Will the joke be on the west, as always?

NOTE: This blog entry had been tampered with to undermine its effect. That should give the reader all they need to know about what k-town and eastern canarda generally is really about.

After making use of the balkanization of canada and pitting the west against the east, it seems the ‘western’ conservatives are now ready to swing the pendulum back toward ‘unity’. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given that those ‘western conservatives’ are primarily comprised, oddly, of ontario establishment ‘elites’. There’s Jim Flaherty for example, who graduated from Princeton University and Osgoode Hall..there’s Tony Clement who graduated from uoft law..there’s Lisa Rait who graduated from Osgoode Hall, there’s John Baird who graduated from queens…there’s Peter Van Loan who graduated from Osgoode Hall…And then there’s Prime Minister Steven Harper who was raised in swanky Leaside in toronto, the son of an ‘accounting executive’ at Imperial Oil and who initially studied at uoft (Harper, an unusually good student, abandonned uoft’s disappointing mediocre standard and moved to Calgary, eventually graduating with a master’s degree from the  University of Calgary). These recent pretensions of concern over ‘unity’ really just mean we’re getting back to the st lawrence compact with the emphasis on old scottish anglo ontario. One possible example of this trend already beginning is the latest fixing of the only university rankings in canada, which are done by uoft-controlled maclean’s magazine. (There had been another called the Gourman Report but apparently uoft didn’t like it because they were actually objective).

The latest law school rankings (n.b. they no longer exist…), which up until recently had been used to maintain american establishment control over the canadian legal profession (not hard to do btw) while also promoting possible western successes, now appears willing to demote Calgary in favor of promoting queens. There are good reasons for the eastern canardians to want to promote a conservative brainwashing operant conditioning based training-college such as queens. However, it is informative and should be noteworthy to westerners that these u-toronto-controlled magazine whores are happy to demote Calgary in the process. They should also know that not only is queens a fraudulent brand that produces dangerous automatons, it is the most eastern establishment british-monarchistic university in canada and as such is in many ways the antithesis of the values and interests most associated with western canada, which are typically much more libertarian and independently minded.

Believe it or not, maclean’s expects people to find legitimate that queens might rank as 3rd best law school in canada right now (this was several years ago). Not only is that ridiculous based on what that law school produces but it lacks all credibility when we see that queens is placed above other obviously better law schools such as mcgill, uvic or ubc and is even bizarrely closer to Osgoode Hall, which is ranked right above at second place, than anyone with knowledge about canadian law schools would believe. (Conspicuously placed first is uoft, something that in all likelihood will never change at this point given that their conspiracy with the U.S. to be put forward as canada’s best school has largely been accomplished…who says grade inflation and admissions stat fraud doesn’t work?!)

As someone who graduated from a reputable Canadian law school and was called to the Bar (details withheld to preserve some anonymity) and who later also enrolled in a graduate program at queens, successfully receiving high grades, I think I can provide some insight into how ridiculous the maclean’s rankings are. Let me begin by saying that I consider most rankings to be somewhat misleading and even dishonest. They are never genuinely indicative of where you will get the best education or even the best reputation after you graduate. To determine that would be very simple and very complicated. It would require two things: one would be to track the admissions stats year by year, with oversight to prevent fraud a la toronto from resulting in real increase in admissions stats later on (simple), and the second would be to make reputational rankings legitimate by preventing them from being influenced by publicized rankings (complicated). Regardless, for now canada is stuck with maclean’s and its u of toronto interests so I will focus on that.

While there isn’t actually that much difference between canadian law schools, I think it is obvious that they are seen as falling into about five categories (now it’s more like four). There is the mysterious case of uoft law which had eventually come to usually be presumed as most competitive due to some fraud that made it seem like it was, thus manufacturing a real change in the applications. So I would place u of toronto law in its own ‘special’ category…both as ‘probably the best’ and as having engaged in fraud, yes, really. After that there is Osgoode, mcgill, and ubc which are all roughly equal, with Osgoode generally considered the best in this cohort. Then there is, or rather was, u of western ontario and queens which are again, more or less equal (n.b. Since this entry  was first published both of these schools have become largely irrelevant and no longer merit being in their own category). The next tier, so to speak, is comprised of the remaining bulk of law schools, other than Windsor, Manitoba and Moncton, each of which are not particularly competitive. These remaining schools are the University of Calgary, u of alberta, uvic, u of saskatchewan, u of ottawa, dalhousie and new brunswick, and now queens and western ontario. (There are now additionally some newly created law schools in ontario and BC but none of them are particularly competitive so I won’t comment on them). These schools are all roughly equal but I would suggest that New Brunswick is a little worse (because of its admission stats and placement rate) and that Calgary is a little better. The U of Calgary law school is a little better because of its placement stats as well as its location and connection to corporate head offices along with its historical emphasis on natural resources and regulatory law which has propelled it to increasingly relevant status. For example, the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Law now boasts the highest rate of articles obtained by graduating law school students out of any law school in Canada. As for Francophone civil law schools in Quebec, the ones that matter are Laval and Montreal. Both, imo, also fall into middle bulk grouping of schools, perhaps being slightly better and on par with the University of Calgary.

So, when we see maclean’s letting queens inch up to 3rd place (n.b. several years ago but no longer the case) in all its predictable mediocrity and the University of Calgary inching down one place from last year we have to ask whether this is a trend that will continue. Because if so, we can see the conservative establishment attempting to build up queens on a relative scale and trying to use Calgary as its offset (no longer the case, they tried and they failed: the U of Calgary is increasingly recognized). That should provide pause for many a westerner since the U of Calgary is actually westerners’ greatest asset. As an institution that can develop and promote genuine Western Canadian voices and culture, the University of Calgary, particularly its resource and regulatory focused law school, holds the most potential. (It is important to make note here that ubc and uvic are much more dominated by an almost pathetic eastern liberal envy that can even be found at u of alberta which additionally is primarily a graduate archaeology research university, ie dinosaurs). The U of Calgary does indeed provide this potential, potential that western canada should no doubt be eyeing keenly… unless of course, the western conservative movement was a fraudulent manipulation.

In any event I can offer my two cents about queens: it’s a lot of pretentious hot air from ontario trying to hang on to a reputation it once had as one of the top unis in canada, along with mcgill and toronto. Unfortunately, that reputation has not been warranted for a couple of decades now and most people in academia know it (which is saying something since academia lends itself very readily to cultic branding that would and has favored fraudster circles such as those from queens). In recent years queens has rightly been called out for being the racist and ontario-styled narrowly conservative scottish guard training college that it truly is. I can attest to the fact that the culture and ethos among students and faculty on that campus is appallingly rigid. The courses are designed to train students according to predetermined ideologies in a way that I have never come across during my interactions socially or as a student with any other university community, in canada or abroad. The best thing I could say about queens is that it recruits Type-A-Personalities who are roughly akin to a two-dimensional replication of Lisa Simpson, minus any character. These are the types who like doing their homework regularly and thinking mechanically so they can be validated by their cookie-cutter teachers. In fact, I would say queens is one of the worst universities in canada and qualifies more as a slightly competitive vocational college than anything else – the vocation being either schoolteacher (LOL), establishment parrot or professional student who makes a career out of never taking risks or thinking independently. So if someone is unable to get into mcgill, toronto, or ubc  they should go to the next most competitive unis which are the University of Calgary, macmaster, waterloo, and ualberta. But please don’t be fooled by queens: it is not a real university.

For a great example of sad attempts at critical thinking coming out of queens have a look at this video. It’s from one of the many old anglo feminist dupes/hypocrites who populate the faculties at queens, in this case the disgraced joke of a law faculty…it’s comedy gold:

if the above link doesn’t work just google ‘tarek fatah on jackass law professor bev baines’

Amazingly, the establishment of the east is attempting to inflate the fallen queens brand even while queens continues to put forward their intellectually sub-standard white feminist grannies as justification for pretending to have a spectrum of thought on their campus. Putting forward these anglo feminists is actually in keeping with the ugly reality of queens since the original feminists were rigidly puritanical and notoriously racist but it is telling that queens is still being propped up by the media.

Could it be that Calgarians, and westerners in general, were used personally as reactionary dupes and their money used for short term opportunism when all the while the plan was to pan them in favor of eastern money when the time is right? Time will tell.

Update: the junior trudeau government is largely comprised of the old laurentian compact and other eastern liars…no surprise then that they are trying to undermine Calgary and its university. What is surprising however, and in a good way, is that the rest of the world has already come to realize that the U of Calgary is one of canada’s best universities, with the Times Higher Education even naming it the number one newer university in North America. So while there has indeed been some aggression toward Calgary’s economy from eastern money, its impact is limited and given the University’s increasingly strong reputation, Calgary won’t be going downhill anytime soon. Sorry justin, not this time!


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