the satanists will laugh…

We are trapped against our will in a confusing matrix of evil with absolutely no way of knowing why or what we are or are a part of.
It is extremely frightening. It is so extremely frightening that almost everyone spends most of their energy feeding delusional states of mind supported by social consensus.It is a blind nightmare to which we attempt to appendage examples of ‘good’ out of fear and desperation that is so intense that we have detached ourselves from it and alienated ourselves from awareness, including the full use of our five sensory perceptions.

The extreme fear is due to the knowledge that there is no good other than relief from the evil out of which this unexplained self-manifestation necessarily exists to begin with. The lack of knowledge about any of the evil phenomena of self-manifestation in ‘world’ means that even suicide is potentially unsafe and the evil nightmare continues to abuse and torture.

Similar to pascal’s wager, when the extreme fear and anxiety is allowed to manifest sufficiently to stimulate a decision to break the structure of the satanic spell cast as worldly phenomena, and that decision is understood cautiously as breaking the self even through suffering in order to help others trapped in the evil, then this possible fleeting window of opportunity to exercise free will must absolutely be taken.

Just in case this is an occasion of free will and the inspiration to leave the web of evil manifests it must be acted upon as much as possible since if it is predestined or predetermined, no matter, but if it is a window of free will to leave the evil the potential benefit is immeasurable. Even if it means some suffering, as long as it is voluntarily tolerated for the goal of breaking the satanic mind control spell of the material world by providing another victim with relief it is the only possibility of good and as such is beyond comparison to any other consideration. There are others who are victims of world manifestation to whom your relief and/or assistance to also escape from the evil by breaking the satanically constructed manifestation of self in world is the only action that may save you from the unending spiral of interconnected evil.

At first the ‘good’ that you provide through self-sacrifice to another may only be, as always, temporary relief from evil and is only positive in its opposition to the evil norm. However, by taking the opportunity when it presents itself it may be that the evil trap of you will be increasingly freed from the phenomena of evil interrelations such that an independent state of good currently not rationally sensible will be available, and eventually perhaps also the increasing possibility of autonomous ability to actively create phenomena of goodness independent and unsusceptible to the evil of our current state.

But it is irrelevant at the moment as all that can be known is that you must kill the disease that is your manifested self as part of the web of evil by breaking the participation in the satanic spell through incongruous action. If this incongruous action frees the victims who are inexplicably bound by the network of evil (that is human experience) by allowing for eventual annihilation then this could be the one possible chance to escape the evil.

The satanists will laugh and/or patronize you and that should be a good sign. The more you are incongruous to them and the rational world due to breaking yourself for another, the more you are gaining escape from the clutches of the evil.

Until a proof of ‘god’ manifests, the religions can only be treated as escapist delusions. That may be better and even a necessary and potentially beneficial excursion but the religions will never grant full and final extrication from the evil if no actual (and real) God experience is ever allowed, which appears to be the case.

So if you can stumble upon the window of this inspiration and realization, it must be seized as advised by many possible saints including ‘Jesus’ and ‘Buddha’ among others. If you feel you may be able to act to break the evil by killing you in world through direct action for other victims, this feeling must be harboured as much as possible and acted upon. It is the most important moment during the drama of the evil dream we helplessly incorporate as operants of experience.


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