The biggest problem (When is lemonade just piss?)

she is a mentally and emotionally retarded ass-wipe. he is a sophisticated classroom experiment (no longer a human) undertaken by the satanic prerogatives of the empire. both are sub-human for being so severely retarded in social, emotional and sexual development.

she is racist yet chose to marry a socially imbecilic campus paki because she is so conditioned to settle for less and then claim she is successful for ‘making lemonade’. her version of ‘love’ is finding weak reasons to settle for a humanoid of a race that she considers to be genetically inferior and socially fatal yet she will exploit it in efforts to escape her shallow puddle of piss existence.

this version of her ‘love’ is what she then she doles out to her children by eagerly exploiting their suffering so as to give herself a role as having the emotional upper hand. apparently she does not care that this necessitates her own offspring’s failure in life. When she does not get to do that she repeatedly attempts to bring her children down to her diseased level by degenerating emotionally with them. so either she tries to bring them down or she acts superior when they are down…but for her benefit and not theirs. in either case she is not only failing but is imposing the burden of her disease on her own offspring.

unlike some women who marry outside of their white enclaves she is not doing so for true love or for excitement or even merely for political or ideological satisfaction. she is truly finding a way to make lemonade by marrying what she views as a sub-human and then pretending that pseudo-hippy jargon can justify her. the problem is that she is not and never was a part of any counter-culture, and the main reason that is the case is that she does not have the strength of character, the emotional maturity or even the intellectual sophistication to be an organic part of such a social movement (no matter how bogus it might have been for the most part).

in the meantime she suppresses her sexuality (which is clearly never satisfied by the lemonade) and every time the one white hypocrite male who patronizes her campus paki does his deceptive socialist duty by showing up to a pathetic invite from said husband (a request…no, let’s face it, more like a plea) she struggles not to pander to him (the white hypocrite) like a dirty schoolgirl in special ed heat.

don’t let that put you off though because then you’ll fail to notice that the campus paki spends his time masturbating to porno and acting like an emotionally and sexually retarded colonial monkey falling all over his female students…but only the ones who are pure breed german. I SHIT YOU NOT.

punchline: he made a career out of going off the rails over racism and western imperialism, destroying marxism in the process, much to the delight of those he was railing against.

did he help any social cause or accomplish anything? absolutely nothing…unless you consider creating and unnecessarily destroying human life an accomplishment. but hey, who cares about that right?


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