True Skeptics Need Not Apply

Established powers do not want people to entertain notions of metaphysical idealism despite the fact that it remains an open question. In this sense, ‘skeptics’ need not apply to high ranking universities (especially philosophy departments) unless they will ultimately serve to circumscribe the possibilities of legitimating the metaphysics of transcendental idealism found in Kant and Hegel among others. So ironically, it is not the ‘skeptic’ in the sense of the scientific investigator that I am talking about but rather the skeptic who refuses to be subjugated by the pro-realism worldviews currently pushed on campuses and in academic discourse. The championed skeptics within scientific culture who slip in the presumptive premise that science has proven material realism (the existence of an external objective world that does not have any part of its cause in any ‘mind’) pretend that they are evidence that academic objectivity is alive and well while actually serving to limit genuine intellectual development.

I believe it is partly because of their cowardice in the face of the Sokal hoax, something that may have been incited so as to have this result. Those who have an interest in controlling the population through scientism and in suppressing metaphysical idealism for political reasons that cross over to ethnic struggles for cultural supremacy are likely the ones orchestrating this sophisticated fraud.


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