why big oil and natural gas remains not only reality but desirable for at least the next 50 years.

Greens need to get a grip on reality…no big oil? in case they forgot, we don’t live in a privileged world of self-deceiving naturists. we still live in the same time space dimension and it is still shit in one important way: humans are selfish monkeys with unequal powers. Rather than pretend that war won’t ensue by trying to break up existing power structures through the doling out of new forms of energy distribution, they would do better to admit that everything they want actually depends on big oil. Even as a transitory phase toward solar or other forms of energy, there will never be a time when they are not depending on big oil in their lifetime.

More ridiculous is the fact that the vast majority of ‘righteous’ activists against big oil are co-0pted into vilifying fracking and tar sands when it is obvious that such developments could be more easily spun as a progression toward social and environmental justice since they detract from the centuries old ongoing carnage of middle eastern oil.


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