The Matter of the Mind

Mind control: amazing because of its own unending power regardless of concrete evidence since the whole premise is that witnesses can never be reliable. Even if none of it is factually accurate the existence of such theories may be itself evidence of manipulation at work. So the question becomes not whether a conspired manipulation exists but whether it is the act of conspiring to create doubt and distraction or the acts actually alleged in the accounts that result in doubt and distraction. And since such ‘hysteria’ and urban legend has a life of its own in any case, no clear evidence of even the first lesser conspiracy can be identified.

On the one hand, it perpetuates the most valuable elements of religion to factions seeking social control, and on the other it allows for insanely aggressive experiments and violations to develop as programs (and possibly even internal cultures among the controlling factions) with greater and greater assurance of impunity. It is an approach not unlike that of Seinfeld or “the Agenda” on the appropriated and sullied “tvo”. (more on that later) They found a way of enhancing their own criminality by pushing the objections into people’s minds before they even came up with them. That way, by the time the objections have been formulated they are already constructed in a manner that favors the original criminality. It’s more than just setting up a straw man: it’s creating the real one in the first place (who is slated to die).

The only reason it is able to happen is because life on earth is a bad thing overall. It’s a bad thing because it is primarily defined by its competitive and exclusionary nature which is the first cause of all interpretation of experience. No matter who it is, any opportunity to reconstruct reality so that they feel superior will always end up being taken. Hence, conspiracies and secret societies largely govern history. Some celebrate their selfishness and cultivate sadism while others find justifications for why a possible interpretation of reality is justified that conveniently gives them a better rank in relation to others but either way the outcome is the same. Perhaps even sadder than variations of ‘satanism’ are the heroes of the losers in the competition. These people are either partial losers themselves who are partisan weaker imitations of what they are fighting against or a bizarre perversion of selfishness in which the need to go beyond normal expectations of success drives them to claim to be not only the best at everything but also eradicating evil. Paradoxically, the glamorous heroes are indirectly nullifying their own purported goals every time they succeed. In reality the answers are not that difficult: rudimentary utilitarianism solves all problems by just killing off inferiors with a painless process. But people cling to life out of a mixture of fear and selfish hope. Any possibility of rising beyond that is carefully managed by the winners of the food chain so that up until recently it was associated with evil to mention the obvious (euthanasia and eugenics). But now that the population is starting to get a little too large and the organized slavery is being restructured, the rational simplicity of this utilitarianism is starting to be promoted as less and less ‘evil’ or ‘crazy’ than in the past.

First it became a recurring theme in Doctor Who for the ‘hero’ character in each story to sacrifice his or her life for a greater good. This was never a theme in the old Dr whos in which the old ‘sanctity of life’ theme was dominant.

Here’s my idea for the next episode or perhaps a fashionably promoted performance/concept art exhibition: a magician brings people onto a stage and blows their heads off. then he gives their family a gift certificate for free cloning and regeneration of the dead person. the certificate is a mirror with instructions to hold at face and the words “jack off here” pointing to the eyes. then people can go to a complaints department where they watch an instructional video in which Carrot-top walks into a room with a ventriloquist’s dummy who tells the audience his name is Spirit-quest before picking up a gun and blowing Carrot-top’s head apart all over the camera lens. Then the lights come on and the same gun is on a table with a sign that says “help stop crime: follow instructions from video”.

Ep. 2: Artist creates a clone of himself. After talking with the original the clone shakes his head and commits suicide. The artist is having second thoughts…about not agreeing with the clone’s basic wisdom.

When the ‘satanic panic’ hit the 80s it was a result of the escalation of events from ww2 which were starting to get busted by the public. The response was to bring out a bunch of people talking about it so openly and brazenly that no one would be able to react apart from watching it as a circus. Either people would become religiously reactionary or polarized against believing any of it, especially as the religious zealots get involved. Either way the naughty bosses win since the religious people serve their purpose by making people more easily controllable (particularly toward conservative politics) while the rest of the population is now motivated to dismiss it and even champion accused weirdos as victims of crazy religion. They were already in a position to successfully obstruct the justice process so it was a question of turning it into an opportunity rather than avoiding punishment. While covering up anything that would result in convictions and officially legitimized exposure, they flooded the circus with variations and caricatures of the evidence. As a result, any corroborating voices who come forth from then on will be ostensibly contaminated as witnesses to any actual facts while the circumstantial bases for the theories become mythologies of ‘wild and weird america’ as though they are either untrue or don’t merit serious concern or investigation.

How much have royal/feudal dynasties yielded in favor of ‘meritocracy’? very little. but even where they do, it only serves to justify their position and reinforce that the masses deserve to suffer. Those who always have advantages anyway will statistically walk away with more in the ‘merit’ based competition, occasionally getting themselves dirty to ‘prove’ that distribution of wealth and power is merited.

What part of these recurring patterns is evil? More specifically, why do I believe some of the controllers are akin to what would be called ‘satanic’ in western culture? Because they have sustained human life exclusively for the purposes of miserable exploitation as opposed to greater happiness and because along the road to control comes self-aggrandizement that includes slaves, rape, and status, all of which have resulted in documented incidents of criminally abusive behaviors. Moreover, mass mind control to manipulate world history toward a greater end has likely never required the dirt that has been intentionally produced by the controllers. some pretend to themselves that it did, does, and will while others know they are evil.

which brings me to the most interesting part of it all: satanic mind control cults and political history. thankfully for the sociopaths who, like the competitive cream that they are, rise to the top of the food chain, the majority of people they work with like to pretend that the world is mostly a good place with happy outcomes that they contribute to. That’s why they enable all of the predictably disastrous decisions that are more a product of sociopathic sadistic design than hope for a better world. That’s why some of them ran around promoting lsd as though they weren’t being selfishly blind in their assessment of reality and then surprisingly didn’t seem to care that much when something they acted as though might be the saving grace of humanity ended up blowing up in everyone’s face. Excuses are presented if necessary even though the context of their enthusiasm should have been addressed by them from the beginning. As with the leading immigration lawyers and other middle and upper class champions of social justice in canada, they praised the gospel of hope and inclusion while they could benefit and then strangely lack any sense of guilt over the consequences of their own incomprehensible shortsightedness. But luckily for human history the ‘bad cops’ at the party are not so shortsighted so the mayhem ends up fitting a progressive continuity…just not the ‘progress’ anyone openly admitted to.

for the record: there are guilty parties out there who used my sentience for an ulterior motive and, like anyone, if they could be made to pay I’d look for a way to make it happen. lies that seem benevolent are usually the worst ones.

I think the few winners who’ve always had a ‘benevolent’ curiosity about me have ‘learned’ something. they mentioned it once on tv when it became important to face reality about immigration, one fellow saying ” the people who immigrated here were adventurous risk takers who wanted to start something in a new place and build a new life” or such and such, “but their children ARE NOT”. Lucky he went to oxford or wherever the fuck or he’d never have figured out that obscure, almost undetectable reality: that I and others are not grateful for having been used as casualties of duped pioneers in a colonial restructuring program. although maybe he didn’t need to be a genius to figure that out. at least, by the time I’d had my life and mind fucking ruined I think anyone’s hindsight would have considerably improved. the disturbing part is that most social outcomes, contrary to what the mouthpieces at the top claim, are amazingly PREDICTABLE.

Maybe they can learn something else from my odd perspective. Perhaps that I do not see value to a human life that has no credible hope of being on the happy end of the primate curve we call capitalist society.

When do people believe their own lies out of convenience and when do they know a truth but intentionally lie? It’s a bizarre feature of successful people that they are always able to find conviction in whatever interpretation of reality happens to work in their favor.

Mercy killings: the only honest action for people who use the word ‘love’ in their common vernacular? and yes, that just included me. I should be killed or made whole. Its the extension of the abuse for unacknowledged selfish purposes under the guise of ethics that is so repugnant.



2 thoughts on “The Matter of the Mind

  1. Shortly after I started this blog Saturday Night Live introduced a skit entitled Real Housewives of Disney featuring Lindsey Lohan. No doubt the writers were aware of their own role in hypereality and chose to hyperdisnify a hypereal ‘reality’ show. They probably want to believe that hyperdisney is a beneficial and natural process and that hypodisney is an impossible dream. They’re probably right, at least for people like myself who have no control over anything to begin with and therefore no role other than deluded spectator.

    (hypereality is a term related to alienated experience in a televised world)

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