Why are conservative profs so much more egalitarian than leftist ‘academes’?

In all the years of university studies I’ve been processed through as well as all the work (and a good number of life) experiences I’ve had, I have noticed a pattern that strikes me as counter-intuitive. The pattern goes something like this: profs, supervisors, managers, bosses, leaders, activists and many a student who are staunchly capitalist (as opposed to socialist of any sort including communists) are a thousand times more likely to be fair and understanding on a personal level in their dealings with you as a student, a worker, or a layperson who might have a distinct set of mental habits and values. They are also much more sincere in their desire to help everyone, including those on the fringe of social existence. In contrast, the vast majority of people on the left are not only living definitions of the word hypocrisy in their private lives but are the most elitist, coercive, manipulative, deceptive, self-aggrandizing and subtly abusive professionals I ever come across. And sometimes the abuse is not subtle at all.

Could it be that classical leftism is actually TOTAL BULLSHIT? I am sorry to say that that is the conclusion I have come to over the years. I am not talking about some recent movements from both the left and the right that are about specifically exposing the duplicitous traps laid within the socialism and conservatism  the is fostered by the establishment but do not hold out any standard version of left or right as the solution. Rather, it is the standard fare among the established leftists that I can no longer keep down after a meal.

And I know through the grapevine of several particularly shocking examples of leftist perversions from ridiculous feminist follies, to abuses of both staff and clients at community legal clinics, to well-known senior partners at law firms supposedly dedicated to certain public interest struggles being described as sociopathic despots who resort to elaborate bullying whenever convenient.

Amazingly, the right is a vast improvement. I’m not saying they’re all awesome but by the numbers this group is much more desirable. Many are slightly unpleasant but its usually not personalized since they believe in merit and competition leading to hierarchies in the first place. Some are very unpleasant no doubt. But a good number, and it needs to be said: a number much higher than among the lefties, are some of the fairest and most helpful people you will ever have a working or learning relationship with. Why? Because the left either cannot genuinely function or has been irrevocably perverted into a very sophisticated cult of satanic inversions and dupery.


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