symbols of self-sacrifice in the face of evil like the Holy Cross upon which Christ, like Dieundonne, met with destiny in a state of Grace, forever altering the universe in Love against the Liar. Indeed, he endured for us all, offering us his gift of Liberation from shackles spiritual and worldly, so it is correct and it is perfect, that Dieudo’s mysterious symbol, The Holy Benevolent Quenelle, has turned out to be the instrument of universal Love. For La Sainte Quenelle has imprinted herself into the human psyche forever, as only the language of symbols – in particular the otherworldly symbols imbued with The Holy Spirit – is able. The impermeable transcendence and unfathomable force of benevolence that calls the best among us to stand resolute in the face of the most abominable of evils has come down to the Earth and is now with us at all times. Our societies now baptized with Righteousness in Quenelle, the Liberated shall persevere, never yielding to the unimaginably shameless pharisaic deceit by which the most abusive persuasion has always traveled, leading to oppression by The Most Hateful in the most horrific ways. The Black Man has Liberated the World by the Inconceivably Unanticipated Secret as only a Frenchman could have : as a mulato French comic on stage. No longer in the presence of La Sainte Quenelle shall the abomination persist to isolate the human spirit, in vile attempt to cut it off from universal friendship and then preserve it for derangement, like a demonic serial killer, seeking new opportunities to assert itself above the human spirit as the worshipped self-chosen, commanding submission and control for the sake of malevolent narcissism.

Perhaps no one since the Christ himself has found this secret destiny in another realm of being, rising to the challenge and refusing to let himself be bullied, even by the most criminally powerful quasi-religious international mafia cult of racist megalomaniacal tribal supremacist pathologically treacherous hate on the planet. It’s almost as though Dieudo, the unsuspecting hero in this satanically inverted world, was a sacrificial figure whose floggings Justified so many of us who, falling prey to the forces of this upside down collective mental illness we’ve been harvested to suffer in by the Liars, succumbed to the urge to satisfy a selfish whispering inclination by lending support to the empire’s oft proposed mantra that they ‘don’t negotiate with terrorists’. Just as they say they don’t negotiate with terrorists when managing the overwhelming ‘blowback’ to their avarice, delusions of grandeur, megalomania, non-consensual human experimentation and violently self-chosen exclusionary racist hatred, Real France who was never dead, the Real French People and in fact, the peoples of the world, knew beauty. For the first time in their miserably deceived captured lives of pharisaic enslavement, humanity experienced a pure, genuine form of hitherto absent energy once upon a time known as GOOD FAITH, thus finding themselves confusedly uplifted and suddenly joyous when Dieudo first uttered what had been the inconceivable.

Unaware that, as an instrument of goodness, he was about to forever change how it feels for a human to be alive, Dieudonne, a negro in the face of  slavemasters whose entire religion, culture and history is summed up by the words ‘BAD FAITH’, miraculously evaded corruption and,

…filled with the Holy Spirit, cogitating, he paused…

almost outside of himself…

…and then as though it were nothing, Dieudonne saved the world and breathed  :


No, the French comic said. No, he would not acquiesce to their cruel mental illness of  narcissistic hostility that smuggles in a new dimensional shift of existence whereby apparently offended zionist jews, in mysterious public secrecy never completely accessible to the goyim, are to matter more than other human beings.

And as his fans looked in the mirror that night, with the alarmingly transmoral story of the French comic’s persecution by the all-powerful Cameroonian Lobby unfolding from their televisions in the background, they found for the first time in years

…that their ass looked small.


*this blog entry is a fictional draft of an imaginary comedy enthusiast in an imaginary world trying to parody a fictional story from his imaginary world about a lobby that does not exist, it is in no way making any representations about any living people or places or things and is not intended to promote any unlawful discriminatory or otherwise illegal behaviours.


Flat Worm’s Bible, Part I (The Failure Diaries) : New Age Niggers

Patiently Awaiting the Long List of Experiments Just Like Me That So Many People Keep Telling Me They Know :

As already expanded upon elsewhere, there are no known humans sharing the same constellation of demographic factors with me and my sister. No one has yet to ever be capable of presenting me with even just one person who is composed of the same obviously catastrophic yet offensively championed specificities. More curious is that every single time I’ve pressed one of the many pieces of shit who claims they know someone just like me, their inability to prove it or continue with the conversation after I remind them of the particular features their ‘just like me’ friend is missing, has never resulted in any change of opinion on their part regarding my plight. No, they cannot or rather will not process and acknowledge the information they are faced with if it does not correspond to a reality they have all chosen to invoke, with no evidence, to satisfy a malign urge to do me harm in a subtle manner. Not one of the passively belligerent canadian turds insistently seeking to impose their ‘denial’ of my suffering is ever willing to admit the implications of their simple fact-based defeat (an urge to ‘deny’ that the turds in question would never dare flirt with in another well-known context, out of fear or if descendants of lampshades, self-worship).

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the generalized primal urge I’m referring to because it’s one of the more influential features of human ‘progress’. It is a fundamental source of most of the world’s wrongs and the victimhood of victims of all stripes (whether approved as victims by the liars who police modern day thoughts or not). It’s one that takes many harmful forms and additionally thrives on going unacknowledged,  thereby making it a perfect mind virus for the canadian since ‘canada”s only world class achievement is branding itself as everything it’s not. This basic problem of human nature finds it’s perfect manifestation as ‘canada’ (toronto in particular) and the canadians’ embodiment of its well-protected camouflaged hatred is a complex system of energy redistribution that runs the entire ‘canada’ operation. So, much as its obscenity never fully loses the odours by which it is recognized, I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that one by one, the cantards I’ve known exposed their true nature with their numerous claims that there are many others out there just like me, even in the face of evidence to the contrary.

People (cantards especially) are unable tolerate the fact that I, a victim who the media has no interest in supporting, would dare speak out of turn as though I had been ennobled like other victim classes (((one in particular that owns and operates toronto))). It seems that if a socially vulnerable person hasn’t been selected for disingenuous, and therefore all the more necessarily hysterically imposed, public veneration, then that person must be viciously hated and even attacked. This remarkably abusive  phenomenon is in fact a perfect encapsulation of everything I’ve been forced, as an involuntary pioneer and non-consensual experiment, to experience throughout my life…but the fact that the worst of it happened in ‘canada’ is particularly noteworthy.

As Bono likes reminding everyone, ‘canada’ is apparently understood as a model nation whose success as a fountain of youthful progress and new(ish) leftism should be aspired to by the rest of the world. Much as I was never that impressed by his performance in U2, it’s his pathetic eagerness to be used as a spokesperson for the most obscene of the many lies peddled by the ‘international community’ that reduces him, in my mind, to a zoolander-esque clown. I’m guessing this is an unwelcome reaction for many people but I just can’t seem to prevent myself anymore from containing my hatred for the douchebags who are wedded to the big lie. The big lie, the one about ‘progress’ not only being a natural societal evolution toward increasingly better futures through ‘democracy’ but also something purveyed in good faith from a mysterious well-meaning source legitimized by the ‘right experts’, just won’t go down anymore no matter how hard I try to swallow. It’s also no coincidence that someone in canada would be the one to turn bad about this whole project known as ‘progress’ because canada is part of an ‘elite’ club of a few places on the globe housing the most status-obsessed, racist, brainwashed populations of modern history. I know most people who might happen to read this won’t believe it but that is the unavoidable reality and it’s one that will be imposed by the vast majority of ‘canadians’ on anyone else who lives there or interacts with them. Moreover, though it might seem counterintuitive, that’s also part of what makes them so ‘awesomely progressive’ and apparently chic (when they’re not working as lumberjacks). Additionally, for those who aren’t aware of this, ‘canada’ commonly serves as a laboratory for the most cutting edge developments in the brave new world of ‘progress’. Its official ‘government’ (who acts on behalf of the british queenie’s acquiescence) even had to publicly admit to canada’s ‘awesome progressiveness’ by paying out an odd pittance to some of the winners living there. I’m referring to the canardian winners who’d been selected by the leaders of progress to be forward thinking pioneering ‘citizens’ in one of their awesome progress lotteries, now known by the less flattering label ‘mk-ultra’ (and the details of which turn out to be a whole lot less flattering than anyone including Bono could ever sing back to acceptability). This is also the same country historically praised by South African apartheid, who did in fact use it as a model for their country before Bono even told them to. Wow, talk about forward thinking. Those South Africans were really ahead of their time. Who’d have guessed that a large mass of crappy, mostly un-livable land on the northern top of the americas used as an unimportant outpost for the british empire (after being abandoned by americans in favour of the much better part of the land) would end up having so much going for itself?

Seriously, it seems like good ol’ canada is always rising to the challenges of the times. When the empire needed it to be a racist genocidal model of anglo brilliance, canada was right up there with the best of them, even studied as a model by the empire’s best in africa. Then, when the empire needed everyone to ‘progress’ with the ‘new left’ awesomeness, canada was also right up there. Right up there with the very best of them in the now world famous non-consenusal human experimentation on psychologically vulnerable medical patients and children no less, wow! Canarda’s always riding the vanguard of the socially progressive wave, leading the way for the rest of the world with Bono singing us all to ‘sunny times’. This “post-nationalist nation”, or whatever the ridiculous moniker was that junior trudeau used, was also among the first to rewrite its constitution all in big big favour of awesome human rights, brought to them by the awesome ‘new left’ (who are not canadians…but then again, who is right?!). Hey, not to rain on junior’s brilliance with that ‘post-nationalist nation’ thing but I don’t think even that pearl of magnificent progress can really top his father’s servility in bringing in the new left, even having them rewrite the country’s, sorry…post-nation something or other’s, constitution. Oh, perhaps you didn’t know trudeau was only selected because of his dad’s name? I understand your confusion since that’s not what Bono usually mentions. So you might be surprised to discover that the same place that rewrote its constitution at the behest of the international tribe, might have played a bit, just a little, with nepotism. It’s just pragmatism really though isn’t it? That’s actually also what makes ‘canada’ so awesome. It’s all things to all people : a bunch of lies told by the global ruling tribe to the clowns who think being ‘canadian’ means something, and a reality that turns out to be the exact opposite beneath the surface for…well, everyone else I guess. What a great national…post..something or other!

That also means that such a fucking piece of shit as myself should never be permitted the audacity to publicly declare themselves hard done by in any way since that would not only force ‘good society’ to have to calculate what is owed but further — and this is much worse — would imply that such contemplation could ostensibly be possible outside of the carefully policed quasi religious parameters of victimhood decreed by the tribe. I mean, my god, can you imagine? The antisemitism is making me sick just thinking about it! I am overwhelmed with compassion for those poor suffering jews who paradoxically comprise a large majority of the ruling class everywhere on the planet. Luckily they don’t mind taking on the white jew’s burden of assiduously identifying that kind of denial-based atrocity and checking its influence by implicit threat, so that no one falls into moral perdition by offending them. That’s super nice of them to do that for us because the notion that any ‘offences’ to human dignity could be conceived of outside of their priestly caste’s paradoxically long suffering and royally privileged prerogative is obviously dangerous. That’s no exaggeration because their self-appointed role for the planet is in fact akin to that of a godly caste, setting themselves apart from even the most self-indulgent of orthodox hindu brahmins, thankfully. Even the most extreme and casteist of orthodox hindu brahmins don’t consider themselves to be god, they’d only go as far as claiming their religious insight and rituals are necessary for good governance of the universe. That might include believing themselves to be closer to gods or god but not, as the revered jewish rabbis reveal about themselves in their ‘talmud’, god itself. Luckily the rabbis’ system works really well or our suppressed hatred of their moral superiority resulting from our indebtedness to them in a cycle of never-ending ‘antisemitic hatred’ wouldn’t get to be unleashed against one another when they order us to get upset. And being that they are god, they always think ahead for us and make sure to prep us first through the media they also control…gosh, those jews are just so thoughtful aren’t they?

Yeah, they’ve thought of everything because they are so considerate. I guess that’s why when a piece of shit like myself forget’s the rules and think’s he can go victim without the kosher nostra’s permission he needs to be brutally punished. For starters, he needs to get it clear in his piece of shit impudent little mind that everyone knows several other science experiments just like him who are just fine. Thank’s for putting a piece of shit like me straight…but where’s that list of the other experiments just like me? You’ll all no doubt be gleeful in compiling it and making it public right? I’ll be waiting. Of course, you might need to make up some fake people because you all know full well, when pressed, that you’re lying. Not one single person who ever took that angle in punishing my unapproved ‘impudence’ has EVER been able to present me with EVEN ONE such person.

Like I said, there is the occasionally over-confident turd (always from toronfaux) who actually goes to the trouble of furnishing me a name. And like I also said, the few examples of that ever happening are not only obviously brazen cherry picking but aren’t even legitimate cherries. They are always very quickly demonstrated to be different from my sister and me in significant ways. Usually it’s that one of the halves  (the white one) is a goo and guess what? in every single one of those cases the experiment was raised as goo. They were also all used as a public display of the supposedly inclusive tribal community. As props in their own way, they differ indescribably from the kind of prop my sister and I were used as. They had pointedly good lives and were cultivated for public success from before conception with enormous tribal favours going toward their ultimate success and well-being. The cultivation was taken up by successful stable people around the tribal parent, who was also a successful stable person. The tribal parent bred with a non white soy who was, by non white soy standards, very advanced and a successful stable person like them. Note that I just listed several other factors, beyond just belonging to the tribe, that immediately and very significantly distinguish these examples from my sister and me, let alone the fact that being goo is itself a privileged position in life. It’s a genetically inherited social advantage enforced by the tribe which, as the most powerful organized social network on the planet, is easily able to ensure that both their and their prop’s interests are fully met. Once the examples provided do not include having a parent in the tribe (which already disqualifies it as an example), they suddenly become much much less common and much much less successful and to this date, are never actually the same as me and my sister. That where the cantards start dropping away from the discussion since it’s one they realize they’ve lost. But since they lost to a lone deviant, a single disenfranchised subject who is breaking the tribe’s rules  in the ‘inclusive’ totalitarianism they profit from at other people’s expense, they know they never have to admit it. So they don’t. Classy.

Additional differences identified in the few disingenuous examples, tribal or not, provided to me by the turds are as follows:

  • failing to notice how significant the specificity of a non white ‘background’ in said scenario is or bringing up examples which have nothing to do with my ‘races’
  • pretending that people who look entirely caucasian are the same because they claim one of their parents isn’t (meaning that parent is classified as originating in a non white race but is so light skinned and caucasoid in features that they actually aren’t like 99% of others in the non white category they like to pretend applies to them)
  • pretending that people who live in or were raised in one of the same environments as one of their parents don’t have an advantage
    • further pretending that being raised in an environment that uses the original language of one of the parents isn’t a significant advantage
  • pretending that it is irrelevant that someone put forth as an example is bred from two pointedly advantaged pointedly tall parents, rather than two socially and emotionally retarded pointedly short parents
  • denying or deflating the significance of examples’ similarly capitalistic western-friendly parents in the face of mine who espouse the exact opposite ideological framework
    • and denying the relevance that I am further derived from two parents with views not only dissimilar and actually opposed to the environment the experiments were parachuted into but also dissimilar and in fact opposed ideological views toward one another
  • pretending that people produced from the long standing admittedly racist chinadoll phenomenon can be compared to that of my sister and me
    • which is especially dishonest when referring to a female ‘example’ since those females are actually socially favoured in most contexts
  • pretending that people born 10, 20 or 30 years after my sister and me can even begin to constitute legitimate examples
  • pretending that even one example, were it legitimate (which has yet to be presented!), would alone provide sufficient evidence to contradict me in the first place
  • selectively being unaware of a few examples no less similar from me and my sister as the others put forward in bad faith because they are examples of people who are actually almost as destroyed as me and my sister
    • I can think of male two white/black examples who had crappy lives overall, even having trouble with the law (yet nothing close to the hell imposed on me and my sister) but like most black males, also exploited it in some social contexts
    • I can think of one female chinadoll product who had a crappy life, again, nowhere as bad as me and my sister
      • she was not very good looking and short : unlike other mediocre short people she lost her mind and was on meds…

Anyone who were to examine our (me & sister) lives

  • in full detail
  • and in objectivity
  • would come to the conclusion that we were fabricated with remarkable lack of consideration for our sentience as props
  • whose misery and failure in life was undeniably foreseeable.
  • One particular cause for this foreseeable harvest of human suffering is that we are constituted of a combination of significant factors UNIQUE TO US ON THE ENTIRE PLANET FOR OUR GENERATION.

So let’s at the very least make that clear once and for all: being completely different from any other humans in the ways we were, genetically and environmentally,

  • IS an ESTABLISHED FACT about us




The great thing about being a destroyed hominid, once ‘alive’ but quickly reduced to only biological existence, is that whatever you do…it doesn’t matter. As long as none of the other virtual sensations that interact with you in some form aren’t ‘bad’ for being unpleasant, then whatever you’re doing is fine. The New Age Nigger doesn’t exist for any form of labour anymore, nor for any political agitations to sell bogus social concepts like ‘democracy’ or ‘freedom’. It exists as a prop in the transition from a world primarily made up of fully biological humans, some of whom were also full persons, to one of technocratic management for jews and a few of their white freemasonic allies,

  • all of whom are just as dishonest, tribal, and racist as the jew,
  • are primarily comprised of old anglo/dutch royal and/or oligarchic dynasties with the addition of a few corrupted ‘catholics’ and possibly the infamous ‘black nobility’ Venician merchants who were always pagan/luciferian if not outright satanists, along with other anonymous people
  • and all of whom have already intermingled as much of their economic interests as their genealogy with jews for several generations by now.

This new age nonsense is slowly but surely converging as the Aquarian flood from which the jewish pheonix will rise as elders and godmen to whom the other freemasonic – and much more technical – technocrats will earn their legitimacy by managing the unified world of automatized quasi biological energies designed by and for the jew. So in the meantime, the new age niggers callously cultivated for pathologically selfish goals by the jew, ‘exist’ in a strange limbo that isn’t biologically dead but isn’t fully living. The involuntary pioneers in this psychopathic non-consensual human experimentation of hatred and abuse are few and thus minimally troublesome to the mentally ill jelders and their corrupted and/or satanic allies.

The new age nigger’s world that once included an expectation and vague awareness of full human consciousness, gradually shrinks into less and less of a full existence within the convergence of

  • virtual experience;
  • electrochemical degradation of mind, perception, cognition, nervous systems and physical health;
  • gradual implementation of Orwellian double think in individual psyches via increasingly circumscribed
    • educational institutions, universities, social/professional ‘clubs’, and perpetuated tribes
    • art, and all other media now turned into social phenomena constituting ‘reality’,’truth, and even ‘existence’,
    • increasingly refined after non-consensual human experimentation with immigrant children and the ‘cult’ phenomena;
  • creeping police state leading to an open air global prison matrix in a uniform collective externalized hive psyche through a universal, unending terror threat and an ongoing world war of varying intensities;
  • destabilization, looting, and confiscation of strategic real and notional assets to be centrally owned and
  • redistributed according to new tighter more unilateral cycles of production, consumption, and notional wealth via rigged financial credit systems and markets
  • to eventually be completely globalized and ‘adjudicated’ in accordance with jew-influenced legal schemes, policies, and jurisprudence
  • starting and ending in jewish international commercial & banking law increasingly interwoven with and developed through the talmud;
  • thus permitting the shift to ‘guaranteed basic income’ being sold disingenuously as stylishly ‘socialist’ and compassionate, if not outrightly morally superior;
  • and all with the timely reintroduction of a fake counter-culture using referents to the fake 60’s counter culture
  • but this time with a more generalized and easily widespread distribution of destabilizing chemicals, now as specially designed cannabis,
    • sold both as a medical right (within the fascist design of the health care systems and the medical professions now used as soft, or ideally invisible, police)
    • and a new liberal progression of ‘superior’ societies into mature counter cultural liberalism on the perceived left and bogus ‘libertarian’ concepts of ‘freedom’ on the perceived right.

The new age niggers find their experience as ‘living’ hominids not only meaningless and futile but transnihilistic in its fully automated existentially ambiguous virtuality. Their own self-awareness is just a factor in a remote controlled mis-en-scene for a narrative long surpassed by other conceded artifices of postmodern failure and a double think propagation of goyim acquiescence to final universal impotence, starting with the future past ‘new’ hominids who served as phoney bioprops at the bottom of the war-dependent ‘raceless’ new age of stratified ethno-talmudic ‘unity’. Already loaded up on a mid eastern soup of chemicals and variegated ‘electronic’ waves, the new age nigger wouldn’t be able to restore itself to biological and psychological normality, let alone normal social and economic development, even if s/he were put in a nature camp with no tribe controlled media of any sort and made to bond with others. That sad situation also never regresses to full infantilism nor does it ever progress (real progressiveness) to a radical, if necessary violent, act of revolutionary self-determination since that would be extremely dangerous for the tribe and its piece of shit minions. All manifestations of nature and  eventually all political and legal norms, now hijacked by the tribe for use against the new age niggers they maliciously fabricated, accumulate synergistically over time to ensure that no nigger ever gets off his/her knees to do anything about it. If some wrinkles still need to be ironed out they get to be used as a controlled outburst of ‘terrorism’ or some form of fundamental failure to finally break a recalcitrant experiment.


! CIA Asset Do Propagandist & Not Is He ! ? Not & Is Gandhi Prop He Does! (Or When ‘Best Minds of the World’ Are Steered Toward Dalai Lama Worship As ‘Academic Brilliance’)

There’s an old acquaintance out there in the real world who was properly raised in a very old, very established family. Not only is he unusually ‘well bred’ (don’t kid yourself : people do care about that, especially people in ‘well bred’ circles), but the ‘community’ he’s existed within from conception is part of a social network whose history revolves around the symbiosis of certain deeply entrenched privileges with obligations as mutually cultivated embodiments of ‘dharma’-like leadership for what is now commonly referred to as ‘the empire’. Some members of his family, extended and immediate, are or were famous for their contributions to the empire’s cultural heritage while others are better understood as local celebrities within a very tightly knit circle of ‘leaders’, to use the term loosely. Like many within his ‘community’ who are also ambitious and very comfortable in school — especially one owned, operated and populated by their community — this acquaintance ended up going from a very old and well-reputed private school to one of the oldest most well-reputed universities in the world. Perhaps it was because of his academically comfortable ambition or perhaps it was because his family underwent a tragedy at an early age and he was the youngest of several children but whatever the ultimate mutually cultivated reasons, his drive and talents, both innate and acquired over the course of his upbringing, led him to opt for grad studies obtaining a traditional masters then a Phd, both also at world famous universities. As he grew into a successful young man like most in his crowd, his persona matured to full fruition, increasingly evidencing his role within his social network. One of several programmed formats within a broad spectrum of long held traditions that members of his community can and usually do pursue, the good natured gentleman academic brought to far away places by a desire to lead an ethically productive life…along with a quiet but very strong identification with his empire, was obviously the slot he had grown into, or selected. Albeit in different ways for different reasons, the hereditary and socio-economic background from which his independent individual ‘selections’ along his journey sprung are just as easily understood as mutually selected outcomes within his community as would be the case for anyone else. Without dwelling on the extent to which certain choices were his or those of others, there is one particular choice that I found most revealing. Its revelations are of special interest for not only exposing the ease with which plebeian perceptions are tended away from barely hidden yet nonetheless secretive features of the empire’s upper crust, but for simultaneously shedding light on the empire’s use of universities as part of a self-regulating and self-optimizing trans-generational management system.

The old acquaintance (who I was never very close to) took up…or grew into, his selected role with far and large acknowledgement of his suitability for the centuries old tradition along with general celebration of his academic prowess with the quiet acclaim of expected superiority or destiny that distinguishes his crowd. Whether he will end up as a tenured professor in a university he’d agree to work out of, which would likely be restricted to a small percentage of campuses, remains uncertain. However, what has already been permanently recorded as a publication that he can add to his CV, is an ivory tower book ‘written’ (doubtfully) by a certain heroic mind and rock star, that he edited. It’s a super important book written by a rock star whose unique and much lauded mass appeal has transcended the need to sing or play any instrument. In fact, this rock star’s unique transcendence has even transcended transcendentalism and perhaps also sainthood. Talk about this rock star bringin’ it! He must be so uber cool that he really brought it, didn’t he? Still, we might benefit from taking a step back to broaden our awesome understanding of metaphysics because like so many mutually crystallized choices made in the multiverse, it might be more accurate to say that ‘we’…or our beloved imperial leaders, bishops, and other representatives I guess…also brought him and his awesomeness. In fact, what better ‘teachable moment’ than this to appreciate our co-originated interdependence that will have brought him to us to bring it. Because, as you’ve probably guessed by now, I am after all talking about the greatest rock star ever who quite naturally, is a widely celebrated buddhist with unprecedented popular appeal. No, I’m not talking about George Lucas nor am I referring to David Lynch, although that’s probably a pretty close guess. I’m talking about the other DL :  ‘ THE ‘ ,  ‘Dalai Lama ! ‘ .

What an apparently wonderful confluence of events for the planet. A great mind with a passion for HH (that’s ‘His Holiness’…) Dalai Lama’s wealth of toweringly sophisticated insight into reality, at once radically metaphysical and pragmatic, has nobly undertaken to fulfill his service to the world as a more evolved scholar and imperial peace leader, by helping translate and then editing His Holiness’s newest gift to the mysteriously important and implicitly but inexplicably superior field of philosophy in the form of a philosophical treatise on ethics. It must be inconceivably better written than anything else on the planet since that is at least one remaining explicit feature of modern day philosophy that the ‘philosophers’ apparently think they can still legitimately claim about themselves and which a few despairing hangers on try to pretend is constitutive of its own self manifested analytical content when they’re not embarrassing themselves telling the rest of the world that they’re the ones doing science (true story). Still though, it is after all the super elite field of tibetan buddhism. Not just any buddhism, which is already better than any hinduism. So in this case the conceptual analysis (which doesn’t require evidence since it’s a harry potter wizard…) must also be packed full of radically life changing and ‘spiritually’…no psychologically, no better than that, philosophically! enlightening intellectually rigorous content. Much like His Holiness, the gentleman scholar working for the empire’s peace as a beneficent, more evolved and categorically superior mind, offers us all a much needed example of what is almost the same moral character and seriousness of intellectual superiority, that this era’s living philosopher king, His Holiness, apparently provides for humanity. So it’s at once wonderful and no wonder at all that so many superior minds among the true scholars of the world have evolved into scholarship about buddhism and in particular that of The Dalai Lama. The miracle lama, whose impressive depth of ethical discourse, universal spiritual compassion, and incalculably valuable philosophical contributions to humanity, both academic and boldly but gracefully applied in our often distressed world, are a shining example of comprehensively developed, fully, and uncompromisingly, true lived philosophy of the greatest importance.

Yes, in what would probably seem like an unprecedented phenomenon to most people (including me), the gentlemanly imperial scholars of the past couple of decades have been mutually steered toward increasingly bolstered explorations of timelessly vacuous navel-gazing nonsense, now paradoxically superior for tackling the perennially self-negating flaky void of rational limitation, under the recently ennobled rubric of ‘buddhism’. In fact, for the brightest and the luckiest, for the most promising of the empire, the friendly steering is entirely submerged inside not only tibetan but dalai lamaian ‘buddhism’, within which they can further ennoble the plight of the tibetan people…and their empire’s wellbeing. It seems a bit of a novel approach for ‘the academy’ since ‘his holiness’ is primarily known for being the exiled leader of a minority group of monks in tibet who enjoys sharing his beautifully simple yet sublimely sophisticated talking points at well publicized events buzzing with excitement in the growing world…or void…of the most recent multimedia platforms. The tibetan ‘leader’ seems especially fond of the growing webosphere…or emptiness…of social media which as we all know, is a great new vehicle by which to solve the world’s problems through ‘education’… Come to think of it, unless I’m mistaken, mr. lama holiness has turned out to be a cutting edge success in the social justice war to free the tibetans (or maybe just tibet) from chinese oppression (or maybe just china), rightly brought to the world’s attention by the grace of the usa’s long history of concern for international justice and human rights. Thankfully, however, we needn’t entertain any misgivings about usa dishonesty resulting from our ‘superior’ appreciations of nasty yankee meddling greed because if all ‘respectable’ countries are double 100% behind this cause, then that makes it a universally lauded and therefore reassuringly credible one to ‘superior’ minds…well, to all minds in the empire at any rate. Which does NOT include me.

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away, I had been introduced to a popular retreat in ‘the far east’ so respectable and well recommended that it was all about tibetans and mr. lama. Oh, and sort of about buddhism as well. Especially about how buddhism is indescribably superior to hinduism despite and as demonstrated by the fact that for lesser ‘beings’ (meaning ? don’t worry, it’s tibetan) it can be so very difficult to grasp that to the truly inferior it can actually, believe it or not, mistakenly appear to conceptually amount to…exactly the same as hinduism. This befuddling attitude, among other lacklustre experiences including no doubt my tragic inferiority, reduced the retreat and its surrounding characters to a bit of a circus in my eyes. While the circus show was at least memorable for providing a few stories of eccentric (questionable) curiosity, very little to nothing within the tibetan buddhism or its spiritual embodiment by the monks, merited being remembered. As a result, I belonged to a small handful of dissenters (all of whom, it’s worth noting, were non-anglos) among the general mass of perennial travellers making its way along the most racist excursion on the planet, that was completely and hopelessly disinterested in tibetan buddhism. That I was a real “no-hoper” was irretrievably confirmed by my especially fervent disinterest in the “DL” in particular, whose appearance at a speaking event successfully herded backpackers and ennobled do-gooders from around the world toward the rock star’s massive show that, we had all been (told) telling each other, was a once in a lifetime event that would be “like a second woodstock”. Anyone who was in that country during the ’90s will know that I am in no way exaggerating. But hey, according to most anglos that’s totally normal. Only weirdos would think that’s suspicious and only dangerously anti-social cynics would be turned off from something obviously innocuous that is actually a very positive blessing for the more evolved. Or so the masses and their imperial thought leaders would suggest. Regardless, in the end, for a variety of reasons including my lack of attraction to the tibetan buddhist dalai lama phenomenon, I didn’t go and largely forgot about it and him. For a few years anyway.

I’ll never know whether I was unwittingly steered by internet algorithms but I did revisit DL’s stardom years later from a very different vantage point. Sometime around 2007/8, shortly after viewing a DL video that included Nina Hagen gushing (to the extent that she can) over the inexhaustible well of positive evolutionary genius that DL apparently embodies, I finally found reason to articulate my impression about him. I found it truly ridiculous that someone be worshiped for contributions to the world consisting of almost embarrassingly facile buddhist-esque aphorisms that wouldn’t even make it onto a Hallmark card. How then, I asked myself, has he become such a worshiped household name and more bizarrely, a subject of enormously bolstered academic study elevated to the pinnacle of the ivory tower? I was already cynical, yes, but this isn’t a case of personal taste or paranoid inferences alone. Compared to other academic work that receives the same kind of deference and elevated status, there is no question that the DL tibetan phenomenon cannot be justified by anyone objective and sane. Eventually something struck me that finally made sense.

A simple fact that everyone must know is that the tibetan phenom in question had obviously ended up being useful to the empire’s affairs in china. Why should knowing that detract from his appeal though? He happens to be a lama who was the (minority) leader of people oppressed by the chinese, so it’s just a lucky coincidence for the usa and for the oppressed tibetans, as internalized by most everyone in the empire. Except that even in that context he is an uncommonly celebrated figure. He is sought after for events and photo ops by a wide spectrum of internationally important people who bestow a uniquely undisturbed presumption of universal confidence and support upon him. All that interest for someone who, despite being glaringly useless beneath his superficial talking points can nevertheless be surprisingly useful to the empire and is correspondingly valued. How did he become an icon that the important half of the world and its leaders could coalesce around as a symbol of everything most right, unquestionably just and mysteriously intellectually relevant? I think I can explain it : he has been moulded into a live actor version of Yoda from Star Wars.

In my youth I really enjoyed the Star Wars movies and word is that most other people on the planet also did. As an adult (sort of) I don’t think even the original trilogy would really move me the way it did when I was ten. Unfortunately for most of us however, it doesn’t have to in order to serve its most important purpose, which is to imprint certain characters into our impressionable minds for later use against us as adults. It seems to work extremely well, especially if the target population (victims) isn’t consciously aware of it. Perhaps it’s working so well that the unawares bit isn’t even necessary anymore or might be holding back the overwhelming, even unexpected success of the exercise in question because apparently at some point in recent years, the empire decided to go ahead and let a few adults know that their beloved childhood guide and hero, Yoda, was inspired by a prominent tibetan rinpoche. Or rather, by a tibetan rinpoche who was portrayed as being very prominent in the west. I’d never heard it alluded to before, at least not consciously. I believed that the similarity between Yoda and DL was not intended to be widely discussed because if the usa ‘crowd’ wanted to use tibetan lamas for propaganda, which they did and do, Yoda was actually too different from DL for the tibetan emigre to survive the comparison under scrutiny. Which would render any such plans largely ineffective. So it’s much more likely that the Yoda character hadn’t originally been inspired by a rinpoche comrade of DL but rather was itself the model from which lamas of interest to the usa ‘crowd’ , i.e. DL, were to draw inspiration after the fact for public performances increasingly valued by the empire in its ‘relations’ with china. The generic star wars Jedis obviously resemble Japanese Samurai more than any tibetan rinpoche. Moreover, Yoda specifically has more in common with the famous chinese warrior monks of Shaolin and other kung fu legends in popular mythology than a rinpoche from a minority religious order among tibetans whose sole genuine significance to ‘the free world’ — which comprises his *only* significance in any world —  is his utility as a fully costumed extra for an exercise in anti china propaganda. Yes, that’s right : Yoda’s role as member of the Samurai-like ‘Jedis’ is as a particularly evolved, wiser version resembling warrior monk legends who are sometimes not even buddhist but taoist and who are always, however inconveniently, chinese. Unfortunately the propaganda’s usefulness is exclusively derived from emotionally manipulative, caricatured appropriations of eastern warrior monks in the form of child fairy friend ‘Yoda’ …not a piece of shit obscure tibetan zero who’s conveniently deemed a ‘rinpoche’, like that’s even supposed to matter. ! Matter it does but! for tibetan stooge, tibetan stooge for matters I say! For noble tibetan, I say, usa! Turns out tibetan stooge # 123 got lucky ’cause that’s what they’re looking for in the follow up movies to Star Wars that they call news, world peace conferences, scholarly publications, academic authority on religions, on social justice, on international law, on buddhism and now on philosophy and ethics. It’s such an incredible stretch that for anyone who happens to have slipped through the cracks of the empire’s social conditioning (brainwashing) it’s completely transparent.

Sometimes it’s hard not to laugh at it but as the ridiculous gives way to the surreal and grotesque that logically follows, what had initially been funny soon becomes unsettling. Perhaps that helps explain why the comments I’d occasionally posted, explicitly pointing out that DL sounds and acts a bit more like Yoda every year and is obviously being coached with that goal in mind, were seemingly unworthy of any acknowledgement let alone response. Too short on humour or just too acidic for people to want or be able to engage with, whatever the reasons, I will never be entirely sure why they were universally ignored. Much more concerning however, is the realization that the empire’s ongoing all-important imperative of herding population groups toward selected beliefs is so successfully achieved so easily, even (or perhaps especially) with the more intellectually advantaged academics. It’s been that realization and the consequently reconfigured understanding of the empire’s imposed external social reality, not tibetan buddhism — and least of all DL’s roundly affirmed but invisible magnanimous brilliance — that I have retained.

Since then I recently noticed another pointedly imposing and shamelessly venerating reference to ‘His Holiness’ by the old acquaintance, that prompted me to contemplate a meme by which DL would be mockingly identified with Yoda. Starting with basic publicly available information linking the two together in the event that such memes already exist, I StumbledUpon some shady websites that seemed promising. Indeed, it would seem that a connection between tibetan lamas, DL and Yoda had already been introduced into a select social group’s chatter, based on the supposedly authoritative words of a prominent ‘scholar’ on buddhism whose place within the empire is of a significantly more active and seemingly more powerful ‘community’ than that of my old acquaintance. The websites in question claim that the creators of Star Wars were inspired by a rinpoche when they were in Dharmsala and consequently created the Yoda character, based of course on tibetan buddhist superstars such as a western pet rinpoche or say, The Dalai Lama. I was curious about when this idea was first introduced to the general public since I’d never heard it before and my previous comments about it which I’d posted no later than 2010 were left conspicuously unattended to, as if either unforgivably banal or mysteriously offensive to a deeply seated rigidity about ‘the’ DL. Is the inevitable, naturally occurring awareness that ‘DL’ is like a live actor version of Yoda being obscured from mass consciousness so that it doesn’t undermine his undeniably true, or at least primary, importance to the empire? It’s hard not to wonder.

A website called Lions Roar has an article dated from May of 2015 posted which states that according to the ‘buddhist scholar’ they seem to think highly of, George Lucas met the above mentioned rinpoche in Dharmsala and used him as a model for Yoda. The rinpoche in question was apparently a “debate partner” (sounds pretty hardcore) and tutor of…THE one & only Dalai Lama. Further down, the article quotes a paragraph in one of the buddhist scholar’s publications stating that “…upon seeing him in Dharmsala …the makers of the popular film Star Wars decided to use him as the model for Yoda…”.

The article additionally mentions a book published in 2005 about buddhism’s presence in the Star Wars movies and a supposedly “now-internet-famous” buddhist east asian illustration of Yoda as a bodhisatva that I’ve never seen before or heard of. In between the adorations for buddhism, Star Wars, and DL especially is a link to the supposedly meme-famous illustrator’s apparently famous unknown post, revealing that it was posted in 2011…potential for manipulation of time stamps aside.

Here is what is next to the top of the Lions Roar article :

Tsenzhab Serkong rinpoche yoda Buddhism Dalai Lama tutor debate partner Lion's Roar news Star Wars the Force jedi
“[Rinpoche] had these deep, deep wrinkles on his forehead; it was the model for Yoda in Star Wars,”

…said [‘scholar’] in a talk.”

On the website the word “said” is highlighted as a hyperlink very obviously suggesting that it links to the scholar’s same talk that contains the quote. Clicking on it does bring up one of the scholar’s written discussions about buddhism but I fear that it might be one of those good old buddhist ‘jewels’ that simultaneously gifts the reader with enlightenment while also causing absent-mindedness. Try as I did, my attempt to find that quote or anything else remotely verifiable that could provide a credible example of the empire’s apparently unconcerned public statements that DL is like a real life Yoda proved fruitless.

There’s also a link to the buddhist scholar’s quoted article entitled ‘The Portrait of [XX] Rinpoche” which takes you to another website containing a section of the article unsparingly entitled “Rinpoche’s Role as an Assistant to the Dalai Lama”. It includes the quoted paragraph and then goes on to talk about how awesome DL is and how similar he is to Yoda. The problem however, is that it doesn’t have a verifiable date. It does begin with a conspicuously date conscious discussion about said buddhist’s recollection of events in 1998…but there is, in fact, no date provided for this supposedly authoritative publication. If an interested reader takes the trouble to navigate through site they will find a list of published works by the scholar. However, the supposedly authoritative article that the very loud article on the Lions Roar site prominently advertises three times, all peppered with weasel words, is not on the list.

I’ve added a few non-english publication listings below…of which there are many, just in case one of them having the rinpoche’s name might be the authoritative article containing the carefree remark about DL being Yoda. The publication page on this site, which appears to be overseen by the scholar but also has a large number of assistants, guides the navigator in red letters at the top to their “new” website. The new improved website seems to differ from the old “archives” only in so far as it doesn’t provide a list of publications. It also doesn’t provide the long list of assistants, some of whom are presented with name and photograph in the “archives”. I didn’t bother investigating the famed and apparently super authoritative ‘buddhist’ scholar’s personal details but to cut to the chase, one of the ‘advisors’ who can still be found in a hard to find section of the less appealing original, now ‘archives’, page is named israel.

Below are a few links to the pages and articles. However, it should by now be obvious that the most relevant link I might provide for this entry would be to one of the quietly released, jewish authored and supposedly totally not worried articles about how jews run hollywood. You must’ve heard of them by now. You know, the ones that were introduced to the ‘others’ after everyone and their dog began to have trouble organizing their ‘well-founded beliefs’ about exactly which part of the well-known ‘anti-semitic canard’…was the canard.








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Campus pahkindupe and damaged sidekick: such bad luck for normal people like you to have inexplicably broken children…

I’m following your advice and taking as many anxiety pills as I can but it doesn’t seem to be helping. What a difficult situation for you now that I’m so inexplicably broken and recalcitrant. I’m a bit confused though: at what point did you realize that ‘the anxiety’ was ‘my’ problem that I shouldn’t impose on others? Was it when you realized that my genes weren’t derived from yours? Was it when you noticed I was excruciatingly shy? Was it when you noticed that I was “a runt” and should therefore be expected to fail socially?…hmm, is that what you were thinking when you chose to breed??

Really, I’m stuffing as many pills down as possible p’dippatard, but I still have trouble making sense of certain things. Thank you for reminding me to take my anxiety pills though, because that will obviously clear things up. Say…at what point did you realize that both of your children’s destroyed lives were bad luck for you…but of course, not as a result of you?

Was it when you married another short social and emotional zero like yourself to breed with? Or was it perhaps when you took up sociology so that you could get excited about environmental explanations for certain people or groups of people’s inferiorities…such as, for example, yours…and all meteques’ really? It’s fine though since the white masters rewarded you for repeating the scripts they fed you…you know: your many ‘friends’. Luckily we know that just because your ‘field’ is human environments doesn’t mean that’s relevant because human environments clearly have nothing to do with the shockingly abusive lives your children have had to endure.

It’s all a bit hard to follow but I know you surely must be right that you and your mentally slow (your words) sidekick were obviously just normal people and good parents. Which makes it all the more incredible that two such normal parents as yourselves can have such terrible luck with their children! When did you finally see the light that the two of you had nothing to do with my and your daughter’s devastating life stories, that are now both managed under a ‘mental health’ rubric?

Well, it surely wouldn’t have been when you acknowledged to my 1st grade teacher that I was very shy, so when? It must have been when I was born right? When you immediately dropped me off with my grandmother in Paris to look after me for the first 6 months of my life (if not longer)…even though I was born in switzerland for unknown reasons. (Just an aside: that must be why your sidekick wasn’t pleased that I dropped of t during the exam period right? Because that’s only appropriate when you’re dropping off your newborn.) But you know, I think I do remember. It was when I was suddenly worthy of being noticed because you had some ‘friends’ over in britain. You know, the only times ever when you would pick me up even though you clearly had no regard for my comfort since the only reason I remember is that it hurt my armpits…well, also like I said, because it only happened in front of other people. That would have been around the same time that you realized your irrelevance to your children’s nightmare existences after sidekick told socialist ‘friends’, in a pathetic shaky voice that even I as a 3 yr old remember as standing out, that she only smokes socially. Was that when? No? Hmm.

Let’s see then, would it have been when you gave me a shitty helicopter toy as though you cared how I felt right before my fourth birthday in britain, to take a flight to xxx on what I now presume was September 11? The toy that you pretended to have given me to make me feel better but that you complained about when I tried to play with? I can’t remember if I was even allowed to take it with me: just like the only Christmas gift I ever really liked, the xxx xxxxx little car, that you didn’t take and yet also chose never to replace despite the fact that it wasn’t even expensive. No? Was it when you had three of your white socialist ‘friends’ over and told me I had to ‘share’ my chocolates with everyone, following which they all declined because you’d portrayed me as miserly? Was it when you then heard me weeping for feeling rejected and publicly embarrassed so you called me back into the room, declaring my emotional damage to everyone so that I could then humiliatingly walk around the living room all over again with the chocolates and have each of the white socialist ‘friends’ take one with, quite frankly, hostile and alienating looks on their faces? Was it when we were walking down the street and I saw a dead baby bird and asked what happened? I asked if the baby bird went to heaven and you said yes it did even though the body is still on earth. You know what I remember the most about that? The white socialist ‘friends’. They were visibly irritated for some reason, and conveyed a bizarre uninvolved air of superior distaste…almost like they wanted us to know that they despised us. (But that’s crazy because I know you have many ‘friends’.) Well if not that then, when? Was it perhaps when your not too bright sidekick had to take me to the doctor in Paris when I was 8 because xxxxx xx xxxx? (Of course, as she repeatedly claimed, she had done her job…Really? In retrospect I think it’s pretty obvious that she lied to protect her reputation from being associated with the very serious and very evident child neglect.) Or was it when she told me to stop scratching my face after she saw red claw marks running down my cheek that I’d inflicted on myself when I was 9? Maybe it was when you will have inescapably had to have eventually fouund the sheets of paper in my bedroom desk on which I had forced myself to write “I am stupid” over and over and over all the way down the pages? Was it perhaps when you grounded me after your daughter (who was born an extraverted leader yet was strangely also destroyed, just terrible luck of course) ‘told on me’ for having said that I didn’t like school in front of her friend’s mother? Maybe – oh yes now I know! – it was when you had to tell your daughter to stop visiting her best friend xxxxx…the neighbour’s dog. No? Was it when you intervened in our lives to prevent us from continuing to play with our new friends on our street, with the dog named xxxxxxx, because they were younger than us? That must’ve been pretty important since you almost never paid attention to our lives apart from our school grades. Curiously though, I’ve noticed that many other people had groups of friends from their neighbourhoods who were younger than them…I guess their parents just were not on the ball were they? Luckily for them though, and of course we know it’s just luck, their children ended up doing pretty well in life…isn’t that funny? Haha, who would’ve guessed?! Those parents must also have had the school express concern about the fact that their son was crying in class on a daily basis, because that’s normal right? Good thing for you that it was just ‘allergies’…and therefore of no concern…right? It was also the fact that I never ever got enough sleep, ever. That’s also not relevant, thankfully for you. So it must have been when I imitated a phrase from the schoolyard spoken by xxxx xxxxxxxxx and said “Aw shut up ya stupid idiot” while we were trick or treating. That must have been when you realized that I, 10 yrs old at the most, was just bad luck. Nothing to do with you obviously. Why would I want to be anything like the other, obviously happier and more socially developed children in my environment? That’s crazy right?! Well then it must have been when xxxxxxxx xxxx’ mother had to ask what the terrible odour in her house was and I was then identified as having abjectly malodorous socks when I was eleven. Of course, that has nothing to do with your retarded sidekick who did the laundry. (I had to beat the crusty socks against a desk corner in the morning…yet she had seen fit not to notice, because she’s normal and it’s all been terribly bad luck.) After that we moved to xxxxxxx, the bigger city, because you and your daughter wanted it. She wanted the move because she had been a social outcast since around the age of eleven (which I also believe was when you had her skip a grade). Luckily for her, and for you of course, she was very happy and successful after that. Telling herself the propaganda you fed her about how she was better than the others in xxxxxxxxxxxx and that’s why she’s happier in xxxxxxx…right? Except that her happiness turned out to be surprisingly hollow and surprisingly short-lived…and to have been based on total bullshit. Total bullshit that came at my expense.

You know it’s curious, I can’t think of any occasion in which parents of incontrovertibly destroyed children try to pretend it’s not a reflection on them. I always knew the two of you were fucking weird but as I get older I notice it more and more…I realize just how fucking appalling my life was, being ‘raised’ by two child abusers. Because that’s really what it comes down to even if it never meets the ridiculous criteria used by ‘psyk-ologists’. And those are the only parents who ever do that – pretend it’s not related to them or their parenting. You two must have been so happy when your daughter found herself in a reversal of fortunes at my expense, quickly telling herself that she was actually normal and developing a new unwarranted confidence based on her grades…and being female. In fact, she quickly told herself that she was super important and hot after several males, usually drunk, tried to fuck her. Then she fucked a black guy on a trip to xxxxxx, wow what a lucky daughter! What’s that now? What’s wrong? You’re not happy? But I thought that was why she deserved to be so confident and happy. As a matter of fact, I was also under the impression that that’s why two people from completely different parts of the world should be breeding…did I misunderstand?! She also hung around a few pahkindoodoorats in xxrxxxo…who were all, as I recall, unhealthy and unhappy people. Hey, I’m not saying they weren’t forever indebted for the CANADIAN bowl of shit the cantards were gracious enough to let them eat but they were all unambiguously…hmm, what’s the word…oh yes: suicidal. Still, your daughter surely must’ve been happy since she went to mcgill. Not so much because that university matters (it is canadian after all, ie irrelevant) but for its utility in underscoring the consensus that she’s superior to me. I’m putting it that way because, amazingly, that turns out to have been a big part of what guided her life choices and provided her with a sense of well-being. So she must have had such a marvellous, stellar life from then on! Well…except that she didn’t. Except that she spent her time being abused by strange men and trying desperately to convince herself that it was evidence not of her deeply seated emotional disturbances but of her success and desirability. A strategy that failed remarkably quickly as soon as I was no longer in the picture to make her look good…and to have that distinction reinforced by the two of you. In fact, by the age of 19 it was no longer contentious that she was actually unhappy. By the age of 22 it was also getting hard not to notice that her confidence was based on bullshit and had never even been real. By the age of 23 when she was in grad school for religion (a dept she did an extra year for since it hadn’t been her undergrad major, so as to ensure that I couldn’t get any approval for having taken some religion courses) it was incontrovertible that she was, shockingly, a completely broken fucking loser. She struggled through those years and checked out of school as soon as she graduated, choosing not to even consider a phd or professional programs. Kind of strange. From there I only really know what everyone else – including her many psychiatrists – knows: that she went fuckin’ loony tunes. Chasing men around like a pathetic clown. She finally got one guy to date her because she’d acted extroverted again and lied to him that she was into sports when she was wasted at a party. And speaking of luck, it wasn’t all bad for her because the guy actually stayed with her. As a matter of fact if I recall correctly they were even engaged. Yet curiously, all the luck strangely vanished when she lost her mind again and left him suddenly. She left him suddenly because she had been throwing herself at strange men again, this time in France, and perhaps most interestingly, had been stalking one of her distant French cousins. He was seriously getting concerned, even wondering if he should call the police. I’m not sure if that was when she first went to a mental hospital…her own stories vary so much these days, which is strange for someone who was so well raised by great parents, right? I understand she also went to india and pretended to be a healthy person, doing nonsense quasi academic documentary posturing about tigers and other western NGO bullshit. While there she immediately married an intard who she almost as immediately left and eventually divorced. Back in x she just kept spiralling farther and farther down: you remember right? It had already started after the first saga of French follies, when I had just married an internet 3rd world cult bride. I’m guessing that – my ‘marriage’ – also wore heavy on her mexican jumping bean brow. And it wasn’t just her brow: she had developed a very noticeable facial tick that traveled around her face, usually starting from one of the corners of her mouth…what terrible luck for you two totally normal parents. Then she went back to France and quickly began demonstrating dramatic evidence of being, once again, completely and of course inexplicably, cuckoo. She actually found yet another French cousin to stalk and this time people intervened and had her hospitalized. It’s hard to be sure when or why since she tells me things that don’t always make sense and it seems like her memory changes to protect herself from the shame. Like how she told me that she voluntarily checked herself into a loony bin, yet when I fished for details it became obvious that the person she’d stalked had ‘suggested’ it and had even ‘helped’ her by taking her to the mental ward…Bad luck for you two since you clearly had nothing to do with her now very obviously horrible nightmare of a life: and one that, as is now revealed, started as a nightmare very early on. I guess she must have eventually been ‘raped’…right? Is that what the two of you tell each other? The great thing about her is that no one would ever get charged with raping her since she had a total inability to stop herself from practically demanding it: as a healthy woman with normal parents would have… I must admit though…even I’m starting to wonder at this point, I mean golly gee, of course I know you two are just the greatest people but some people looking at the situation from the wrong vantage point might…nah that’s just crazy.

Well, I’m sure your many ‘friends’ know just how terribly burdened you were with me, at least, right? Are you sure? DON’T COUNT ON IT.

In fact, I will guarantee you that some of them do not consider my sorry life a laughing matter nor one that doesn’t reflect *extremely* badly on you. Come to think of it, I believe I initially got to see a psychiatrist at the already very tired very damaged age of 17 because one of these ‘friends’ didn’t seem to quite get your humour about me and volunteered her own psychiatrist’s name and number. She was a real piece of shit and was companion to a ‘friend’ who was, quite honestly, an amazingly demoralizing example of everything wrong with you and the two dead inside people you were steered into conceiving thanks to self-interested liars. …He’s also someone who is, curiously, much better connected with a certain crowd of consequence in x than I think you even realize, which is another subject for a less public audience. The companion responded with the usual faith-based new left support for ‘progress’ and its satanically dishonest psychoanalytical chic. Without her intervention I’d have been deprived of bizarrely useless ‘doctors’ whose job is to fabulate anything and everything to prevent people from realizing that the tribe and its pathetic stooge allies harvested human misery that no amount of pills or metaphoric story telling misappropriated as ‘science’ will ever offset. It’s come to my attention that there’s actually something seriously wrong with everyone in your tiny circle of ‘friends’ but even a stranger waiting at a bus stop with you would wonder how seemingly normal people ended up apparently being your friends. It also wouldn’t take much before they’d know that as ‘parents’ you fucked up irreversibly. As I said, I’ve never actually heard of any parents ever being so cavalier, whether with others or themselves, about their now adult children’s shockingly tragic and mentally deranged lives. Usually the parents in those situations would be a little more concerned about their place in the afterlife at the very least…assuming they’re so far gone that they don’t even care about their children’s well-being. Because it’s pretty obvious. Now that I’m older I realize the extent to which my upbringing was an obviously ridiculous freak show. It was all about a strange obsession with claiming educational superiority to compensate for inescapably evident social and emotional retardations. And in the case of the retarded sidekick, using the neglected (and abused) children to compensate for her own disgusting mental weaknesses. Your whole existence and marriage is sad and guess what? Even children of divorced parents ended up better off than we did…Hmm, weird, why is that? Well, you’ve got your stellar daughter right? WRONG AGAIN THERE AREN’T YOU?

She floated by on certain privileges, some at my expense, but eventually that house of cards also showed you up for your not so stellar parenting, didn’t it? She must surely have an innate mental problem and an anxiety disorder since that’s apparently what you think separates my living hell from your failure as people. Wrong again though aren’t you?!? Oh I get it: she must have been raped…right? Keep dreaming if you think anyone will see that as relevant even if they’re stupid enough to believe it. She lost her fucking mind and wiped out in life just like me and if anything it was actually worse, certainly more dramatically noticeable since she floated on bullshit and functional alcoholism up until her mid 30s before completely falling apart.

But don’t feel too bad: if you play your cards right you might be able to win her back over to your nonsense and she might even take up her traditional role in your deranged cult again, as the ‘capo’ who keeps me in line. Then you can claim that it’s just me again, and not you. Well….except for one thing: no one will believe it. They’re going to know full fucking well that she wiped out, like me, because she was badly — and I mean beyond words BADLY — raised by SHIT. Every one of your ‘friends’ (a matter I will be discussing later) is going to see what you’re up to. They’re going to see that you choose whatever made up version of ‘reality’ that suits your selfish hollow interests. A bit like how the psychologist initially tried to seem important to herself by telling me that I would qualify for odsp and that she’d write a special super important note for me…Yet later, when I decided to go ahead with her self-aggrandizing plan she suddenly came up with a completely bizarre reversal claiming that people shouldn’t go on it because once you’re on it you can never get off. Which was, as I later discovered, an unequivocal lie. That’s pretty fucked up right?…Someone paid to support their vulnerable clients’ interests but who obviously gets away with taking money to fabulate weakly supported jargon that they think makes them important. To add injury to insult their grandstanding actually results in exactly zero actions on their part that might apparently help the vulnerable client, since it’s all bullshit they spew to inflate their delusions of grandeur in the first place…meaning the result of their widely flexible discretion is that it’s actually a licence to neglect and, if they play their cards right, even harm the clients they’re supposed to protect. Kind of crazy right? Imagine if parents did the same with their children. No really, I assure you, it happens. Like when they fail to notice the very obvious reasons for why their children are spiralling downward in life and then actually ridicule requests for a therapist…until another adult actually gets them to take it seriously. I mean wow.

I’m so innately disabled and have to wash down so many pills with alcohol that it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with you though. Especially since your main display pod was so successful. Successful in a Parisian mental hospital. It turns out that your get out of jail free cards don’t hold up and, for most of my life story’s strange tragedies, aren’t even relevant. Just like it won’t hold up when you try to pretend your daughter is normal. Here’s a dose of reality for you: no one, and I mean no one, who actually knows even just a bit of her story will see her as anything other than mentally ill and unambiguously destroyed, same as me. Nor will they even take you seriously ever again. They’re going to know that something went way fucking wrong well well well beyond any pathetic explanations you offer. Everyone knows that you two are not only FREAKS but that you also DESTROYED YOUR CHILDREN.

Yet, amazingly, you still try to believe your self-exculpatory lies, even desperately trying to use the children you destroyed to bolster your own mentally ill desires for status. When I embarrass you I get thrown under the bus…Then when your daughter embarrasses you she gets thrown under…With that retard trying to associate with whoever she thinks has more status…First the daughter based on mcgill…Then the damaged son because he went to law school as the daughter starts to become seriously embarrassing. Reminds me of mr blinker, the fake socialist ‘friend’ who x tries to impress like a fucking down syndrome slut wearing make up. Like all of the white socialists, his whole life is just a lot of hot air that he learned to use to satisfy some of his more selfish and delusionally elitist postures. Poor x though. I guess she would have wanted to marry him if only she wasn’t a retard. So she had to settle for a ridiculous manipulated campus paki instead.

Something that was a low point in human history but that so many ‘friends’ seemed to think was such a great idea.

Who are are they again? I know that you somehow forced M, the tall white pseudo progressive anthropologist, to become your ‘friend’ because it turned out that he was in the same british boarding school as you in india …(supposedly). I remember overhearing something very sad and very pathetic which you kept repeating in an excited, almost shrill, voice about being in the same school. Since that guy likes to think he’s not racist it wasn’t hard for him to be guilted and passively bullied into pretending to be your friend. What’s the phrase again?…’hoist by his own petard’ ? HAHAHAHAHA. That guy’s your only ‘friend’ right? That’s funny since two people selected to be pioneers in a social, cultural, and biological experiment would usually have to be pretty psychologically intact, if anything healthier and generally more secure, more advanced people right? So you must have a whole bunch of secret friends no one knows about. Maybe they’re invisible and only exist in your mind. Or maybe, like your socialist ‘friends’ from britain, they’re just never around at the right times when they frequently visit this continent. You know, it’s funny…after you ‘decided independently and totally of your own free will’ to leave a plum role in europe and go to that little anglo town to be a prop, oh sorry I mean a prof, at the strangely ‘leftist’ university that the most conservative people on the planet actually created, after that it doesn’t seem like your many ‘friends’ were really around much were they? All those leftists…socialists mostly right? Although a few of them were also more of the true commie style soviet cheerleaders I think…yes? Where did they all disappear to? I know that for a while you were a friendly associate of a certain D.P. because he liked to play the part too, you know, as a cool ‘new left’ ‘intellectual’…and if I recall correctly, as a gay pedophile as well. What about your ‘very good friend’ mr goldstick? He must have just been too busy to spend any time with you after securing you as a dupe for the new phoney campus. I use his name because for some reason it’s been decided that he should be publicly known to have been on some sort of anti-commie rcmp surveillance list (which shall later be further discussed). I guess he was so surveilled that he had to never leave his room to talk to any very good friends such as yourself.

He’s jewish right? Were a lot of your other ‘friends’ jewish? Were they gays? Pedophiles? Anyway. They must all be eating at the jews only orthodox restaurants. That’s why they can’t spend more time enjoying the great ‘friendship’ they have with you. Terrible for those poor helpless jewish ‘friends’ that they were targeted by the nasty canardian secret police isn’t it? Yeah…terrible like a fox, right?

Actually I think it’s beautiful. It’s beautiful to see the self-satisfied 7th generation scottish canardians have bend over…AND TAKE TELEVISED KOSHER REAMINGS RIGHT UP THEIR ASSES HAHAHA.

My worse nightmare from the age of 9 came true: social misfit and outcast, failed, disrespected, irretrievably alienated from human connection, forced to abandon personal and intellectual growth…knowingly living in delusion. I can’t thank you all enough…or is there a way to express my full gratitude…?