Canadian Universities: the perfect cult?

University is the perfect cult since it pretends to justify itself by being the opposite. But since fact, value, and scientific method are ultimately all subject to human interpretation (art) and since numerous variables within large volumes of information create an endless paper chase and a tidal curve that some make a life of trying to keep ahead of both for money and validation through status, it would be a surprise if manipulation and cultic deference were not regular occurrences. In Canada in particular this has become the norm such that real merit is non-existent. It is a fact that TA’s at U of Toronto are selected based on their physical attractiveness and that a recent Governor General’s award to a film prof at Ryerson went to a blown up distorted video of this ‘professor’ getting jacked off by various models…but it is considered high culture and deemed worthy of recognition for its ‘superiority’ since the prof went to establishment schools and comes from a well placed anlgo family. These are just two facts that I am privy to that are kept from the public who is brainwashed into believing some institutions and some people should have more credibility than others.

In light of this, it becomes less surprising that campuses are being intentionally used for sophisticated brainwashing. In fact, brainwashing is likely the only reason for the existence university rankings and for the creation in the ’60s of several strangely useless universities that were all openly branded as ‘leftist’ even though they are controlled by conservative interests. That way anyone who goes along with the brainwashing will be given more credibility when they are accepted as peers in ‘good’ universities while anyone who happens to take up a different opinion will find themselves doing worse at such campuses and will end up finding ‘opportunities’ and better environments at ‘bad’ universities…thereby diminishing the credibility to society of their politically deviant thinking (and their deviant biological origin). Not only that but ‘deviants’ will actually be cultivated for the express purpose of controlling this masquerade. Sometimes they will be groomed for placement in ‘less competitive’ universities to serve as examples of free thinking while being discredited by the greater weight of their colleagues of opposite ideology at ‘better’ universities. And sometimes (especially if they are properly bred) they will be placed in the ‘good’ universities expressly for the purpose of countering the observations I offer here, observations that are not only mine but are shared by many people who are not part of the ‘preferred stock’ of Canadian society which is an particularly casteist one. And as I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog, ‘philosophy’ departments are particularly important in this dirty process by inserting crypto templates for political and cultural spectrums of inquiry within the mysteriously important ‘philosophy’. Skeptics might want to remind themselves that the intentional manipulation of cultural and intellectual capital by the CIA in the world of ‘high art’ in Europe has been exposed and documented by European investigators.

As I have mentioned previously, one of the better examples of the use of a campus for brainwashing is that of Queen’s in Ontario. The spectrum of debate is strictly controlled and the predictable ‘alternative’ viewpoints are carefully managed through selected pseudo-lefitst drama queens. The main offerings of academic faculty outside of the Scottish bigotry of anglo philosophy and conservative politics come in the form of ‘science and technology studies’ (a new stream of narrow and controlled debate) and white anglophone feminism: something which ultimately poses zero threat to establishment doctrines and comes out of a tradition of Scottish racism. Readers still skeptical may wish to look into the recent case of a black female professor who resigned because of the extreme brainwashing and racism that pervaded the faculty and the course content on campus. But do not be fooled by the fact that there are other female professors at Queen’s who may appear to agree with her at selected moments: those are exactly the ones who are most valuable to Queen’s because they actually diminish the public’s (and students’)  perception of the ideological biases that define Queen’s as a university. Their ability to do this comes from the fact that they will take a relatively low-impact issue and inflate it so as to give the appearance of dissent on campus when in reality they are the ones who felt comfortable at Queen’s, were made welcome, and were given tenure because they come out of the same culture and ultimately support the same personal interests as the establishment that tries to inflate the credibility of students who are brainwashed at Queen’s. One white feminist who takes on the meaningless label of ‘philosophy’ comes to mind in particular. She tries to feel important by enjoying her white privileges and basically taking paid vacations to Cuba as a ‘leftist’ while pumping out weak social theory, usually centred around ‘feminism’. Make no mistake though: she likes the status granted to her by the conservative thought police as much as anyone else on that brainwashing campus and chooses to be there for that reason. And, as I have previously mentioned on this blog, like most leftist professors she will in fact be less helpful and less flexible than the others with her students…all the while pretending to be more so, which is especially offensive. Predictably, her leftism is about ‘culture’ and not about political economy…trying to pass off things like Marx and Buddhism as the new mysteriously promising ‘philosophy’. That is not to say that culture is not important. But it is of little impact without material changes in the economy and additionally is reduced to zero impact when the discussion about culture is itself being subverted in subtle ways by only granting full credibility to those whose dissent is in fact minimal. But the impact of this professor is not zero. Its importance is precisely the opposite of what one would initially imagine. The token leftists at Queen’s (and you can probably count them on one hand) are as important to the development (brainwashing) of Canadian society as the other profs because they permit the brainwashing from the rest of the faculty to pass itself off as coming out of a genuine spectrum of debate.

Compare what takes place at Queen’s to what takes place on campuses of continental Europe, which are usually better than Queen’s, and Queen’s comes off as ridiculous. But luckily for the anglos of Canada the discussions of European students and academics are only allowed into Canadian minds selectively through the top down management by the conservative anglos who manipulate and pervert leftist dissent. Still skeptical? Sometimes even an anglo decides to get the fuck out of Queen’s and when they do it is an especially treasured occurrence since it is so rare. Prof. Margaret Beare was faculty at Queen’s for a long time and then left to take a better position at York, cross appointed to Osgoode Hall. She has openly stated in some of her lectures that Queen’s university is mired in its own racist conservative brainwashing, though she uses much softer language.

Queen’s and its friends have been trying to restore its pathetic standing by manipulating the infamous Maclean’s university rankings in its favour…although it won’t ever credibly be better than Mcgill, Toronto, or UBC even by establishment standards. That attempt at restoration, if it is successful, will result in more brainwashing and will contribute to more casteism in Canada. Just as likely though is that Queen’s may never be able to redeem itself from its diminished status…if we are all lucky. Nevertheless, even if Queen’s is seen for what it is the problem of sophisticated brainwashing and unmerited inflation of credibility in Canada through certain universities will not go away. As I suggested above, Toronto is especially good at it.

So unfortunately Canada seems to be stuck in a rather unflattering situation whereby its branding of universities is little more than carefully planned social control. Is that how Canada fosters intellectual development and advantageous contributions from all of its citizenry? Is that how it forms a meritocracy and an egalitarian society? Is that how it responds to its supposed support for ‘pluralistic democracy’? Apparently so.


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