The 3 layers of conspiracies: a seeker’s guide to investigative reports on the nature of human history.

The first layer is what one might go about proving in a criminal trial. This consists of the plots that various parties have entered into or contributed to for mundane motives. The second layer is the question of whether the behavior and plotting is strictly a calculation based on efficient means to ends or whether it is also motivated by a sociopathic culture. Within this culture is the deviant relationship to concepts of social and moral evils. Such relationships often include what might be viewed as ‘illnesses’ that overlap with or incorporate seemingly supernatural elements. The main query in this layer of analysis is whether the supernatural elements of the cultures are solely based on mundane calculations about how such metaphors and myths impact human behavior within the conspiratorial plot and how it affects the general public or whether it is also believed as reality by the conspirators themselves. The third and final layer of the conspiracies is the question of whether the supernatural beliefs could be taken seriously  as possible explanations by rational and honest enquirers looking in from the outside…after all, a lot of things about human experience remain contentious and we are all operating on a series of presumptions that are probability/credibility choices more than anything else.

Should explanations that question reality beyond the ‘natural’ presumptions be considered or is that a dangerous pastime that may itself be part of a conspiratorial plot to derail certain kinds of personalities? It may play that role and it may even play it on purpose but the question remains: how does one evade the issue of intentional metaphoric evil becoming indistinguishable from literal evil, as in the case, for example, of ‘Satanism/Luciferiansim’?


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