Is Caitlyn Jenner Supposed to be the Mother I Never Really Had in the Jew World Masonic Order?

All this  concern over trannies and their travails in this (selectively) ‘oppressive’ society has gotten me a little confused. A tranny is essentially someone who’s internal identity doesn’t match with their socially externalized embodied one. If that is the case and we are all so concerned then I’m wondering where the concern for all the destroyed migrants is, especially those of mixed ‘races’. After all, how many mental sufferings and burdens must there be out there imposed on various humanoids uprooted from their true bio-social identification and transposed into a foreign, non-fitting scenario against their will that they cannot genuinely conform to?? how about all those who are created from two or more races and cultures without ever having the hope of a clear, consistent, and comprehensive identity to aspire to live up to and be guided by in order to exist in a state of psychological wellbeing based on fundamental reward and fulfillment that is dependent on  psycho-social links to bio-social subgroups and cultures?? I don’t see a major difference between that and a woman trapped inside a man’s body. Well, I guess there is one important difference: while trannies are not intentionally created, the growing masses of dispossessed suffering frankensteins created out of dishonestly designed migration and breeding patterns actually are (!). WHERE IS THE MEDICAL OPERATION FOR ALL THOSE PSYCHOLOGICALLY MANGLED PEOPLE LIVING INTERIOR LIVES OF BROKEN SUB-HUMAN EXISTENCE?! WHERE IS THE MASS MEDIA SUPPORT CAMPAIGN FOR THOSE WASTED HUMANS?! HEY CAITLYN JENNER: I KNOW PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE RECONSTITUTED AS WHITES OR BLACKS OR CHINESE OR INDIANS AND TO BE TRANSPOSED IN A UNIFORM ENVIRONMENT TO WHICH THEY ARE ABLE TO CONFORM AS FULFILLED, TOTALLY REALIZED SOCIAL, BIOLOGICAL AND CULTURAL BEINGS. WHERE ARE YOU CAITLYN?!

Speaking of which, the story of the NAACP freak who claimed to be black is quite obviously a psy-op designed to confuse the public and generate a carefully choreographed discussion that serves to hide the absurdities of the judeo-masonic impositions. In fact, the biggest absurdity might be that the NAACP was actually formed and has long been run by whites and jews! However, that did not make it into the public media discussions. What was too difficult to avoid though was that it is much easier to pretend to be black than to pretend to be white (or jewish) and correspondingly acquire the privileges that follow, much as it was barely addressed by establishment media. The entire NAACP freak story is that of a mind controlled sleeper brought to the fore in order to confuse people who might question the nonsense about Caitlyn Jenner.


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