Some brief point form notes: possible predictions in Twin Peaks that came to pass & other curiosities

(scroll down for updated passing observations about season 3 )

  • 1, The Nadine character may have been a prescient vision of further disintegration of naturally existing boundaries for human genders and sexes,
    • the pointedly obvious eye patch could, over and above being used for shock value, be a reference to the mercantile piracy out of which the US ruling clans took shape, who also make use of the ‘skull & bones’ symbol and the single all seeing eye.
    • Why the obsession with finding silent drapes resulting in a serendipitous discovery by combining oil and cotton? A Lynchian take on two of US history’s foundations combining for something new? Silent/undetectable invasion of privacy? Comments welcome.
      • another more specific reference to secret societies
      • i.e. ‘mercers’ who were developed into secret societies early on in middle ages, created uniforms and linens (i.e. drapes), have guilds established within the ‘city’ of london, where mysterious bankers rein.


  • 2. Two of the main demons/demigods’ names are bob and mike, as though bobby briggs and his friend mike are connected to these demons in an as yet imperceptible way
    • does every demonic trick require the creation of a ‘good’ martyr to balance things out? this is a question that comes to mind after ep. 8 of The Return (bubble of ‘bob’ face followed by bubble of Laura Palmer face)
    • or is every good / evil always created with its opposite?


  • 3. Since TP 1&2 and the advent of youtube, one of the more popular conspiracy videos is a series of interviews with a ‘Kay Griggs’. She is apparently the wife of a former senior US military insider and claims to be some sort of whistleblower about the hidden reality of the upper echelons of the US military. Many juicy surprises meant to inform the naive public are dished, including that internal sects have taken over and are mostly homosexual or jewish. At the very top it is, according to K Griggs, all israeli or jewish. K Griggs resembles the wife of Major ‘Briggs’ in TP.


  • The native american paintings on ben horn’s office walls include ringed planets (ie jupiter & saturn, the convergence that opens the inter-dimensional gate to the redroom/blacklodge in the arthurian glastonbury grove circle of sycamore trees. (observed in a youtube video by a certain ‘trample on snakes’)


  • 4. The Andy Brenan character has played a Percival-like role. His son with Lucy Moran, ‘Wally Brando’, might have actually been sired by Dick Tremaine who was a metrosexual male opposition to the old values that Andy and the TP Sheriff Dept. represents. There are questions of ‘unhealthy’ secret couplings at the origin of other TP characters (lara flyn boyle’s character), as in the Arthurian Legends and as in secret bloodlines.


  • 5. Wally (Waldo) Brenan/Brando is apparently another opportunity for Lynch to serve up some ‘pastiche’. However, Wally might also be a reincarnation of Waldo, the infamous talking bird witness whose carnal manifestation as a Myna bird didn’t prevent him from being drawn, like everyone male in TP, to debauched passions for homecoming queen Laura Palmer. This could be a result of being sired by Dick Tremaine whose name suggests a family relation to the magical demigod/demon Tremaines from the Meals on Wheels route.


  • 6. During ben Horn’s ambiguously self-interested and emotionally unbalanced about face to ‘the good’, he obsesses over the US civil war, most notably identifying as a confederate and draping a giant confederate flag on the wall. Immediately prior to the TP s3 return, we see a fabricated and intentionally inflamed resurgence of ‘polemic’ (if you can even call it that) about the confederate flag and southern confederate symbols.


  • 7. Shortly after the buzz erupted about a possible season 3, a bizarre incident was widely reported in which a bunch of bikers were reportedly killed in a shootout at a bar called Twin Peaks. This was also two years prior to the Season 3 premiere (but not to the day: May 17, 2015).


  • Twinning, hidden duality, yin yang, and the mirror-world themes are also present in
    • Better Call Saul (two brothers who are yin to yang of each other) and made very overt when jimmy’s waiting room wall is painted and also appears in the mirror ceiling.
    • At one point jimmy asks if it looks like a stock market crash.
    • The Odenkirk character’s advert catchphrase is Jim’ll fix it!, which was also the name of a Jimmy Saville children’s show (the notorious pedophile psychopath from bbc who was protected up until his death and was even knighted by the british queen).
  • Fargo has also chosen a twining aspect for this season: the two look alike brothers, suggestion of hidden mirror dimension, mistaken identities of two people with the same name, and two female police officers with a mysteriously fated convergence.
  • 8. two opposing forces, usually represented by black and white, form a conceptual model for the human realm in both freemasonry and jewish kabbalah. In hebrew ‘ben’ can function like ‘of’ in a name (ie ben Horn: of the horn/devil)
  • 9. The new version of ‘the arm’ (hidden hand?) aka lmfap, resembles a tree, a physically feeble unfinished form as in Eraserhead, and a neuron. That it would be a neuron is fitting with a transcendental non-dual idealism in which totality outside of time and space is also a self-creating cycle of individuated limited experiences in different ‘worlds’ with interdependent co-originating characters and stories.
    • which would also be fitting as trees if DL views planet earth as having its own consciousness
    • The round & round cycles need not be structured by twinning or reflection but this seems the figure prominently in TP with the doppelgangers.
    • 10. Twin Peaks s2 ended in 1991 (a numeric palindrome)
    • which also the year the ‘VIP White House call boy scandal’ erupted: a bizarre story about organized pedophilia at the top of the US gov’t that was discovered during investigations into the ’80s savings & loans scandal in Nebraska.
    • 11. So the main themes of Twin Peaks — the ruling class corrupted by far reaching financial fraud, organized pedophilia, incest, secret noir underbelly of prom queen raped by her father — were twinned with the real life psychodrama of paternalistic betrayal of the nation that followed
    • 12. the program’s name is burnt into popular consciousness thanks to the 2001 twin tower attack
    • much has been made by some people about the masonic significance of twin towers
    • twin peaks also appears to stand for the opposing black and white lodges that influence the human world between them (“between two worlds”, “dweller on the threshold”, twilight language)
    • the symbol for nuclear power is three triangles attached by their tips in a circular fashion to a central circular point
    • 13. Twin Peaks includes a cryptic reference to the ‘star of david’ : the mirror worlds of twinned opposing forces are two triangles (peaks) inversely transposed upon one another as a unified model of interdependent totality transcending time and space,
    • to form the artificial blue (aquarius) new world order of global centralized  zion?
    • the symbol on the ring looks like a flying creature (ie owl, obvious allusion to bohemian ‘grove’ among other secret societies) but could also be a beetle (ie freemasonic egyptian/babylonian new world religion)


  • It is not yet clear whether the red draped netherworld is the actual black lodge or one of several possible waiting rooms, perhaps like an adaptation of purgatory.
    • there is often an overlap between subjective psychological explanations and objective metaphysical ones throughout the series.
    • The so-called ‘red room’ uses the same name as a room reputedly used in the mk-ultra experiments
    • The dr jacobi (jacobite?) character who always wears red/blue (opposites) lensed glasses is apparently based on a real person who was originally involved in disseminating the mk-ultra connected lsd culture, something which has also been proven to have originated from within the US military and other secretive branches of the US gov’t,
    • and coincided with the beginnings of the so-called human potential movements (which also play a significant role in The Americans tv series), the advent of cults/new religions (group psych experiments), the popular diffusion and eventual normalization of witchcraft & satanism, and used bikers to run the lsd and other drugs.
    • Charles Manson’s cult is believed by some researchers to have been fabricated by the US gov’t
    • TP’s benefit to the coffee industry is probably significant. The US has a long history of profiting from coffee and using the military to do so.
    • The Manson murders included killing ‘Abigale Folger’ who was apparently an heir to the Folger’s Coffee empire with close ties to the cia.
    • Cooper’s “that’s damn good coffee” catchphrase might have a morbidly sardonic meaning for some of the writers.


  • Lynch/Frost production…not very reassuring names
  • a lot of people have died since season 2 including some during or after the final shoots for season 3
    • frank silva, the guy who played ‘bob’ the demon died of aids or something related
    • jack nance died from an armed robbery in front of a store (the demons lived above a store, his character says ‘wowee bob’ was he walks in with a black puzzle box that unleashes otherworldly evil)
    • Senor Droolecups (the vessel in this world for the giant)
    • the log lady (died during/after season 3 shoots)
    • fbi agent albert (Miguel Ferrer who also stared in the stephen king based movie ‘night flier’ about conspiracies and their place in the media, died during s3)
    • the TP doctor, who is played by Mark Frost’s father
    • david bowie
    • silva and m j anderson (plays lmfap) apparently shared the same birthday: halloween


  • M J Anderson claims to have had a falling out with DL but even prior to s3 the lmfap ominously states that the next time cooper sees him he won’t be in the same form
    • Anderson supposedly has a work connection to nasa
    • he’s also been impressively courageous in making critical comments about jewish power


  • Mark Frost also directed a horror movie in the ’80s about a secret satanic cult
    • the movie includes a scene in which someone is making a phone call from a phone booth that has very light strange stains on the glass, including what looks like a large smiley face
    • later the news media began reporting about a series of unsolved murders in which the victims were found near a smiley face, dubbed ‘the smiley face murders’

In the s3 premiere (also called twin peaks: the return season 1 for some reason…which I hope suggests there will be a season 4) when the girl brings the serious teen watching the glass box the coffee, there is an upside down 2 on each cup.

The husband accused of the grizzly apartment murder appears to glance over and smile at the cops who are watching behind the two way mirror, suggesting police corruption as in both Blue Velvet and the memorable depiction of the undercover canadian rcmp agent at One Eye’d Jacks in TP s2.

Ellipsis, discontinuity, fuzzy boundaries of time, space, and individuated experience:

  • The glass box is inside the building and looks like a twin pillared eye from the sombre teenager’s vantage point on the couch but when dale cooper is expunged from the red room and momentarily manifests in the glass box, the box appears to be on the outside of the building.
  • A similar ellipsis in spatial continuity was edited into the scene in which dale cooper and harry truman enter the red brothel hallways of one eye’d jack’s, implying that they (and the viewer) are slipping into a different dimension.
  • we can now add the final scene of the return’s s.1 ep.7 in which someone runs into the R&R diner and says “where’s billy?” : the scenes mix up different patrons sitting at the counter from two opposite vantage points (as mentioned by the ‘wow lynch wow’ youtuber)
  • in other words, we the viewers have been implicitly told that two opposing versions of reality are now shuffled and transposed upon one another in our experience of TP (which lines up with my observation about ‘twin peaks’ referring to a star of david)
  • we already know that the characters have evil dopplegangers, either always co-created or created after as a result of demonic calamity / victimhood befalling a character
  • now we see that there may also be non-doppleganger versions of human characters in other dimensions and that those dimensions have veered from a linear path (perhaps as a ‘result’ of splitting the atom)
  • many fans have pointed out discrepancies between the return s. 1 and characters from previous TP, also noting that some of it doesn’t line up with TP secret history (which I haven’t read but seems well scrutinized by the fanbase)
    • most notably annie blackburn / norma
  • this makes the TP multiverse proposition seem credible
  • it also merges with real world psychodrama that TP is sometimes twinned with, in this case with the twin tower attack followed by the merging of two into one tower
  • are the two worlds /opposing forces / realities being merged in season 3 ?
  • is it necessarily a dark age on the horizon, a hastening of kali yuga?
  • or is it so only because of a demonic trick? did that trick include the A-bomb?
  • or is it actually not a cosmic decline but a mere confusion of minor cosmic significance?
  • the tower that contains the warehouse with the glass box was also attacked following a mysterious disappearance of normally stringent security (like the twin tower attack)
  • in ep 8 we see the Giant again in the strange black & white world that appears to be using an overlap between circuit boards and the atom for a model of reality
  • followed by perception, leading to greater individuated experience, cognition, in different worlds (convergence of electrons, chaotic sound, cause & effect, light, music / time, visual theatre, representational experience of experience etc etc)
  • some fans are speculating about who ‘richard and linda’ are from the Giant’s message to ‘coop’ in ep 1, ‘two birds one stone’, also apparently a reference to electric wheelchair
  • we see good ‘coop’ being guided from the other world to draw ladders and chairs in the insurance files
    • this turns out to serve as a bizarre non-verbal cryptic message to dougie’s boss at the insurance firm
    • the camera lingers on the poster of this boss being a boxer who knocked out his opponent in four rounds, perhaps meaning there need’s to be a fourth season
  • note that there has already been a character in previous TP who was in a wheelchair and was surrounded by mysterious scandal : doc hayward’s wife.
    • fans are suggesting that richard is ‘richard horn’
    • is linda ‘linda hayward’ ?

additional passing thoughts:

  • the link to hunter s thompson via owls is now evident following reference to ‘the farm’ (i.e. owl farm)
  • when cooper said he didn’t like birds in previous seasons was this foreshadowing a one world new order based on egyptian bird-gods? (new age of aquarius : dark woodsman says “I am the water, I am the well / will”)
  • or just owls? is the specific use of owls in TP a reference to real world abominations like human sacrifices at ‘bohemian grove’ and organized pedophilia that some say h.s. thompson leaked shortly before he died?
  • in addition to references to the occult already prevalent throughout TP, in the return we see DL say “Albert” 3 times before Albert mentions blue rose
  • and DL whistling 3 times in his fbi office as the camera pans from a photograph on the wall, of corn
    • corn forms the basis of food for most natives of the americas, who are a nexus of human suffering via white settler wrongdoing in most people’s consciousness
    • (demigods / demons ‘feed’ on experiences which humans see materially manifested as substances in our world, most notably cream of corn)
  • the camera continues to pan to another photograph on the wall above DL of the atomic bomb mushroom cloud while he is whistling.
  • he may be suggesting that splitting the atom ruptured part of the order of streams within realities’ matrices, thereby bringing forth more demons to the human realms, who seek more ‘cream of corn’ (i.e. human suffering)
  • but is he also cryptically attempting to be a real world whistleblower?
  • is there also a more mundane occulted message from insider extraordinaire DL ?
    • who is the ‘billy’ referred to in the last scene of ep.7?
    • billy wilder is said to have directed post ww2 propaganda for ‘the allies’ including some now debunked fakeries about the ‘axis’ camps (i.e. ‘holocaust’ : lampshades of human skin, soap from dead jews, shrunken heads, etc)
    • is DL letting people know about a certain 5th column’s stupefying influence in the US? one that also connects back to ww2 and the atom bomb?
  • considering how many real world conspiracies converge around this historical premise and it’s victims, it may not be as farfetched as it seems
    • the ultra secret military film studios within ‘Lookout Mountain’ in Laurel Canyon were the most enormous and lavishly funded for their time, all the while being among the most secret military facilities in US history
    • they were secretly visited by several famous film icons including Marilyn Monroe (see Dave McGowan)
    • could their ultra secrecy have been due to producing fake movies to be passed off as real for propaganda purposes? it would have easily been accomplished.
  • Lookout Mountain is also the name of the hidden military / ufo base in an early spielberg blockbuster about aliens/ufos
  • the real one that was once an ultra secret military clearance only movie studio now serves as a ‘rehab clinic’ for the hollywood crowd…
  • is ‘blue rose’ about a fabricated reality / brainwashing program for ‘the new age of aquarius’ (i.e. biblical flood…) involving AI and mind control?
  • who’s behind it? is it friendly (as if it even could be) ? or is it actually a serious danger to all who aren’t in certain )))circles of power((( ?
  • apparently the bluebird DL used in Blue Velvet was a mechanical bird, not a real one
  • ‘acoustic kitty’ is supposedly a real declassified project…are we all already living around acoustic & visual birdies? they might not even have to be robots since many of them are now known to be extremely intelligent. Is that why dale cooper doesn’t like birds? are the birdies real but trained and bionic?
  • or was it just foreshadowing the eventual full spectrum dominance over…our privacy? now it’s openly acknowledged.
  • dale cooper is often referred to as ‘coop’ : could he be someone unwittingly used to confine domesticated birds?
  • (also : k m imitates a bird while walking a girl home in Blue Velvet)
  • is the implication that the fbi serves more as an agency to confine birds, aka spies / investigators and their investigations, than to conduct them?
    • is dale cooper actually a victim of mind control from the fbi in the first place?
      • this would explain his too perfect, almost robotic personality
      • or was he always just an android to begin with? (seems unlikely esp since he was treated after being shot)
      • at the very least DL is telling us that society’s most important institutions and corresponding subcultures function by reducing individual members into (mind) controlled, predictable, homogenous people
      • which is the exact opposite of the post ww2 fabricated youth consensus about rebellion and ‘counter culture’…a counter culture we now know to be not only dysfunctionally hypocritical but entirely — and correspondingly — fabricated from top down by top of the pyramid social organisms.
    • do demons require biological hosts or could they thrive within robots / AI ?
    • we know that blue rose,  having something to do with artificiality (or something not /un real, like the tv show about ‘reality’ tv…), is still at play in the TP story since Major Briggs is still significant
      • his severed head hovers in cooper’s vision when cooper is ‘expunged’
      • his body was found with the librarian’s head
      • a military agent is featured in The Return with ongoing investigations about Briggs’ disappearance and apparently inexplicable reappearances by way of fingerprints.
    • Briggs is someone with secretive military insight to something involving all of: ufos, ufo (?) abductions and missing memory, the lodges, the cave and its symbols, nuclear power
    • but simultaneously none of : his son’s illegal activities, TP’s growing drug & crime problem, its infestation and sustenance by ‘demons’ who are possibly connected to his secret work. one is macro the other is micro
    • DL’s vision is macro<>micro cosmic
    • Briggs also represents a powerful faction working on secretive projects w/i the US who isn’t evil or corrupted and doesn’t realize the full extent and/or ramification of an evil 5th column presence — whether of this or another world — in his own gov’t, just as he is oblivious to it in his own house / family
  • .
  • the return, ep. 7 was the end of the build up to the evil presence returning to TP : log lady desperate message, Hawk finding LP’s secret diary pages, mist / rustling of trees in wind, mysterious humming sound w/i Northern Lodge Hotel,
  • and most curiously the as yet unexplained exchange between Andy and an as yet unknown male about “Richard’s truck”
    • this is the same truck that the young male drug dealer killed the child in after being drugged up by the demon’s drugs
      • traffic light changing from green to red : shift to alter / evil reality, used throughout TP series
    • we can then presume for now that he is the Richard that the Giant referred to
      • the demon declared richard captured by him and demonstrated a magic ‘trick’ with a coin flip
      • the young woman walking home in ep.8 finds a ‘lucky’ penny
    • Andy was supposed to meet the extremely frightened male about richard’s truck somewhere private in the forest roads at 4:30
    • we saw Andy waiting at the side of the road checking his clock at 5:55 still waiting
    • the scene has Andy waiting at the side of the road with his police car door strangely wide open
    • we also see a foreboding outside shot of the frightened person’s home : the door is also ajar
    • ie : a convergence was building up and then : the door to evil was opened
  • .
  • is the Linda that the Giant refers to the 1950s young woman walking home in ep. 8 ?
  • is she Donna Hayward’s mother in a wheelchair?
  • “apparently bats have very complicated family lives”
  • strange reptilian creature hatches from egg following A-bomb disruption of realities, looks like a cross between a frog and lizard, develops wings & looks like a disgusting insect
    • similar to a bat, like a vampire : parasitic, infectious, corrupting and evil
  • advent of post ww2 media through increased technological manipulation of atoms / electricity / magnetism  = opportunity for demonic forces to put people to sleep / mind control in preparation for the ‘new age of aquarius’ that is obviously referenced by the dark woodsman in the radio station
  • the young woman seems ill-fated, she falls asleep like the others hearing the radio waves but the hatched creature comes for her as her mouth is hypnotically opened, allowing it to enter her
  • almost like a demonic ‘virgin birth’ is going to happen.
  • secret demonic seed breeding has been hinted at already with cooper’s doppleganger possibly having sexually assaulted Diane and Audrey.
  • another cryptic reference to an evil 5th column?…and one whose identity is intentionally hidden?…even over several generations?…

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