New World Religion

Just because people who get together and conspire can’t always do so without some messy lines in the picture doesn’t mean the world isn’t being driven by conspiracies.

The meta conspiracy is the transition into a system of global commercial governance based on a religious ideology for the world population. This is being undertaken in clean and not so clean ways by the dissemination of information that makes current worldviews uncertain for those on the fringe of society. The direction that such informational overloads are pushing people toward is the resurgence of a religious attitude that is not understood to be what it is. By targeting potential cultural leaders with seemingly conflicting information that discredits the establishment doctrine, the establishment is actually finding a way to move their doctrine safely into the transition that they desire. The primary goal is to condition people to be willing to question their presumptions so that a new worldview, not necessarily cohesive at the beginning, can be imposed on the masses without psychically intact dissent. David Icke and Rael are two sides of the same coin despite one using distrust and the other using bon vivant trusting sexuality. Both are bringing about a new world religion through the fringes of potential new cultures that may impact the masses by delegitimizing old paradigms in favor of a new one that revolves around global identification and aliens. They are on the extreme end of the spectrum of manipulation but the proliferation of discussion and investigation into conspiracies has been intentionally hastened by their campaigns. While some such as Noam Chomsky are (unwittingly or not) gatekeepers of the left, some others are intended to open the gates in certain areas for certain target populations for the same ultimate goal.

It seems obvious that a group of powerful oligarchs operates in secrecy and uses secret organizations such as the Masons to design world history toward certain agreed upon ends. And in fact these oligarchs share certain quasi-mystical religious ideologies with the Masons…worldviews that are being put into place in a certain form right now. Still a long way to go though imo.


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