Retired French professor of philosophy states that today’s philosophy depts are masonic brainwashing:

This is an especially welcome observation since it is EXACTLY what I noticed taking place in the philosophy dept at queen’s (a one time semi decent university that is now humiliated as no longer among the elite due to having become a glorified vocational brainwashing college). One prof in particular even employed the term ‘obscure’ in some of her comments…in other words, she prides herself on bringing the enlightenment of ‘philosophy’ to the unenlightened ‘obscurantism’. Her claim to fame: feminist theory.
The retired prof in the above video states that original philosophers (ie Kant, Schopenhauer) rebelled against the masons. There is no such thing as philosophy today. It has no reason to exist other than as a mystified brand that is used to bolster the credibility of certain people and arguments at certain times. In fact, today’s philosophy depts. spend their time scavenging from sociology, poli sci and law more than anything else.

The retired prof states that from the late ’60s on the masonic influence in philosophy depts became particularly evident and was likely an organized plan to usurp power in philosophy depts so as to use them for political purposes by brainwashing people and controlling culture.