Predators or prey: the choice for toronto lawyers in their filthy cesspool.

While contemplating ongoing shenanigans of the vermin in the dark autistic wiki world that canadian law school wikipedo ‘pages’ have become, it occurred to me that when it comes to real life lawyers in canada things are actually just as diseased as in the aforementioned wikinfestation. That might be hard to believe for those who are privy to just how filthy the criminality of many wikipedian ‘admins’ actually is but don’t take it from me and my very brief experience in toronto’s shockingly deplorable legal environment. As it turns out, there’s plenty of information about the wiki-like shit infested world of toronto lawyers readily available in the public domain.

One story that recently caught my attention immediately brought to mind the sort of humanoid garbage that’s been breeding like a plague in the electronic recesses of wikipedia’s ‘community’ of snorting digitally over-enthused ‘admins’. Its chilling example of implicit deliberative retardation, affective disease and unattended social rot mirrored the uniquely inglorious aggressions experienced by those not yet familiar with the dirt and criminality of wikipedia’s ‘admins’. It mirrored the experience that awaits those innocent healthy few who have unfortunate occasion to participate in the asperger paradise called wikipedia without belonging to a gang of smelly dirtybird buzzards flying on bad faith and wart ridden hard on’s from their digital ‘powers’ as ‘admins’. This is of course, thanks to the endlessly dysgenic cultivation of drooling corruption that now characterizes this rules-retarded ‘community’. So I couldn’t but be forced to revisit the awkward stench of unbathed petty power-hungry animus brought to canadian law school ‘pages’ – most notably that of Osgoode Hall – when I came across the story of Ms. Stephanie Couzin. It appears the once young and upwardly mobile lawyer at a certain toronto law firm called lenczner slaght may have played the role of sacrificial goat in a grotesque but unacknowledged hidden drama that in my opinion drives the psyche of toronto’s legal profession. Much as the repulsive infections that the buzzing cock-eyed turds known as wiki ‘admins’ bring to the Osgoode page are frighteningly disgusting, it seems they would be but a weak reflection of toronto lawyers’ activities in the real world. Most of the articles about the curious creepshow in question seem to have been mysteriously scrubbed from the internet but the matter is discussed in a forum here:

and briefly on this page:

This one was apparently quite an unappealing firm to work in…the same one that represented the late mayor-under-the-influence, international embarrassment, and criminally scandalous toronto icon, mr. Rob ‘person of interest’ Ford, incidentally. In my opinion this law firm seems like it had a pretty crappy, obsessively competitive, and one might even say sociopathic, work environment. It also seems the players in question like the number eleven…which is, yes, ridiculous but as it turns out ridiculous people called ‘freemasons’ run a large part of society including law firms. What a terrible situation for poor Ms. Couzin…I can’t help but wonder whether only the most sociopathic pieces of shit would do well there, likely floating to the top of the intellectual toilet known as professional law. Take for example a mr paul erik. This person apparently thrives in exactly that kind of world and appears very comfortable at this sad law firm, where Stephanie Couzin had gone to work and then promptly killed herself. He appears to share some interests with certain crazy douchebags on wikipedia so I can’t help wondering whether he might even be one of them. But I digress. I’m not going to defame someone I don’t even know. The point is that unfortunately, the sickness that I witnessed on wikipedia is not one confined to that electronic dimension of predatory mental illness. It’s a virus that’s doing just fine out in the real world among people we might be interacting with all the time…and even more so if we are interacting with toronto lawyers. Who really knows what it’s like at this law firm and who really knows what this paul guy is really like or if he’s happy as a lawyer. Certainly not I. But one thing is clear: the legal environment in canada (especially toronto) is a crappy one for anybody normal, anybody who’s not a bordering sociopath.

It’s another ‘win’ for the bottom end of human character and its quietly corresponding top end of canardian ‘society’. Just have a look at the following ridiculous article (I say ridiculous because it fails entirely to address the inescapable realities of canada’s legal profession as fundamentally diseased):

So many stories of lawyers offing themselves have come up that it’s now par for the course to see a certain number of canadian lawyers dropping off before the end of every seasonal cycle of popular TV law shows. A bizarre self-regulated form of culling through the now well established phenomenon of lawyer-suicide is almost taken for granted. Yes, it is now apparently totally normal that somewhere in canada, usually toronto, at least one canadian lawyer will off themselves in any given year.

Maybe those whose sad fate keeps them navigating the smelly waters of the above mentioned toilet should create an annual betting pool on who they think it will be. I’d be in for 20 bucks. My strategy?…figure out which toronto lawyers frequent wikipedia as ‘admins’ and then look at the hapless fools who have to work with them to narrow down the choices.


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