The Jewish Question

Let’s be serious. The jews are simply better at being an organized tribe and advancing their various social interests than any other group. No one else on the planet would be much different than them even though they may claim to be less ignoble. The fact is that all humans and all communities are ignoble when you take a close look. That is why I am convinced that the world is indeed run by a satanic force. However, jews simply made their differences of being a scattered and exclusive minority who took over money-lending into an advantage over time and now they have ousted the wasps as the dominant group. Boo hoo! Too bad for the wasps, frankly.

The only thing that is truly reproachable about the jews is that they employ deceit much more than the wasps and they exploit their own victim status, even grossly exaggerating it shamelessly. They also have a sect which believes them to be the equivalent of a Brahmin caste for the planet while others must be inferiors. Such orthodox brahminism is universally condemned, including by most hindus, but for some reason the jews are allowed to reproduce much the same doctrine with impunity. And here is the main difference between jews and wasps and where the jews must take their position of victory and evolve into something better than they needed to be in the past. They must cease and desist with all the manipulative deception and just come clean. Then there will be nothing to reproach them for and they will simply be the victors, not the oppressors.

After this the question will be what to do about the jewish plan to form a world government based on messianic Judaism while gradually admitting inferior goyim into the role of sub-human noahide. This is a bit offensive and I don’t see how most humans would be ok with it. This religious attitude must be dropped. Indeed, they have allied themselves with and influenced the secret society of the masons and that makes much more sense than messianic Judaism. However, again there has been a history of deceit and manipulation to ensure that some groups within masonry hold the controlling positions. These deceptions must be cast aside.

The jig is up now and we all know that the judeo-masonic team has won…great! So now make it work properly instead of succumbing to evil tendencies and Satanism. Let everyone work just a little bit instead of like desperate slaves so that we all have lots of free time to make use of really advanced public benefits like parks, medicare, entertainment, etc. We don’t need to compete anymore since it is now a world governed economy. And let people stay multicultural if they choose to instead of deeming them inferior and indirectly punishing them if they are not judaified. In the meantime, lets have real interbreeding: including with jews! That way no one has to be excluded and no one will really be at odds with the controllers anymore.


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