Predators or prey: the choice for toronto lawyers in their filthy cesspool.

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While contemplating ongoing shenanigans of the vermin in the dark autistic wiki world that canadian law school wikipedo ‘pages’ have become, it occurred to me that when it comes to real life lawyers in canada things are actually just as diseased as in the aforementioned wikinfestation. That might be hard to believe for those who are privy to just how filthy the criminality of many wikipedian ‘admins’ actually is but don’t take it from me and my very brief experience in toronto’s shockingly deplorable legal environment. As it turns out, there’s plenty of information about the wiki-like shit infested world of toronto lawyers readily available in the public domain.

One story that recently caught my attention immediately brought to mind the sort of humanoid garbage that’s been breeding like a plague in the electronic recesses of wikipedia’s ‘community’ of snorting digitally over-enthused ‘admins’. Its chilling example of implicit deliberative retardation, affective disease and unattended social rot mirrored the uniquely inglorious aggressions experienced by those not yet familiar with the dirt and criminality of wikipedia’s ‘admins’. It mirrored the experience that awaits those innocent healthy few who have unfortunate occasion to participate in the asperger paradise called wikipedia without belonging to a gang of smelly dirtybird buzzards flying on bad faith and wart ridden hard on’s from their digital ‘powers’ as ‘admins’. This is of course, thanks to the endlessly dysgenic cultivation of drooling corruption that now characterizes this rules-retarded ‘community’. So I couldn’t but be forced to revisit the awkward stench of unbathed petty power-hungry animus brought to canadian law school ‘pages’ – most notably that of Osgoode Hall – when I came across the story of Ms. Stephanie Couzin. It appears the once young and upwardly mobile lawyer at a certain toronto law firm called lenczner slaght may have played the role of sacrificial goat in a grotesque but unacknowledged hidden drama that in my opinion drives the psyche of toronto’s legal profession. Much as the repulsive infections that the buzzing cock-eyed turds known as wiki ‘admins’ bring to the Osgoode page are frighteningly disgusting, it seems they would be but a weak reflection of toronto lawyers’ activities in the real world. Most of the articles about the curious creepshow in question seem to have been mysteriously scrubbed from the internet but the matter is discussed in a forum here:

and briefly on this page:

This one was apparently quite an unappealing firm to work in…the same one that represented the late mayor-under-the-influence, international embarrassment, and criminally scandalous toronto icon, mr. Rob ‘person of interest’ Ford, incidentally. In my opinion this law firm seems like it had a pretty crappy, obsessively competitive, and one might even say sociopathic, work environment. It also seems the players in question like the number eleven…which is, yes, ridiculous but as it turns out ridiculous people called ‘freemasons’ run a large part of society including law firms. What a terrible situation for poor Ms. Couzin…I can’t help but wonder whether only the most sociopathic pieces of shit would do well there, likely floating to the top of the intellectual toilet known as professional law. Take for example a mr paul erik. This person apparently thrives in exactly that kind of world and appears very comfortable at this sad law firm, where Stephanie Couzin had gone to work and then promptly killed herself. He appears to share some interests with certain crazy douchebags on wikipedia so I can’t help wondering whether he might even be one of them. But I digress. I’m not going to defame someone I don’t even know. The point is that unfortunately, the sickness that I witnessed on wikipedia is not one confined to that electronic dimension of predatory mental illness. It’s a virus that’s doing just fine out in the real world among people we might be interacting with all the time…and even more so if we are interacting with toronto lawyers. Who really knows what it’s like at this law firm and who really knows what this paul guy is really like or if he’s happy as a lawyer. Certainly not I. But one thing is clear: the legal environment in canada (especially toronto) is a crappy one for anybody normal, anybody who’s not a bordering sociopath.

It’s another ‘win’ for the bottom end of human character and its quietly corresponding top end of canardian ‘society’. Just have a look at the following ridiculous article (I say ridiculous because it fails entirely to address the inescapable realities of canada’s legal profession as fundamentally diseased):

So many stories of lawyers offing themselves have come up that it’s now par for the course to see a certain number of canadian lawyers dropping off before the end of every seasonal cycle of popular TV law shows. A bizarre self-regulated form of culling through the now well established phenomenon of lawyer-suicide is almost taken for granted. Yes, it is now apparently totally normal that somewhere in canada, usually toronto, at least one canadian lawyer will off themselves in any given year.

Maybe those whose sad fate keeps them navigating the smelly waters of the above mentioned toilet should create an annual betting pool on who they think it will be. I’d be in for 20 bucks. My strategy?…figure out which toronto lawyers frequent wikipedia as ‘admins’ and then look at the hapless fools who have to work with them to narrow down the choices.

wikipedia: That horrible cesspool that google forces us to have to care about and the canadian elite’s complicity in undermining their own institution.

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Over the past four of five years now there has been a very obvious attack on the Osgoode Hall Law School page in the cesspool known as wikipedia that has even involved crime in the form of invasion of privacy and cyber attacks. Whatever is behind it is unclear although there are some likely possibilities. What I did not think was a likely possibility however, was that the canadian governing class would sit by and watch outrageous suppression of anything that might be favorable to Osgoode’s brand without some sort of intervention or support given to those making legitimate contributions to that wikipedia page.

When something like that happens you can only conclude that your connection to these people and what they represent (including the country that the institution they are throwing under the bus is part of) is over. And so it is, that canarda as a nation state has finally been dismantled in a most unexpected manner. For it is Osgoode that makes canarda a country more than anything else. That might sound like an overstatement but let’s think about it: u of toronto is now more representative of international jewry and american interests, mcgill is well – regarded but functions primarily as an anglo enclave to maintain influence over Quebec, queen’s is old and at one time was semi-important in canada but it is way too scottish, not big enough, not in a major city and barely known outside of canarda, all of which can more or less be said about mount allison, kings college (which is old but isn’t competitive and is unknown), and dalhousie. How about ubc? Come on, it’s way on the west coast. No. It’s only OSGOODE LAW that has all the necessary components. As a single institution Osgoode is THE canadian institution for world class representation for higher education which has influence of import and has influenced significant parts of canadian history. No, it might not be the *most* competitive law school in canada…but yes, it is one of them: don’t ever think that can be buried. It is toronto and then a tie between Osgoode and mcgill. Sure, none of them are oxbridge, grande ecoles, sorbonne, or harvard and yale law. Sure, the difference between a lot of canadian law schools is actually minimal (including between toronto, osgoode, and mcgill) and there are others with a history that impacts canada. But only Osgoode Law captures everything in one institution without any compromise to its definitive representation of canada as a sovereign nation.

And yet NO ONE intervened to put the fucking wikipedia *criminals* in their place and build the page properly?! Hey, it’s their call but that DOES mean that CANADA IS OVER. I get it: I know a lot of osgoode grads that some canardians don’t want to have to respect, I see those same canardians obsequiously trying to wipe toronto or mcgill’s ass if they’re friends with those grads or associated with those schools, hoping that they can then alleviate their own disappointments by trying to kick osgoode grads. And I get that some among the governing class likely see a segment of the osgoode grads as just a few migrants drifting on the globe… But you know what else the ‘canadian’ governing class should be hip to? THEIR “COUNTRY” IS OVER. Hey no big loss to some of us, we’re already just drifting migrants in any case…but for all those old family bred canardians I think they will be in for a rude surprise when they realize that their ‘national’ identity is now meaningless LOL. Congrats IDIOTS!

Calgary vs waterloo: Another example of eastern lies and anti-western conspiracy.

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It’s been years now that the canadian media has been trying to get us to believe that it’s completely normal to think of the university of waterloo as somehow important. Outside of the major universities that already get all the funding and the reputational propping up, waterloo’s image was carefully constructed as that of the new niche up and comer. Even recently cbc (the garbage state funded media) ran a story sourcing some sort of ‘quality of life index’ nonsense that was very prominently declared to be from university of waterloo, as if that matters. Everywhere the eastern controlled media has been trying to build waterloo up, in particular as a newly important institution with a niche of supposed excellence in computer science and tech business innovation that would make it some sort of specialized canadian contender with other major technical institutions around the world (ie MIT and others like it). However, when I sought to examine just what made waterloo so deserving as the darling of the media for the above mentioned new university tech niches I was rather confused by the dearth of evidence to back up the media’s ongoing branding and whisper campaigns. In particular, I was shocked to discover that they had chosen to embark on this branding project for waterloo instead of Calgary.

For years I took the relatively recent ‘understanding’ that waterloo was among the best in canada for certain applied math programs, especially anything to do with computers, IT, or tech industry innovation for granted, as surely justified and legitimate. It was only after noticing that the University of Calgary, which had always been a neutral non-descript kind of university in my mind, was actually an extremely impressive institution with a breadth of top tier standards and accomplishments that were pretty unexpected. What was also unexpected was that Calgary turns out to be one of the world’s best and most significant universities in the very fields that waterloo has been built up as supposedly being world class in. Imagine that. The eastern canadians are spending all their time building up what appears to be the wrong school…a school which just happens to be in…yes, you guessed it: southern ontario.

Is there even any justification for the eastern liars’ ongoing manufactured hysteria about waterloo? Well, it does have a faculty of math and most of their applied math programs are well reputed…because the eastern liars keep telling us that they are, so now they kind of are. That’s pretty frail…almost ridiculous. But here’s where the eastern liars think they can get serious and justify themselves: RIM. Yes, you surely have heard of that ‘famous’ company, right? If you haven’t heard of ‘research in motion’ then you must’ve heard of ‘blackberry’. How could you not given how much over the top media coverage they got all over the world for so many years, possibly decades now. Hmm, yeah I guess that is an accomplishment right? That one thing, blackberry and rim… okay. Now let’s look at the University of Calgary to clarify that the easterners obviously know what they’re talking about and surely would never lie with an anti-Calgary anti-western canada agenda. Hmm, let’s see if Calgary is even relevant for CS stuff, I mean it seems silly to even think of comparing it to waterloo right haha…but wait, what’s this I see?…the University of Calgary is where the inventor of the Java programming language studied?? wow, that’s fucking weird…I mean that already makes Calgary pretty close to what we’re told waterloo is but until recently I’d never even imagined such a comparison could be legitimate. Yet, you read correctly. James Gosling graduated from the University of Calgary with a bachelor’s in CS before going to Carnegie Mellon, which is a pretty competitive US university. Yes, the same James Gosling who invented the Java programming language, no small achievement. This comparison might be a good idea after all. Let’s take a closer look.

Upon closer investigation it actually gets weirder, even more outrageous actually. The list of achievements in the very field that waterloo is supposedly canada’s world class leader in that have come out of University of Calgary graduates is actually quite significant. After Gosling we have a certain Theo de Raadt who was an early pioneer in open source programming and was involved in projects in which he collaborated with the University of California, Berkeley and DARPA…not exactly small fries. And that’s just the CS pioneers of important parts of the IT explosion that dominates everyone’s life on the planet now. There also engineering graduates of the University of Calgary such as Garrett Camp, whose innovations created major business phenomena such as StumbleUpon and Uber. I’d say that’s pretty significant and if I were considering a new university to promote as part of the more ‘elite’ club, using that niche to justify it, I think it would be pretty obvious that it should be the University of Calgary rather than waterloo. But that’s not even where it stops. Because there are actually even more things in that niche that have come out of the University of Calgary. Yeah, really. An early pioneer of wifi who invented WILan working out of UCLA was a graduate of U Calgary in physics, imagine that. Now stay in that imaginary dream world because according to the eastern liars you’d need to be there for this next one. Anyone who studies CS or IT will have likely heard of Xiaolin Wu’s Line Algorithm, an important contribution to image coding…guess where Xiaolin Wu studied CS? You probably guessed China and you’re right. But you know where he also studied? That’s right: after his bachelor’s degree from China (which is known to be on par with MIT for CS) Mr. Xiaolin Wu, a widely published Fellow of IEEE, earned a master’s and Phd in CS from…the University of Calgary. Incidentally, I’m guessing the Chinese are not nearly as ignorant as canadians about the quality of U of Calgary since one of their members of the Chinese Academy of Science, Mingjie Zhang, earned their Phd at the University of Calgary. And believe it or not, that’s not even the end of it. The most important member of New Zealand’s CS community who invented a platform that most of their business networks use and who is their top mathematician is Prof. Ian H Witten, a prodigy who graduated in mathematics from Cambridge and then studied for his master’s and doctorate at…the University of Calgary. Speaking of significant academics in math, CS, or engineering, Gerald Fuller is internationally recognized and holds an important position at Stanford and Klaus-Jurgen Bathe who pioneered the ‘finite element method’ is an engineering prof at MIT.  Both earned their bachelor’s degrees at the University of Calgary and then did graduate studies at CalTech and Berkeley respectively. Even the commerce/MBA graduates are significant innovators in this niche with Jeremy Gutche inventing Trend Hunter and Gary Kovacs heading up Mozilla as its CEO!

But the laurentian ‘elite’ keep telling us that waterloo is the new tech university superstar of canadian academia? This blackberry/rim hype has been going on for over a decade now and what can we actually say about it? How about…blackberry/rim is a FAILED venture?! Yeah, in case anyone forgot, blackberry is a failed product and rim in general is a failed company! I mean holy shit, talk about brazen lying. The eastern canadian press is so full of it that only maggots would keep eating their bullshit. Perhaps that is what they think of the general population: maggots…shit-eating maggots. They pile on the bullshit and the fucking insects eat it up. That’s just the truth.

The reality is that it is the University of Calgary (a university whose science lab model is based off of a physicist who was part of the team that worked on the Manhattan Project and later was an early member of the physics dept) and the city of Calgary that should be favored and promoted as the new hub of technology and innovation for canada, NOT waterloo. So once again, western canada is short changed by the east…and it’s even to the detriment of the entire country since they are throwing support at a loser and undermining a winner: way to manage your human resources easterners! But that’s actually nothing unusual for these shitbags. I wonder…do they think they can hang on to the inroads they made in Calgary during the last election while shoving their fist up Calgary’s arse? They are pretty deluded about themselves so it’s actually possible. If any of them are reading this here’s a tip: don’t count on it.

Is Caitlyn Jenner Supposed to be the Mother I Never Really Had in the Jew World Masonic Order?

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All this  concern over trannies and their travails in this (selectively) ‘oppressive’ society has gotten me a little confused. A tranny is essentially someone who’s internal identity doesn’t match with their socially externalized embodied one. If that is the case and we are all so concerned then I’m wondering where the concern for all the destroyed migrants is, especially those of mixed ‘races’. After all, how many mental sufferings and burdens must there be out there imposed on various humanoids uprooted from their true bio-social identification and transposed into a foreign, non-fitting scenario against their will that they cannot genuinely conform to?? how about all those who are created from two or more races and cultures without ever having the hope of a clear, consistent, and comprehensive identity to aspire to live up to and be guided by in order to exist in a state of psychological wellbeing based on fundamental reward and fulfillment that is dependent on  psycho-social links to bio-social subgroups and cultures?? I don’t see a major difference between that and a woman trapped inside a man’s body. Well, I guess there is one important difference: while trannies are not intentionally created, the growing masses of dispossessed suffering frankensteins created out of dishonestly designed migration and breeding patterns actually are (!). WHERE IS THE MEDICAL OPERATION FOR ALL THOSE PSYCHOLOGICALLY MANGLED PEOPLE LIVING INTERIOR LIVES OF BROKEN SUB-HUMAN EXISTENCE?! WHERE IS THE MASS MEDIA SUPPORT CAMPAIGN FOR THOSE WASTED HUMANS?! HEY CAITLYN JENNER: I KNOW PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE RECONSTITUTED AS WHITES OR BLACKS OR CHINESE OR INDIANS AND TO BE TRANSPOSED IN A UNIFORM ENVIRONMENT TO WHICH THEY ARE ABLE TO CONFORM AS FULFILLED, TOTALLY REALIZED SOCIAL, BIOLOGICAL AND CULTURAL BEINGS. WHERE ARE YOU CAITLYN?!

Speaking of which, the story of the NAACP freak who claimed to be black is quite obviously a psy-op designed to confuse the public and generate a carefully choreographed discussion that serves to hide the absurdities of the judeo-masonic impositions. In fact, the biggest absurdity might be that the NAACP was actually formed and has long been run by whites and jews! However, that did not make it into the public media discussions. What was too difficult to avoid though was that it is much easier to pretend to be black than to pretend to be white (or jewish) and correspondingly acquire the privileges that follow, much as it was barely addressed by establishment media. The entire NAACP freak story is that of a mind controlled sleeper brought to the fore in order to confuse people who might question the nonsense about Caitlyn Jenner.

Retired French professor of philosophy states that today’s philosophy depts are masonic brainwashing:

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This is an especially welcome observation since it is EXACTLY what I noticed taking place in the philosophy dept at queen’s (a one time semi decent university that is now humiliated as no longer among the elite due to having become a glorified vocational brainwashing college). One prof in particular even employed the term ‘obscure’ in some of her comments…in other words, she prides herself on bringing the enlightenment of ‘philosophy’ to the unenlightened ‘obscurantism’. Her claim to fame: feminist theory.
The retired prof in the above video states that original philosophers (ie Kant, Schopenhauer) rebelled against the masons. There is no such thing as philosophy today. It has no reason to exist other than as a mystified brand that is used to bolster the credibility of certain people and arguments at certain times. In fact, today’s philosophy depts. spend their time scavenging from sociology, poli sci and law more than anything else.

The retired prof states that from the late ’60s on the masonic influence in philosophy depts became particularly evident and was likely an organized plan to usurp power in philosophy depts so as to use them for political purposes by brainwashing people and controlling culture.

the goods: that strange truth we need to see as fiction is just not going away

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This is the first part of many videos in which witnesses are describing elaborate secret networks of (‘metaphorically’??) satanic political, economic and judicial corruption that includes bizarre addictions to extreme sexual practices, an organized pedophile network, human sacrifices, and snuff films. It’s clearly transnational. No need to even worry about the gay callboy ring in Washington, or Savile and co at the BBC let alone the Dutroux affaire and the infamous database of child slaves. How crazy are the ambitious take charge leaders of the world?…crazier than you could even dream of!

The 3 layers of conspiracies: a seeker’s guide to investigative reports on the nature of human history.

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The first layer is what one might go about proving in a criminal trial. This consists of the plots that various parties have entered into or contributed to for mundane motives. The second layer is the question of whether the behavior and plotting is strictly a calculation based on efficient means to ends or whether it is also motivated by a sociopathic culture. Within this culture is the deviant relationship to concepts of social and moral evils. Such relationships often include what might be viewed as ‘illnesses’ that overlap with or incorporate seemingly supernatural elements. The main query in this layer of analysis is whether the supernatural elements of the cultures are solely based on mundane calculations about how such metaphors and myths impact human behavior within the conspiratorial plot and how it affects the general public or whether it is also believed as reality by the conspirators themselves. The third and final layer of the conspiracies is the question of whether the supernatural beliefs could be taken seriously  as possible explanations by rational and honest enquirers looking in from the outside…after all, a lot of things about human experience remain contentious and we are all operating on a series of presumptions that are probability/credibility choices more than anything else.

Should explanations that question reality beyond the ‘natural’ presumptions be considered or is that a dangerous pastime that may itself be part of a conspiratorial plot to derail certain kinds of personalities? It may play that role and it may even play it on purpose but the question remains: how does one evade the issue of intentional metaphoric evil becoming indistinguishable from literal evil, as in the case, for example, of ‘Satanism/Luciferiansim’?