Idea for play/movie: ‘Oh Ji’: Canadien (original and only legit spelling of the word which is french) Migrant??

Like all posts here, this is a draft, a work in progress. In this case it is also a creative experiment.

Draft of ideas from scene in play:

1. Why would anyone choose to be a migrant??

2. Why would their offspring be happy about being demoted from birth within the host society??

3. Migrancy is a racial phenomenon more than anything else. The classism is the premise but racial differences are evidently at play. Are Russian migrants more likely not to be racist or racialist? I am not sure.

4. Both environmental and genetic factors form human outcomes of performance and potential. But are there genetic inferiorities to caucasianism among dark genetic groups?

5. Yes there are according to several well educated academics and researchers within many disciplines including hard and soft sciences.

6. Phillip Rushton has many studies from which he argues east asians are slightly superior to caucasians (who form his benchmark) while other non whites are inferior. He includes Roma and south asians as averaging the same as blacks in the range of borderline idiot as compared to whites. He uses the raven progressive matrix test.

7. What does he say about jews? I do not know yet. However, he makes a clear distinction between jews and other north africans, mid easterners, and south asians which are all to be viewed in the same category of average performance (85 vs white 100).

8. There are obviously ways of challenging all his studies and the conclusions derived from them. However, the challenges can only create more speculation not more solid evidence.

9. It is obvious that large numbers of whites and members of the elite establishment support his views regardless of how public discourse is arranged on this topic because he got his funding for his initial controversial study out of U Western Ontario from the Rockefeller Foundation and continues to be supported in various ways by elite groups. His arguments and supporting studies are published in established biology journals in Britain.

10. Rather than wasting time with the same old issues I will summarize what I think is informed wisdom on this topic: those with the gun end up having the highest ‘IQ’. Whoever gets the gun first wins. Once you lose you have to either be phased out through gradual breeding strategies or you have to go to war as a non-equiped loser: clandestine deception and ‘cheating’ and/or terrorism. The choice is yours but the only alternative is generational slavery and more humiliation.

11. This last choice is totally unacceptable since it is humiliation to begin with that appears to have the most impact on human development. Indeed, the final insight is just that. Those who are on a roll and properly organized to mutually support their interests relative (ie in opposition to) others will always reach a far higher potential than otherwise.

12. That potential has never been tested properly since only one group of monkeys picked up the rock to hit the other ones over the head first and has always had the barrel in the other monkeys’ mouths since then.

13. The most interesting among these monkeys are jews. They claim to have been oppressed in the past and apparently scored as retards when first ‘migrating’ to the US. Now they rule the world along with the old feudal dynasties of europe…as has always been the case. Why the anomaly during part of the 1900s?

14. If indeed the non-whites (other than ‘chinks/nips/gooks’ etc as many supporters of racialist theories would call them, though I would not use such terms) are inferior then what exactly is going on on the planet?? I do not believe it is appropriate to manage them as one might do with wildlife nor do I view such management, if that is how it is to be understood, as having unfolded as anything other than satanic slavery.

15. Are the Chinese chosen to be the blend with the whites and jews for the next phase of human history? It would seem so.

16. Are we supposed to believe in manifest destiny? Again, it would seem so. If that is correct then all non-whites and non-east asians should be exterminated. Any providence that exploits and humiliates them as slaves is the providence of a diabolical, not divine, force.

17. If they are not exterminated painlessly then it is their natural mandate to reverse the power relations so that they have the gun barrel in the mouth of the whites and jews (and maybe east asians as well).

18. It is obvious and easy to understand how a criminal or a dysfunctional person can be created through circumstance and how that can, when coupled with humiliation and some leadership along with desperation and irrevocable cheapening of this life, easily develop into ‘terrorism’.

19. The fact that everyone was told that that was not an adequate explanation for 911 is evidence of conspiracy and/or psychological (ie non-cognitive) barriers to awareness and understanding. In other words, ‘mental age’ can be manipulated through emotions that have to do with power relations and social consensus.

20. Supposing there is some truth to the racialist theory (which I’m quite willing to do), the next question is whether races are manufactured so that identification with a race is bogus and all should be eugenically planned for the future…obviously the answer is yes. Do the whites and jews have a problem with this? I don’t. I would not pass on my genes and I don’t care. Should whites not care that their genes will not all be passed on? They must mix with Chinese. But should they? Or should the Chinese be taking over completely in the end?

21. The other question is why the socially fucked over would ever agree to the international socialism (deference to newly evolving global governance authorities) that is now being pushed (btw the multiple examples of ‘cooperation in nature’ circulating the web news pages are tiresome). Lets get this straight now: before we were pissed on and told that society is about rugged individuals who cooperate competitively according to plural but separate interests…but now that we are moving into the next phase of global choreography the dance is changing and we should no longer protect out interests but instead agree to become more socialistic and find ‘common interest’, presumably in accordance with what we are taught as objective by the ruling whites.

Listen carefully: F-U-C-K  Y-O-U.

22. After having our lives satanically ruined for generations before for not being the bossy monkeys with the gun we’re now told to learn the new script that now suits the whites and jews?? NO FUCKING WAY. If the only real solution is war lets go, follow your own bullshit mantra and ‘just do it’. Otherwise bring the restitution and reorganization that is egalitarian (yes, we know that won’t happen so as I said: YES YOU WANT. TOTAL WAR.) We are already dead so don’t pretend you can reverse that now.

Comments are welcome as long as they are civil and constructive.


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