wikipedia: The Horrible Cesspool google tries to force us to care about & The laurentian clique’s revelatory complicity in finally retiring the non-consenual human experiment once known as canada, now known as “post-nationalist nation” :)

Over the past four of five years now there has been a very obvious attack on the Osgoode Hall Law School page in the cesspool known as wikipedia, one that has even involved criminal acts such as violating privacy and launching cyber-attacks intended to destroy people’s computers. Whatever is behind it remains unclear but there are some likely possibilities. What would not have been anticipated as a likely possibility or a possibility at all, was that the canadian governing class would casually observe blatant acts of suppression and obvious biases against anything that might be favorable to Osgoode’s brand without any concern.

It’s a surprise but it does have an explanation. Regardless, the only conclusion anyone still sane can arrive at is that both Osgoode and what its brand represents, the mysteriously bolstered but undeniably laughable pseudo nation called ‘canada’, is over. And so it is, that canarda as a deceptively well publicized nation state has finally been dismantled in a most unexpected manner. For it was ‘Osgoode Hall’ that made canarda a seemingly legitimate country more than anything else. That might sound like an overstatement but let’s think about it: u of toronto is now more representative of international jewry and american interests, mcgill is well – regarded but functions primarily as an anglo enclave to maintain influence over Quebec, queen’s is old and at one time was semi-important in canada but it is way too scottish, not big enough, not in a major city and barely known outside of canarda, all of which can more or less be said about mount allison, kings college (which is old but isn’t competitive and is unknown), and dalhousie. How about ubc? Come on, it’s way on the west coast. No. It’s only OSGOODE LAW that has all the necessary components. As a single institution Osgoode is THE canadian institution for world class representation for higher education which has influence of import and has influenced significant parts of canadian history. No, it might not be the *most* competitive law school in canada…but yes, it is one of them: don’t ever think that can be buried. It is toronto and then a tie between Osgoode and mcgill. Sure, none of them are oxbridge, grande ecoles, sorbonne, or harvard and yale law. Sure, the difference between a lot of canadian law schools is actually minimal (including between toronto, osgoode, and mcgill) and there are others with a history that impacts canada. But only Osgoode Law captures everything in one institution without any compromise to its definitive representation of canada as a sovereign nation.

And yet no one intervened to put the fucking wikipedia *criminals* in their place and build the page properly. Hey, it’s their call but, happily for some, that does mean that CANADA IS OVER. I get it: I know a lot of osgoode grads that some canardians don’t want to have to respect, I see those same canardians obsequiously trying to wipe toronto or mcgill’s ass if they’re friends with those grads or associated with those schools, hoping that they can then alleviate their own disappointments by trying to kick osgoode. And I get that some among the governing class likely see a segment of the osgoode grads as just a few migrants drifting on the globe… But you know what else the ‘canadian’ governing class should be hip to? Their ‘country’ is OVER…HAHAHAHAA! Hey no big loss to some of us, we’re already just drifting migrants in any case…but for all those old family canardians, I think they will be in for a rude surprise when they realize that their ‘national’ identity is now meaningless (LOL ! ). As Junior ‘schoolteacher’ Trudeau publicly declared: ‘canada’ is a ‘post-national’…’country’…whatever that means. No one’s really sure. Except for one thing, one thing that is pretty certain: the abusive non-consensual human experiment that’s been operating under the facade of being a new ‘nation’ called ‘canada’…is FINALLY ONCE AND FOR ALL YIELDING TO ITS TRUE MASTERS’ PLANS AS A COMICAL AND PUBLICLY ADMITTED ‘NON-NATION’ SERVING THE INTERESTS OF A FEW OLIGARCHS ARGUING OVER WHO GET’S WHAT IN THE GLOBAL GOVERNMENT’S COMING NEW ORDER. HAHAHAHA.


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